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19.02.2019 Feature Article

Wrong Naming of Ghana's Regions

Is it the English or the Cardinal points that we do not understand?
Wrong Naming of Ghana's Regions
LISTEN FEB 19, 2019

I thought Ghanaians understand the Queen’s English, perhaps I was wrong. Or is it the cardinal points that we do not know? We will find out. Most of the existing and the newly created regions of Ghana might have been named without reference to the geographical locations. When we divide the map of Ghana into two equal halves by an imaginary line, from the north to the south, the left side is west and the right side is east.

The cardinal directions primarily teach us North (N), South(S), East (E) and West (W), whereas the ordinal points give us North East (NE), North West (NW), South East (SE) and South West (SW). There could be further divisions like NNE as seen on the compass rose. We must consider the following arguments:

  1. Oti and some part of Bono East must be correctly named as the Eastern Region as it falls within E, ENE and ESE.
  2. Bono East and some parts of the Ashanti region must be the Central Region.
  3. If Koforidua and its environs form the eastern region, is our eastern region the easternmost compared to the Volta region and Oti region? Why Volta is not part of the eastern region?
  4. Cape-Coast and its environs must be the South Center
  5. Brong Ahafo and Ahafo must be the Western region
  6. The current western region must actually be the South West (SW)
  7. The location of Western North is actually West South West (WSW)
  8. If we have Western North where is the Western South?
  9. Is the Northern region really the northernmost part of Ghana?
  10. Once we have North East, the opposite must be North West.
  11. We have Bono East, where is Bono West?

Greater Accra, Ashanti, Volta, Savannah, Brong Ahafo, Ahafo, North East and Oti may be alright. The rest are there to bring confusion for JHS and SHS students. Many people out there will find it difficult to understand the logic behind the naming of most of our regions. There must be some sort of consistency.

In future, we need to take into account all the arguments listed above when we are renaming the regions. Otherwise, one may think that we just fancy naming our regions in English than correctly understanding the English and also the geographical locations on the Ghana map.

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