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09.06.2019 Feature Article

Children's Corner Has Done It Again

Children's Corner Has Done It Again
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How painful it's when your favourite dish is eaten at your absence, and your scoffer siblings tease you for that at home? How painfully irreversibly it's when you wish you could have reversed the time you've wasted on what did not build you for better?

For the above scenarios, the victims of such circumstances curse their stars and vow never to be "second fools".

But, it's more painful when you miss out not gaining from the wisdom of exceptionally brilliant kids on the Radio B A R's award-winning Children's Corner programme, steered by Her Empress Agnes Boakyewaa Minta a .k .a Touch Me.

For on this week's edition, as the kids took time to discuss current happenings in the Republic, I was held spellbound and could only say to the princes and the princesses I was listening to the programme within the Goka Kingdom that: " yes, these are the kids. They're the ones who understand the issues, the Ghanaian psyche, and are called by the good heavens to be partners in the rebuilding of our fallen walls ".

Yes, Agnes and the kids are gem when they mount the Radio B A R 93.5MHz studios every Saturday morning 8:00 - 9:00.

Unlike other discussants on various media platforms I've monitored, these kids judged fairly the banter between Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy. In unison, and as concurred by true Ghanaians who worth their salt, the kids said: " none of the two combatants Dancehall artistes sold themselves well, worthy of emulation, during which time they turned the Accra International Conference Centre into a battlefield". And that Shatta Wale had no business doing on the platform in the name of "congratulating" Stonebwoy. And in like manner, no right-thinking individual will pull a firearm in a public place as Stonebwoy portrayed that unfaithful night".

You know why as a lord, a courtier, I dispatch with haste all business and schedules to follow the Children's Corner programme every Saturday morning?

It's as a result of listening to kids who the eldest of them is thirteen, but understands and interprets our laws better than the adults who should have known better - the dos and don'ts when it comes to gun ownership in a civilised world.

Kids who can look into the eyes of a loudmouth "celebrity" and advise: "music lovers enjoy beef between rival artistes when it's more seen in their artworks than through violent means".

Promoting Jamaican music, with their ghetto gangster trigger-happy culture is frowned upon by well-meaning Ghanaians, including those on the Children's Corner programme. And they call for a lasting truce between Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy as they vowed to do at a press conference sequel to the VGMAs disgrace.

Doreen on the day said: " Shatta should not be provocative, and Stonebwoy should learn well rules guiding gun ownership in Ghana"

What even added a feather to the caps of the kids on the programme had been when I heard my darling for the day, Doreen said: "we consuming Made in Ghana goods tell who we're. And that: purchasing Made in Ghana goods not only employs the teeming unemployed youth and bring foreign exchange but also market our Republic abroad".

So, Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy, let your products be Made in Ghana. Promote and market Ghana with your music, and Ghana will be proud of you.

Such is how thoughtful the Children's Corner panellists are. Not only do they teach good manners and wish all to follow, but they love Ghana, and wish for Ghana the best.

It would then be a worthy course if your school opens its doors for the Children's Corner Fan Club in the days ahead.

As we're rebuilding from the ashes the fallen walls of Ghana, your sponsorship of the programme as a philanthropist, businessman, or whatever capacity you serve, you'll reap in abundance your investment.

Written By: Charles Yeboah

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