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16.04.2019 Feature Article

A Rich Advice To True NDC Members

A Rich Advice To True NDC Members
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Anyone who professed to be a member of the NDC but did not believe in the 31st December Revolution and honor it needs to Examine himself. It is always a shame sometimes when one looks at the fact that there were those who wanted to benefit from the Sacrifice of others who had laid down their lives but were not ready to recognize the leaders and the Founder of the Party. NDC members must not allow the embers of the 31st December Revolution to depart from their souls if the Party is to move forward without turning back. Many people died for what the NDC was today 2019, hence it was appropriate to honor their memories must, therefore, we must unite and build the NDC that was faithful to its founding principles as well as honor the Founding Fathers Nationwide.


The Youth must not let the History of the 31st December Revolution to be lost on any members of the NDC because it was that Revolution which gave birth to the NDC, a Congress of diverse ideas, Opinions and people who were united with a purpose until a bitter infighting erupted under former President John Evans Atta Mills which raged on until his death, and even intensified until the humiliating defeat of the NDC with over 900.000 votes on 7th December 2016. It was our worst defeat ever recorded in the History of the Party since 1992 and we rightly deserved it since Ghanaian taught us a big lesson. Frankly speaking, the NDC today 2019 is not the same as it started in 1992 for there is so much internal rancor, disrespect for leadership, name callings and character assassinations still going on as well as dictatorship by some few Constituency Chairmen who falsely believe that the Party belong to them and that they could do what they like. In some Constituencies in the Ashanti Region, some Chairmen had held meetings with their Executives only once and none at all in other Constituencies for reasons best known to themselves. We are a Social Democracy Party with Principles of Probity, Accountability and Social Justice which was absent completely in 2010 leading to the Party’s defeat in 2016. We are now practicing Capitalism 100% in the NDC and yet pretend to be Social Democrats somebody must prove me wrong if what I said is not true I dare you. Social Democrats always cater for the interests and welfare of the masses which is always supreme in our Considerations. The NDC leaders faltered somewhere along the line and they had no listening ears as they disregarded the grassroots at the various branches while chasing money all over the place with impunity. Innocent hardworking members including this writer were banned for trying to destroy the NDC without a shred of evidence except pure hatred, envy and extreme jealously they had for these Party members. There has been nothing Socialist in today’s NDC since2010 to date 2019, so we must call a spade, a spade and not a Big Spoon. How can you hate the June 4 era as well as the 31st December Revolution and describe yourself as an NDC member? You are not rather you are a destructive selfish infiltrator whose aim is rather to destroy the hard-won reputation of hard working NDC members and even Cadres in order to project your own image, but you will fail and be exposed for what you are. I shall Return.”Jaanbie Iwaii” Aluta Continua!

Clement Sangaparee

United Cadres Front


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Clement Sangaparee
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