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23.08.2019 Feature Article

Corruption, Ghana’s Tsunami

Corruption, Ghana’s Tsunami
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Ghana becomes second in the just ended AFCORRUP NATIONS COMPETITION.

Not too long ago did the nation formed a new institution to fight corruption. The institution is to prosecute those who champion corrupt acts in the country; but to our greatest surprise, Ghana becomes second in the corruption competition in Africa (AFOCORRUP NATIONS). Oh Ghanaians, is this what we envisage for our children? Hmmm! Even Nigeria now tries to erase that awkward name from her book but Ghana wants it.

Hardly do we experience earthquakes and tsunamis in our country. While some countries in the Asia continent are facing such difficulties and thousands of lives are being lost yearly. Corruption has become Ghana’s greatest natural disaster. In fact, corruption if it were to be a natural disaster like earthquake, it would have taken thousands of life, it not being so but a man made disaster has taken the glory Ghana should have. Corrupt people walk on the high streets free, eating and drinking what they desire while the poor man who as a result of hunger in the nation also caused by the corrupt people, have to spend some good time of his life in jail. One may wonder how judges pronounce judgement on those poor for stealing a goat but can’t do same to those selfish people who drain the economic-blood of Ghana. Shame on us all.

Capital punishment: there should be a law that will allow the wicked to be executed. We came second in the just ended African Corruption competition just because we have refused to execute those who are antagonist of the society. For a society to run well, all those who are evil must be cut off, even when it is your own child. It is by this that the society will be a place so conducive for living. There can only be a peaceful society when those who are evil are set ablaze. Those corrupt people among us are evil and the society cannot hold them.

How do we take our heads off this shameful title as a nation? Education, education, education! As a nation, if we want to eradicate corruption, then we must begin to educate our children. Let us inculcate in our children the culture of selflessness and love for our country which has been detailed in our national anthem. I must say that many Ghanaians are not citizens but see themselves as immigrants who have to make money to make better their home countries. If all Ghanaians see Ghana as their country, they would not treat her as we are witnessing.

Let us not politicize our state as the second corrupt country in Africa but come together with all our strength to uproot the roots of all corruption trees planted in our various institutions.

Writer: Emmanuel Graham Nyameke

Emmanuel Graham Nyameke
Emmanuel Graham Nyameke, © 2019

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