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22.03.2019 Feature Article

The Telescopic Lens.

Making the right shot to create a sustainable difference in the lives of all.
The Telescopic Lens.
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The perfectionist idealism of every societal orientation directly and indirectly exerts quantum amount of pressure and a sense of diligent psychological responsibility on every member of a social group.

However, the ability to embrace and accept such an ideal condition in life is fully contingent upon the willingness and preparedness of the individual. Society in a way, has put in place adequate strengthening directional ladders and mechanisms to always empower and rekindle one's inner dispositions, necessary to attain a maximum height in life.

Sometimes, some of the endowments or resources and opportunities presented by the environment might be latent, and therefore, requires one's restless efforts, self-awareness, competencies, highly committed spirit, visionary wisdom, grasping power, resilience, adaptability to picture the directional flow of such endowments, and take full charge of them without any delay. It's prudently expedient to ascertain your self-reliance capability rate in order to determine the available needed support system to augment one's progress in life. Exploring and discovering potential avenues even when one's knowledge is limited in the territorial scope is imperative in utilizing every efficacious component of one's personality to heal weak and idle systems and fill available loopholes, for better homeostasis.

Every talent or potential within every individual has its corresponding endowment or resource and opportunity in the environment, hence, it's the responsibility of every person to figure out those internal dispositions, harness them fully, link them appropriately to available resources within one's social environment, and invest prudently in them for the benefit of all generations. Even through, life uncertainties and unforseen circumstances sometimes curtails one's progressive agenda from attaining the perfectionist goal, but adequate plans and mechanisms must always be put in place to safeguard one against such life situational presentations.

Sometimes opportunities may present themselves as failures or bottlenecks, which may discourage and give a despairing posture to blind one from foreseeing the true picture of the potential opportunity or resource being presented at one's disposal. In such instances, it only takes the most courageous, highly consistent, persistent, action-oriented, committed, most assertive and the wise to unlock and untie such proverbial treasure.

All people around the globe are dreaming, setting goals, drawing strategic and action plans; almost every person boldly affirms that he/she has a vision. But some multi-billion questions demanding answers are:

What are we dreaming about? What is the rationale behind that dream? Why are we dreaming?

These are very key imperative questions we must always remind ourselves and strive diligently to answer before we even start dreaming.

One thing every person must give credence to is that, every step or decision one intends to take or make must have a sustainable impact or difference in the life of every creature on this planet. It must carry a strong legacy of collectivity and inclusiveness, highlighting an indestructible foundational element of unity in sustainability. This will eventually create a world where every person works assiduously to identify key challenges in each and everyone's life, and design a visionary strategy to resolve them in order to put a smile on the face of everyone in the society.

Someone's dream, goal, plan or initiative some centuries, decades, years, months, weeks or days ago is making an individual, a community, a nation and the world smile broadly and consistently today. Get out of your selfish and individualistic shell today and design an all inclusive visionary strategy to make a sustainable difference in the lives of people around you, the world and generations yet to come.

Theophilus Quaicoe

Theophilus Quaicoe
Theophilus Quaicoe, © 2019

I am a final year student of Social Work, KNUST - Ghana.
I am a young innovative writer, activist, resilient change agent, social justice pursuer and currently the project coordinator for Library Impact Project, Ghana.
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