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24.02.2019 Feature Article

Why Mahama Will Come Back As A Better Leader

Why Mahama Will Come Back As A Better Leader

Just a boxer gets time out to receive tactical and strategic instructions to beat his opponent; this is akin to John Dramani Mahama´s time out from 7th January 2017 after losing the December 7th2016 Presidential elections in Ghana.

There is no gainsaying that Mahama is coming back as a better leader because he has learned from the mistakes that took him to the opposition, and he has also learned from the mistakes of his opponent after his opponent used these same mistakes they are committing today to get him into opposition.

The renewed confidence reposed in Mahama in February 23rdelections for a flag bearer is a reinforcement of a vote of confidence in the person of John Dramani Mahama to redeem us from the graft, intolerance, bad economic management as exposed by the fast depreciating cedi to the United States Dollar and other major trading currencies. Yes the ´´ dollar will expose you when the economic fundamentals are not right´´.

John Mahama did all the good things in the wrong way after he was accused of neck deep corruption, incompetence, nepotism and cronyism, and Ghanaians bought into this lie and voted in the best government, for them to come and make worse all the good things Mahama did in the wrong way.

February 23rd election victory is a fait accompli and reinforcement from the delegates to Ghanaians, the affable, tried and tested leader we have in Mahama. And I believe Ghanaians with no political persuasion can juxtapose corruption, unemployment, insecurity, dollar management and many more under Mahama, and the same under the current dispensation where the untold hardship being visited on Ghanaians has been acknowledged by the president.

Mahama is the better leader Ghana needs back because it is there for all to see what he did when he was president of Ghana from 7th January 2013 to 7th January 2017.

Mahama implemented his politically expedient free and progressive Senior High School Education, in a gradual and orderly manner, not the problem-riddled one we see today.

We are further been confused today that Junior High School and Senior High School education will all be categorized under Basic education. And JHS and SHS certificates will be converted to National diplomas and will be a requirement to getting employment after school.

The quality of our education is been compromised under the watch of the Minister of education Honourable Mathew Opoku Prempeh and the Minister in Charge of Tertiary education at the Presidency Kwesi Yankah. Our education will grind to no significance and our infrastructure crumble to the levels of Mogadishu after there no new infrastructure is been put in place to complement what Mahama already started.

Mahama will come back with a better leader because he understands the needs of the common man. Fate and luck was not on Mahama´s side in 2016, after the common man was promised heaven on earth in Ghana and is now being given cider in return after just two years. The same common man today has come to a realization that, after all the things that Mahama was accused of, they are the same things being perpetrated today, and the common man now saying that Mahama is the better of the two evils.

Today under the guise of better economic management, Mother and Father; both breadwinners are unemployed and at home after two banks they worked for have all been declared bankrupt and their licenses were withdrawn. And I ask, was there no better way that these banks could have been helped, just as they are doing through the Ghana Amalgamated Trust (GAT) or is it a case for only a selected few? Or a case of equalization or victimization, that has lead to the taking-off of bread from the tables of hitherto promising and thriving families? I am sure Mahama would have done it differently under his dispensation.

Mahama will come back as a better leader because he will not absolve his appointees of corruption and will not be cajoled into giving an executive instrument (EI) that turns out to be that the president was misled. This would have been treason under Mahama, isn’t it?

Mahama will come back as a better leader because journalist like Manasseh Azuri Awuni will be given the room to publish objectively their critique and not be censored on what to publish, and think tanks like IMANI will have a voice again, louder than they used to have.

Yes Mahama will come back as a better leader because vigilante groups will not be masked like ninjas and armed to the teeth with police accoutrements, apparel and vehicles to visit broad daylight shootings and beatings on Ghanaians to the extent of slapping a sitting member of parliament (MP), and that vigilante group member now turned NSC operative, has not been arrested and charged. Yet a commission has been set up to look into the bye-election violence. I am certain without a doubt that the commission’s findings and recommendations will be swept under the carpet and this mayhem will be revisited on us.

Mahama will come back as a better leader because journalist like Ahmed Suale will get justice for investigating football corruption in Ghana because no one died in Ghana after he and his team exposed corruption in the judiciary.

Mahama will walk the talk of a better leader to return in 2020 by creating a safe and secure environment in Ghana where armed robbery is under control, where policemen are slapped and their clothes torn will not happen.

Mahama will come as better because the dollar will be arrested and put under lock and key, business will thrive, and confidence in Ghanaian economy will soar higher just as it happened between 2013 and 2016 and not just by talking and organizing lectures and asking the late Vice President Paa Kwesi Emissah Arthur to answer Bawumia´s 170 questions.

Mahama s the better leader that Ghana needs and he is in waiting.

By: Philip Guribie Jnr

Philip Guribie
Philip Guribie, © 2019

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