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What a Shameless Opportunist Kevin Ekow-Baidoo Taylor of "Friday Editorial" is!

Kevin Ekow-Baidoo TaylorKevin Ekow-Baidoo Taylor
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This week, and to be more precise on Friday, 7 June 2019, the social media "Friday Editorial" newscaster Kevin Ekow-Baidoo Taylor was again throwing his tantrums. If he were a woman, I would say he was on his period. Yes, from empirical observations and clinical conclusions, some women cope badly when they are on their period hence oftentimes behaving irrationally. I am stating a fact without meaning any insult to anyone, especially women.

It hurts to tell the truth but in the end it brings comfort. Some opportunists can behave as though they have lost their senses if not their head. This is the way Kevin Taylor behaved in the broadcast of his Friday Editorial of 7 June 2019, headlined, "Nana Addo must apologize". He had not only taken His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to the cleaners for all the stupid reasons he could conjure but also, he was in his warped mind, as pretentious and crafty as he is, trying to persuade Ghanaian women to see the President as their enemy. As usual, he had seized and held on to a straw, unfortunately not a solid object that can save him from drowning but in desperation, that was the safest life-saving object and bet available to him.

I am not going to dwell on the insanity of his hatred towards the President and the satisfaction he derives from his infatuation with insults he absurdly heaps on the President all for attempts to achieve his malicious political intents and agenda.

For the public knowledge, it is a blatant lie on the part of Kevin to state that he is an NPP member. No, he isn’t! He is a diehard NDC member and is related to Liam Larbi. I shall get a friend who knows his background to tell the public more about him. His attacks on the President and other Heads of institutions at any least opportunity he gets are borne out of malice but not love of correcting them or criticising them constructively. He wants them out to be replaced by his insatiably greedy and corrupt NDC members.

He is heard and seen in his live broadcast persuade Ghanaian women to see the President as not having any respect for them. He emphasises that the President has denigrated them by what he said about women in the recent panel discussion at Women Deliver Global Conference 2019 held in Vancouver, Canada. What had the President said, one wants to know? The President had suggested that women needed empowerment to be able to make decision.

To better argue my point against Kevin Taylor and his bunch of self-centred NDC activists and sycophants, may you permit me to reproduce through quote, some portions of a publication. "However, 30-year-old Arab feminist, Alaa Murabit, disagreed with Mr Akufo-Addo, saying that a lot of women already empowered but have been suppressed by systematic structures that closes doors to women".

According to her, "it is incredibly important to recognize that there are dynamic incredible women that the door remains closed to."

"President Akufo-Addo responded to her claim swiftly, noting that "what you are saying will not open doors."

"The President was insistent that more and more women should be empowered to rise to the level where they can be able to make decisions about their societies, nations and the world in general just as their male counterparts"

What is EMPOWER? It is defined by the Cambridge dictionary as "to give someone official authority or the freedom to do something: 2. to encourage and support the ability to do something"

Therefore, what is wrong about the President insisting that women, probably those in the developing countries like Ghana, should be encouraged and supported to come out with their best to be more useful to society? Did we not learn something like the following during our school days in the primary school? "Good, better, best. May I never rest, until my good is better, and my better, best"? If we did, and our women are good, what is wrong to encourage them to become best?

What is the evil intention expressed by the President towards women or Ghanaian women from the suggestion he gave? Was he not rather trying to be honest with them pointing the way they could enhance and exploit their unlimited potentials? I shall rather be grateful to whoever points me towards the right direction to becoming more useful to society and my people through encouragement and support. Why should the President be insulted by Kevin Taylor and his ilk like Anita De Sousou, if they were not gits and consumed by political insanity and absurd love of power?

What has the President done wrong to be ordered by Kevin Taylor, a fanatic NDC propagandist in pursuance of his selfish political agenda, to come out to apologise unreservedly to Ghanaian women? Has he become the enemies of women by telling them the truth? He who tells you the truth is your friend but not enemy.

Kevin Taylor is trying his mischievous hardest to portray the President to Ghanaian and worldwide women as their enemy whereas he is the one who wishes them best if they would heed his advice.

Could Kevin make his views on former President Mahama pointedly telling Ghanaians that they have a short memory and also, he would never listen to anyone in Ghana who had never become the President of Ghana before? Did he have respect for Ghanaians including both men and women? What did Kevin Taylor say?

Kevin Taylor had better disappear into the thin air with his malicious Friday Editorials designed as a campaign tool or platform for NDC by way of character-assassinating President Nana Addo and his NPP government and party.

Ghanaians, I hope, will not be that stupid to fall victims to the propaganda being espoused and executed by NDC activist Kevin Ekow-Baidoo Taylor. We have gone past such depiction of attempts to play on our intelligence. For what Kevin Taylor stands to gain with the NDC coming to power, he will go the extra miles to attack the President and paint some Heads of certain institutions black. Let me tell him without mincing words, his attempt embarked upon to fool Ghanaians to vote NDC come Election 2020 is too late to wash. At least, the Free SHS has begun to widely open our eyes if they were half-closed. We can now see much better to read between the lines and/or the small prints.

Who does Kevin Taylor take Ghanaians for? For fools? He has to come back again but next time around, as a sensible, honest and selfless Ghanaian who is genuinely pursuing an action that will culminate in prosperity for all Ghanaians but not only for himself and his bunch of ignoramuses.

Rockson Adofo
(Saturday, 8 June 2019)

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