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21.02.2019 Feature Article

A True 2019 State Of The Nation’s Address By Nana Addo To Tithe Payers And Non-Taxpayers

A True 2019 State Of The Nation’s Address By Nana Addo To Tithe Payers And Non-Taxpayers
LISTEN FEB 21, 2019

Hmm! I am startled with the awful attitude of many Ghanaians who are on the neck of the president. They want him to make their lives better. With whose money? From where is the president getting money to build the nation when you and I have decided to evade tax but religiously pay our tithes. Aww! What a great contradiction!

With bear chest and sharpened ears, we sit behind our television sets and our radios tuned to stations where the State of the Nation’s address is being broadcasted. How wonderful it would have been for all of us after having paid our taxes and the government is carrying on with a developmental project. Wouldn’t it be great to listen to our own feat being told by our president as he delivers his speech?

Did Jesus ever ask his followers not to pay tax? Hmm! Never did that man who wasn’t only God but saw himself as a social being and therefore saw the need to pay tax for the betterment of the whole society, when questioned about the lawfulness of paying tax said; ‘ Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar”. It is unfortunate that today many religious men, particularly Christians evade tax but are faithful to the payment of tithes to their pastors.

Many do not pay tax but are expecting that the president in his State of the Nation’s address should mention the number of factories his government have established. Many non-taxpayers will want to hear the president mention the buildings he has constructed as a support to the accommodation of the many wards in senior high school as a result of the free SHS. Many more will expect Nana Addo to mention how far he has gone with the construction of the railway. Nana Addo, could you tell us what is happening to our security system? What is happening to our power system? Give non- taxpayers the chance to ask Nana Addo questions and I don’t think he will finish answering let alone swallowing his saliva.

Inasmuch as we expect development, we must do our bit; we must pay tax. We can develop the nation by ourselves. We can develop Ghana by paying our taxes. Many among us here pay our tithes and to this, we are faithful, but when it comes to paying taxes, we grumble. Yes, their answer is that they are poor. But, the poor are the first people to pay their tithes. In fact, tithe payers help build their life after death but refuse to build this live here which eventually helps build the life hereafter.

In fact, most of us are helping in the construction of heaven but not constructing where we are conscious that we live. We pay tithes to help build churches and sometimes buy flashy cars for our pastors and we will be walking to church for the reason that we are poor. When we build a church, we turn only to build a house we will never lay our heads in. Hence, we must pay taxes for it is the keyway and the number one way from which the government gets money to undertake any developmental projects. Paying tithes but refusing to pay tax to your country is a SOCIAL SIN!

My dear citizens! Many are the suggestions and dictations coming from you instructing me to use taxpayers’ money to settle investors in Menzgold. Good! Menzgold investors must take it from me that I won’t use taxpayers’ money to settle them. Besides, the nation is not collateral for your investments. Look! What my government will do is to see to it that NAM 1 pays all his investors and that he is brought to book.

Dear Ghanaians, let us not be highly inflamed when it comes to paying of tithes but be like people who have slept under a heavy dew when it comes to paying taxes. Besides, paying of tax is a social function on every social being and it is a social sin to refuse to pay tax. Let us pay our taxes and let us see our Ghana take the lead in development.

Long live Ghana, long live Ghanaians. Thank you

Emmanuel Graham Nyameke
Emmanuel Graham Nyameke, © 2019

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