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21.07.2019 Feature Article

Who Propels Ghana Forward?

Who Propels Ghana Forward?
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Indeed, there is an adage that says that “It is easier said than done”. Promises upon promises spewed to the populace of this nation had stuck due to lack of implementation and pragmatic or down to earth solutions. Now, I tell you the truth, for Ghana to move forward unless our PREZ. NANA ADDO marches his entourage leaders to the grounds to see for themselves and come to terms with the reality of our citizens suffering so that they will bemoan to act quickly to ease the colossal burden in our so-called country Ghana.

However, in the plush edifice of our homeland Ghana we find it difficult to kowtow measures or directive from above and still expect betterment. In the era of revolution, our attitudinal change matters most.

I tell you the truth, Africa”s development challenges have been blamed on the lack of leadership that will take bold decisions to continue the work started by our own leader Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana. Also, commitment, passion, accountable, creative and innovative is what I termed as leadership.

Most importantly, who propels Ghana forward, there must be a leadership that is selfless and really has the interest of the people at heart in order to drive the performance that will help achieve national goals. The headache that has been expressed by many is the death of such quality leaders. The perception is that people who aspire to leadership positions to propel Ghana forward do so not to serve but amass wealth and satisfy other selfish desires.

Frankly speaking, we cannot wish anything less as leadership plays a key role in sustainable economic growth by providing opportunities for progress and development. But this will not come automatically. We need to work at it and reward good leadership, while severely punishing graft and corruption. We must also look at establishing institutions that will focus on leadership, policymaking, institutional effectiveness, and accountability.

Therefore, our educational institutions, right from the basic level, must take the responsibility of inculcating leadership qualities such as honesty, humility, patriotism, communication skills, initiative and calculated risk-taking in leaners.

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