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Opinion | Mar 13, 2019

The Role External Forces Play In Political Violence In Africa

Paul Kagame and Bill Clinton in 1994 and the Rwanda genocide begins 1994
Paul Kagame and Bill Clinton in 1994 and the Rwanda genocide begins 1994

Africa is a continent which has experienced much political unrest, ethnic violence, and war, as a means of achieving goals, yet only a few are aware that foreign powers or external forces are often behind or do instigate political violence in Africa.

Worldwide, many people, including Africans believe in technology because through the internet they can see the world outside the window but it’s impossible to convince them that through the same technology and clandestine crimes, Africa is systematically being crippled often resulting in a political crisis, causing both physical and economic problems on the continent. How?

On March 5, 2019, I published on ModernGhana: How African Leaders Benefit From The US Government’s Global Depopulation Program - and March 10, 2019: How Foreign Powers Rule Africa With African Leaders At The Same Time-

I will give detail about how Western Europe and America, often instigate political violence in Africa.

Firstly, Africa didn’t call for slavery, but our ancestors were suddenly taken as captives, bound in chains and in subhuman conditions, transported over the Atlantic to work in fields as slaves in large fields of agriculture, including sugarcane plantations.

Secondly, Africa didn’t call for colonialism, but then power greedy bloodthirsty Europeans, descended on Africa, sharing the countries among themselves. They didn’t only take what they needed but also unleashed, cruelty, wickedness, ruined our culture and separated Africans from their families.

Thirdly, Africa didn’t call for Apartheid, under this system of government, South Africans find themselves burning in a fire they didn’t start. Segregation, division, and violence were the type of suppressive government and great people like Nelson Mandela, who want to defend his country, was put behind bars for 27 years.

After colonialism and the fall of Apartheid, Europe and America continue unabated to destroy Africa in whatever way that seems possible. The reason Africa is suffering today from Aids, Ebola and other man-made diseases, such as Burkitt’s lymphoma, nodding disease, and Kaposi’s sarcoma.

Many Africans, including Ghanaians, don't have ample knowledge about the role external forces play in destabilizing the economy of Africa. Some even don't believe it if one writes about it. All that they know best is NPP is bad, NDC is good or vice versa, without a slight knowledge that external forces have made it possible for African leaders to fetch water with buckets full of holes.

How do they do it?
Almost all African countries follow the 'almighty democracy,' the most violent type of government built on criminology, yet able to convince the world that it's the best type of government which will take you straight to 'heaven to see Jesus Christ and his twelve apostles,' yet their unspeakable and hidden crimes have divided the world, caused so much suffering to millions of people worldwide.

The external forces, especially, Western Europe and the United States of America have one goal, to manipulate and destabilize Africa's economy to keep the continent under their control. Since thousands of Africans don't have much knowledge about what superpowers do, they attack their incompetent leaders often leading to political violence.

Governments come and they go in every country, only a few who have become dictators often stay in power for life but what many don't know is if the US government doesn't like a particular government in power, America is capable of turning the country upside down. This is what we are witnessing in Venezuela at the moment.

The tried to do that to Cuba but they failed because Fidel Castro was too strong.

The US government has been successful to instigate political violence in many countries around the globe. Let's name only two countries, Libya and Iraq. Many know about the Rwanda genocide, but what many don't know is that the US government under Bill Clinton and Belgium were responsible.

The Germans weren't interested in Rwanda after the first German traveller Count G.A. von Gotzen entered the country in 1894. Then the Belgians took over. The country was ruled by a monarch surrounded by a group of aristocrats and a throng of noblemen. Together they constituted the ruling caste: the Tutsis.

The Tutsis never killed their cows. They nourished themselves with the milk and the blood. The cow was the measure of everything, wealth, prestige, enraged, inflamed Hutus armed with machetes, hoes, and spears, moved against their masters-rulers, the Tutsis.

The Belgian government has the authority to negotiate with the two hostile tribes and stop any forthcoming slaughter because the Hutus who were mainly farmers feel threatened the Tutsis are taking over their lands with their cattle. Instead, the Belgian government did an unthinkable thing by siding with one tribe, leaving the other tribe unwanted.

On April 6, 1994, a plane carrying Rwandan president Juvénal Habyarimana and Burundian president Cyprien Ntaryamira, was shot down and were assassinated.

A great massacre began, such as Africa had never seen before. The peasants set fire to households, slit their throats, and crushed their skulls, Rwanda flowed with blood and engulfed in flames. At that time, the country had a population of 2.6 million, including 300.000 Tutsis.

Both the US and the Belgium governments were behind Paul Kagame, the present Rwandan leader, born to a Tutsi family in southern Rwanda, enabling the Hutus killed in the genocide.

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Bill Clinton at Kagame’s farm
Hundreds of articles have been written about the Rwanda genocide but enough information hasn't been provided linking Bill Clinton's administration and Belgium to the genocide. About the latter, I read it in the book called 'The Shadow Of The Sun' by a Polish journalist called Ryszard Kapuscinski.

On ModernGhana news site, one of the columnists called Melissa Martin, who claims she has Ph.D., an author, educator and lives in the U.S, wrote an article about the Rwanda genocide, yet nowhere she did mention that the Rwanda genocide was caused by the US and the Belgian governments. Reference: .

This is how European and American writers cover up crimes external forces commit in Africa to win the trust of Africans. Despite all the evidence and reference, I have provided about the Rwanda genocide many Africans will still believe the article Melissa Martin has written because she is white and I am black.

That's the problem in Africa, they trust the white man who has created Aids and Ebola to kill them than an innocent black man because of the colour of his skin. Even the leaders lay the red carpet for them when they visit Africa because they are enjoying the cursed Aids and Ebola funds the US government gives to them to assist the fight of the diseases in Africa.

It's hard to convince a black man that the US government is responsible for Aids and Ebola in Africa, despite the bitter memories of slavery, colonialism, and Apartheid. At the moment, there are foreign health groups fighting to stop the spread of Ebola in Congo.

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A victim of the Rwanda genocide
How can you convince an African that those health groups in Congo are not there to save the lives of Ebola victims, as they want us to believe but only to avoid the spread of the disease to Europe and America?

Ebola is a biological weapon to reduce the population of Africans, therefore, how can they tell us that the life of a Congolese is important to be saved?

Africans, fellow Ghanaians, NPP must stop attacking NDC, likewise the NDC. These foreign powers are pretenders who love to see Africans cutting the throats of their brothers whenever political violence erupts.

We must try every possible way to avoid any bloodshed in Ghana because Ghana means love and we are one.

Joel Savage
Joel Savage, © 2019

Joel Savage is a Ghanaian-Belgian journalist and author. The accredited press-card holder of the Flemish Journalists Association once contributed regularly to the features column of the Daily Graphic, The Mirror, Ghanaian Times and the Weekly Spectator. The writer currently lives in Belgium.,

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