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15.09.2019 Feature Article

Mr. President, Ghanaians, Do You See This?

Mr. President, Ghanaians, Do You See This?
LISTEN SEP 15, 2019

It's now a global phenomenon, to see naked women on social media.

Some call it attention seeking, and others backlash the doers of such acts as: "uncultured".

Whatever the schools of thoughts may be, it boils down to what we'll choose as Ghanaians.

Should we allow our beautiful school-going girls to twerk and show their nakedness to the world before they become famous?

Or we should teach them that: "hardly a sane man will choose the food that has been opened to flies when that neatly covered is around"?

What are these girls going to teach their offspring after they've settled down as wives and parents?

Unless I'd be told that: " we want the trend to change, It's no use marrying and settling down, And for that matter giving birth is not a priority, it's money and enjoying life to the fullest ".

If I'm overcome by proponents of that, those who buy into the nude craze our future Queens are into now, I'll only have one statement to make.

And that would be: " this is the last straw that is going to break the camel's back".

After we've been burdened by illiteracy and poverty, the new media that came with hopes of our school children using for their studies, and business people for their business deals; is now turned to our young ladies showing to the world that we can only show our nakedness, and our young men, learning the evil deeds of Nigerians to engage in cyber fraud (sakawa).

Who are they that will rise with my *revolution* to wage this war of cleansing our country Ghana?

On the *REVOLUTION BROADCAST*✊🏾 learners will have it as passed as this:

"My ladies, beautifully moulded African Queen, there is more in you that you can show to the world. Men who are real men do not love more of the outside beauties. They know it could lose its lustre in a second through many causes, diseases being least among them.

Real men, those who make family, will opt for ladies that market their brains, their intelligence, when they're choosing a partner".

"If the Free Education would only teach our children, our sisters, our future leaders: that the only means to fame and success is to only pick a subculture to ours, and show your nakedness to the world, then Mr. President, you've failed Ghanaians.

Sir, why is your policy only targeting putting students in classrooms to the neglect of grooming them for the better future we dream for?

Why is your Free Education not taking care of those in the basic side by letting best trained teachers pick them in their developing years?

Would our young girls desecrate our country and bring shame to our sacred Ghana if from her infancy our school system had taught her how to grow and become a virtuous woman, and for that matter our customs and culture frowns on nudity?"

Yes, Mr. President, as obvious to us, our moral leaders, the religious teachers have failed us. They only preach our children, the youth, should assemble in their auditoriums on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays, yet, our youth come out to do what was never done when our ancestors worshipped our African gods, the ones the disciples of the Whiteman's god call: "unworthy and evil".

You promised Paradise to us, and you've been given the mandate.

We'd not thought about it that in your dictionary, Paradise only means creating employment and giving phoney jobs.

We've never heard you commented on any of the naked pictures that flood the media.

As if you benefit from the money laundered by the cyber fraudsters, no a Ghanaian hear you denounce the immorality of our youths.

Should we keep quiet and let you steer our country to a ditch?

Or we should be citizens, not spectators and whip you into line?

If the latter is what you'll embrace, then employ psychologists in our schools.

Overhaul the school system and employ highly qualified teachers in the basic schools. Middle school leavers, Junior High school leavers, Senior High school leavers, and even first degree holders do not qualify to teach our toddlers.

Is that not what you see done in the developed countries you tour?

Failure to respond to and implement our proposals, then gird your loins for what awaits you in the electioneering period.

*Written by: Charles Yeboah (Sir Lord)*
*Contact/WhatsApp: +233249542111*
*Email: [email protected]*