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31.08.2019 Feature Article

Rebellion Voting For #Election2020gh

Rebellion Voting For #Election2020gh
LISTEN AUG 31, 2019

Months leading to election 2016, most independent minded voters believed Nana was the answer to John. Now, increasingly the voters who made the difference between the 53.7% and the 44% of Nana and John respectively, feel there is not much difference so far to addressing their pertinent concerns radically; because most of the things which influenced who deserved their votes have not seen any drastic effort to address them to change.

But we should not feel powerless because our votes represent our absolute authority.

When NPP and NDC start campaigning toward 2020, it is not their diehard supporters they want to convince but the 12% voting segment of about 1.8million voters. These are the voters who win elections in Ghana's general elections since 2000 but have constantly been disappointed by NDC and NPP as soon as they elect them to power.

Now is the time to vote against NPP and NDC to express your disapproval in the way they have lowered the standard of politics, performance in government and competence on the job. Let us adapt rebellion voting.

Let us change the dynamics of Ghana politics. This can only happen if independent minded voters give their votes to independent candidates for parliamentary and presidential, especially parliamentary seats to start with. Parliament at the moment is a rubber stamp and feckless, to be honest. We urgently need to see drastic improvement to the standard of performance of parliament towards addressing the issue of profound and long overdue Constitutional amendments our dysfunctional electoral democracy needs. Unfortunately these NPP AND NDC MPs have shown since 2000 that they will not even table the motion to discuss it, let alone radically amend the constitution of Ghana as the voters have constantly demanded. The only way that can happen is if we exercise our votes for independent parliamentarians who hold no allegiance to any political party's whims and caprices.

No one can promise to sign any agreement with any political party in exchange for votes and it will mean anything (DON'T BE DECEIVED BY ANYONE) ... the only way to ensure that government follows through the pertinent concerns of the people is how to strategise to be part of decision making ...

This is the strategic white-paper of INDEPENDENCE VOTERS ALLIANCE (IVA), A SUBSIDIARY OF CPAG.

If we can promote and support independent candidates to parliament, to get only 20 independent MPs in #election2020gh and work with them throughout the next parliament, Ghana politics will never be the same ... we have to find a way to dismantle the grip on hold of power by NDC and NPP through the weakest link, PARLIAMENT. This is the only way the NPP and NDC can wake-up and reform their own political fraternity as well. At the moment they feel too comfortable.

YK, Leader of CPAG, Head of IVA
Emmanuel Graham Nyameke (Ed.)

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