Globalization -Free Movement Of Researchers

Feature Article Globalization -Free Movement Of Researchers
JAN 23, 2019 LISTEN

I am writing this letter that will be also published on my blog as an article as a result of the abused of young researchers and globalization.

Canada is well known for its protection of refugees, early January a Saudi Arabia teenager Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun, was given a refugee status for the protection of her life. Therefore Canada had international admiration for its protection of human right.

"But I am writing this piece for the world to know that Canada is the worst abused of human right, human development, and anti-research,

I will give empirical evidence to back my case; AAMJ is my name with application number, V329534400. An African and a PhD fellow in Russia with a permanent stay in Russia"

He applied for a Canadian visa to attend a peace conference in Canada and the visa was refused based on the following reasons:

Purpose of visit, employment status and that he will not be able to sustain himself whiles in Canada.

"I want to, first of all, say that the diplomat that vetted my application is an educated illiterate, or the person may have a myopic mind to research."

"I am a PhD student in Political Science and my research area covers international politics and security, I have also attended a peace conference in Germany in November 2018 were I had the opportunity to discussed peace and security with high-level dignities that may be higher than the diplomat that vetted my application. I met with the Prime Minister of Poland, Germany Minister of Foreign Affairs and vice chancellor of Germany. I provided pictures as proof, I also provided an acceptance letter from the host university in Canada that have accepted my researched work to be presented. Yet the diplomat stated the purpose of visit as a reason for the refusal of my visa."

The diplomat doesn’t even know that my research work may benefit his relative or Canadians in the future when it is published in Canada and will, therefore, serve as a reference for future generations.

My employment prospect I provided a bank statement with evidence that I earn on average 50 USD as a blogger and freelance English teacher. I also gave a screen shot of my blogger works, yet the diplomat thinks when you are employed by someone that is only the legal employment but the diplomat doesn’t understand entrepreneurship or self-employment. I am not surprise Canada doesn’t make the list of the world billionaires because of their attitude to entrepreneurship.

The total cost of my trip to Canada was, accommodation 283CAD and air ticket 971CAD making it total of 1254CAD whiles I provided a statement of 5806.67CAD. This means that I had enough money to fund my trip over 300%. More ever I still had a valid visa to German in my passport, Germany that is the world leading manufacturer of automobiles and electronics, the power house in Europe with good temperature as compared to Canada. I visited Germany twice for a conference and returned. there is no any Africa economic migrate that will visit Europe and return to Africa, therefore, this should have kept the diplomat to have a positive attitude to my application"

I am therefore calling on all the stakeholders to protect and promote the free movement of researchers and should not treat researchers as economic migrants. I am a victim and my research paper that will have in-future benefitted younger generation of Canadian students have been shut down just because of an ignorance of a diplomat that cannot differentiate between a researcher and immigrants.

Boarder protection can be done within the country I always used UAE as an example many Africans travel to Dubai and will never overstay because of the internal immigration policy because if you overstay your data is shown on the screens and many locations that will prompt you to leave, therefore they protect their borders internal whiles increasing tourism.

I also call on fellow Africa countries to also treat Canadians that want visa just like how Canadians diplomat treat other Africa citizens’ tic-for-tac.

To my fellow researchers never give up on your research work and be bold to write about the negative attitude by diplomats that are treating research work, since you are not an economic migrant and therefore you have nothing to lose but rather promote human development.

I am not against any country that wants to protect its borders but they should do it with integrity and humanity because no one will stay this earth forever no matter how you protect your border you will still need the movement of people in and out.

People will rather use illegal means to enter Canada if you don't protect your border with integrity remember, just recently two Ghanaians enter into Canada through the USA and they have now been given refugees status, because there was no way they can be granted visa to Canada but through illegal means they have been granted half citizens, this doesn't make sense.

Canada should promote globalization and reduce the abused of human movement to Canada