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Feb 15, 2019 | Social News

Politicians Served With Chilled Muddy Water In Bottle By Residents For Neglect is what Ghanaians are saying
Politicians Served With Chilled Muddy Water In Bottle By Residents For Neglect

Residents of Kenya served their political leaders with muddy water in bottles at a meeting scheduled on the 12th February, last Wednesday.

According to the inhabitants in the village, they had wanted their leaders to see how they have been neglected from good and portable drinking water and decided that they will have to let them feel it by serving some politicians with muddy water in bottles for them to see their problems.

Giving a blind eye to the bottled water, the politicians continued chatting with each other with the muddy bottled water beside them.

As a result of the scenario made in Kenya, let see what some Ghanaians have to say, whether what the inhabitant did was a good way of letting politicians know their problems.

Comments from Ghanaians:

“Sammy from Sunyani Technical University said, "yes I think they did that to let their voice to be heard."

In Ghana if you want the government to hear your problems, you either go on a strike or on a demonstration, so they did that to show how issues are troubling them and that was a good way.”

Sandy from Ghana Institute of journalism also said "yes, as the saying goes, action speaks louder than words. It was a clear scenario to tell the leaders their problems and I have no critique about this. They did well though."

Frank stated that "they deserve it. They always lie to us to give them power to make us good and at the end we suffer the most whiles they enjoy. Are they better than us? Are we not all humans so why they live longer why we die younger? Are they not paying taxes? Is it not our money they are spending carelessly?”

“We need to be a bit hard on our leaders because they are very stubborn. They come for power from us and ignore us when they are in power” by Nana RB.

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