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16.04.2019 Feature Article

The NDC Cannot Win Power In 2020 Without Unity

The NDC Cannot Win Power In 2020 Without Unity
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The populace of Ghana have firm hope in the NDC but the party is doing little after Congress to retain power in 2020 to sustain the joy and improvement that the people once experienced in their lives under President Mahama from 2012-2016.

The NDC seems to have become Masters of destroying our own even in hellish opposition and spend endless resources and time denigrating so-called rivals because they disagree with them. Some of the words that have been exchanged between party members even after Congress in Accra on 17th November, 2018 make me wonder how we expect to show Unity and Stability in the NDC.

The NDC was not aunified party in 2016 but we lied to Ghanaians that it was united. The NDC was not a bastion of stability in 2016 since it was engulfed with greed, selfishness, vilifications, character assassinations, individualisms, backbiting and suspicion during the four and a half years that the party was in power. No one really cared a hoot about that because President John Mahama was busy developing the country very fast so his appointees and NDC executives from Top to Bottom falsely believed that they could refuse to be in touch with the grassroots and refuse to inspire confidence in the Ghanaian electorate, refuse to embrace the core values of Truth, Integrity, Probity and accountability and still win the 2016 general election. They did not realized that Ghanaians were watching their arrogance, selfishness, greed, deceit and heavy infighting among themselves. We sometimes watch in disbelief whether it is the same NDC that we formed in 1992.

The NDC sadly did not inspire confidence in majority of Ghanaians in 2016 an most Constituency Executives in the 47 Constituencies in the Ashanti Region were not inspiring confidence as party leaders. It is time for well meaning NDC members to wean ourselves of selfish tendencies and desire to seek power for Economic Benefits because the NDC IS NOT A GOLD MINE. This Cancer has eaten deeply into the NDC and those who seek power for Economic Benefits are always read 24/7 to destroy hardworking party members who disagree with them and even go to the extent of finding ways and means to kill them. The strength of the NDC lies in attaining political power through the Power Of the People and not the Power of the Affluent (The Rich). Look here: “Ti kunsaki”

We suffered an avoidable but painful loss on 7th December, 2016, and while it is very important that we do not allow that painful loss to retard our progress, we also have to recognize the Truth in what actually caused our losing the 2016 election and exorcise our Party of the ILLS that made the NDC lose, inspite of considerable resources at our disposal as a Party that was in power from 2012-2016.

The common denominator in the NDC flaws in 2016, were the lack of conscience and conviction in our dealings with the very people who voted the NDC to Power. Let us pursue the truth with a conscience and the Power of conviction a belief in the ideals that established this Party, a belief in the battles that we have fight as far back as 1979 and a quest to embrace ideas in an atmosphere of Tolerance and Brotherliness. Mouetization of Ghanaian Politics which used to be Alien of the Party from 1993-2009, and which unfortunately, has contributed rather no toriously to the surfeit of Negativity and Divisiveness plaguing our Party from 2009 to date 2019. Whom will we blame and whose fault is it? I leave the answer to readers. Those NDC Executives who seek Power for Economic Benefit have become Treacherous Elements who made the Party Not worth dying for at all.


When the Media reported that over 55 passengers died as a result of a fatal accident on the Kintampo-Tamale road some weeks ago, I was compelled to travel outside Obuasi where I reside to attend the funerals of some of my extended Family Members who died during that accident. I had the chance after attending those funerals to visit some NDC Offices and even attend their meetings and what I heard in those Constituencies and at some Party branches was very disturbing and most unfortunate. Here we go: I visited 9 Constituencies where my relatives who died in the Kintampo accident were buried. It was hell on the Part of the NDC as a Party, as I realized that some Party Chairmen had their Supporters doing their own thing-the Constituency Organizers and their team also working alone-the Secretaries and their Supporters also working alone-the Youth Organizers and their teams also working separately and last but not the least, the Women Organizers were not on speaking terms with the other Constituency Executives as they were insulted as being Prostitutes according to the women. This may be a tip of the iceberg in a Region that has 47 good Constituencies in the Country so, is the NDC ready to win Power in 2020 with this Nasty State of affairs among its ranks after Congress on 17th November, 2018? The answer is Capital No. As a Party we succeeded against many odds to become the leading Political Force in the Country. It was a Third Force in between the Danquah/Busia group which the NPP represent today 2019 and the Convection People Party (CPP) which were the two Major Parties in Ghana form 1951-1981. Our presence in the National Political Arena has Contributed more significantly to the success of the Fourth Republic and engender the kind of Public discourse and maturity of the Country in no small measure.

As I speak, crass monetization of Ghanaian Politics which used to be Alien to the NDC from 1993-2009 have come to stay in the Party forever and ever so, most Executives seeking power for Economic Benefits have joined the NDC just to do their own things but not to steer the Party for victory in 2020 and, we are now in very Big Trouble. It will be recalled that the NDC Leaders from Accra were attending Unity Talks in the Ashanti Regional NDC Headquarters in Kumasi and a man was shot dead right in front of that Office and the meeting ended abruptly. God save the great NDC and you sit down there and tell people that there in Unity in the NDC- what kind Unity? The writer is a Founding Members of the NDC in 1992. “Yelan waana ni, Tizaa Na Nyaa”. Aluta Continua!

“Jaanbie Iwaii”

Clement Sangaparee

United Cadres Front


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Clement Sangaparee
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