List Of 10 African Innovations For July 2019

Feature Article List Of 10 African Innovations For July 2019
AUG 1, 2019 LISTEN

Almost every single day there’s an innovator/innovation or an inventor/invention coming out of Africa. Within the many African creators/creations in existence, there are some worth highlighting and shedding light on. The following are 10 of them that were written and spoken about for July 2019. Enjoy African innovations at their finest!

Teheca is a 1-stop-center that provides maternal and child healthcare info as well as qualified healthcare professionals for postnatal services. This healthcare platform was founded in Ugandan. Their e-health center is helping mothers and babies to receive high quality medical services.

Slyd is an on-demand e-scooter ride sharing platform for short distance trips that can be accessed via their app or delivered to the doorstep for some users. This ride sharing platform was founded in Egypt. Their on-demand e-scooter is helping people to transport short distance and enjoy outdoor environment.

Accelerated is a startup using behavior science and data-driven tech to train better teachers and improve quality of teaching via expert 1-on-1 coaches. This educational service was founded in Ethiopia. Their behavior science and data-driven initiative is helping to change the education landscape for teachers to do better.

Bayseddo is an agricultural tech startup that allows users to do group investments and links farmers with land. This agricultural technology was founded in Senegal. Their startup is helping farmers to get access to investments and land.

Bitmama is an online platform that allows users to buy and sell bitcoin and soon other cryptocurrencies. This bitcoin platform was founded in Nigeria. Their platform is helping people to exchange funds for bitcoin and vice versa.

Pelebox is a digital platform that enables patients to collect their chronic medication from a smart locker within 2 mins. This online platform was founded in South Africa. Their service is helping to create a convenient medicine ‘ATM’.

Fundall recently launched an all-in-one financial solution for local youth to access services, such as savings & investments, business credit & loans, e-commerce platform, debit & credit cards, etc. This financial platform was founded in Nigeria. Their financial solution is helping to give young entrepreneurs access to a variety of revenue outlets.

Taimba is an agricultural tech startup that links rural farmers with urban retailers by way of sourcing products and delivering them to stores, schools, hospitals, and restaurants in the city. This startup was founded in Kenya. Their agricultural platform is helping to connect farmers with organizations seamlessly.

Cassava Fintech recently launched an integrated social payments platform, Sasai, which features instant messaging, social media and mobile payment altogether as 1 app. This digital platform was founded in South Africa. Their all-in-one app is helping smartphone users to communicate and make payments under the same platform.

Sparky Social Enterprise has designed an eco-friendly dryer to cut food waste issues for small local farmers. This innovation was founded in Uganda. Their agricultural product is helping to reduce natural resource waste from happening.

Well, those were the African innovations for July 2019! August is coming soon… #AfricanInnovators!