The Mischief Of The Consolidated Flagbearers Association Against JM

Feature Article The Mischief Of The Consolidated Flagbearers Association Against JM
JAN 29, 2019 LISTEN

Once upon a time, Prof Alabi was the Member of Parliament for Krowor. Silvester Mensah was once the Member of Parliament for Dadekotopon. Bagbin is the 2nd Deputy Speaker of Parliament and not too long ago, the Majority Leader. Most of you remember Spio's infamous contest against Prof Mills which made him later called Mills government Team B.

In all the circumstances I mentioned supra, the NDC used a voters register which did not have pictures and id numbers. There is no official records which indicates that Alabi, Sly, Bagbin or Spio ever protested against any register.

Furthermore, Hon Nii-Amasah Namoale a key member of Prof Alabi Campaign was a 3-time Member of Parliament for Dadekotopon. Hon Quashiga Richard, 2-time Member of Parliament and the head of Prof Alabi Campaign Communication Team were all beneficiaries of a register without pictures and Id numbers.

With the exception of 2015, all NDC presidential and parliamentary primaries did not have a register with pictures of delegates with their id numbers. We have always used only names. The party ensures that all delegates are given Identification accreditation tags which match with what is in the register. In fact, all our elections from constituency to national to date have never used a register with pictures and id numbers. What happens during our conferences is that the EC officials mention the name of a particular branch and mention the names of the delegates for that particular branch to vote.

It is a system which has been tried and tested successfully for years without any problems or resistance. But today the wannabee flagbearers are saying they want a register with pictures and id numbers else hell should break loose. In fact, it will cost the party not less than $10m and not less than 6 months to compile such a register.

In order to meet their needs, the party may have to demand extra money from the aggrieved parties. Who should bear the cost? A slap which is yours must be received without delay. A word to the wise is enough.

The wannabe flagbearers also want to dictate to NEC on which printing house should print the ballot papers. Can you imagine? They have clearly crossed the line and the earlier we oppose their ill intended move the better.

Now let me tell you why they are raising objections today. It is never true that these aspirants are doing what they are doing now in the interest of the NDC. I have read posts from Dela Coffie, a key supporter of Goosie Tanoh, Benjamin Essuman of Alabi Campaign, etc. And they are all saying the NDC is given out a register without pictures to favour John Mahama whereas the same register was given to JM. How does a register without pictures benefit JM if it cannot benefit CPA? Implicitly, they are admitting that their candidates have a mischievous intention against the person of John Mahama, a man who not too long ago appointed Alabi as Board Chairman of SSNIT, a most lucrative institution, Sly was the CEO of NHIA. Spio's political career was revived through his appointment as Trade Minister by John Mahama.

From the write ups of the key supporters I mentioned, it is obvious that these wannabe flagbearers have ILL MOTIVES towards JM. They want to delay the Congress as much as they can so that even if JM wins which is certain, he won't get sufficient time to campaign. Once JM loses again, then they become the favorites. They fear that if JM becomes a president, he may impose his own choice on the party (of course we know it is not in the nature of JM to impose candidates). In short, it is clear their agenda is to stifle the process leading to the Congress and sabotage John Mahama. Truth stands clearly from falsehood. Let's rally in support of NEC and make sure the attempt to sabotage John Mahama doesn't see the light of day.

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