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03.01.2019 Feature Article

Djokoto's Diary - Long-Shot Candidate On The Move!

Djokoto's Diary - Long-Shot Candidate On The Move!
LISTEN JAN 3, 2019

It is half past five on a cool Thursday morning. The sky is amber-tinted, the swaying palm trees are silhouetted against this picture perfect background, and it is quiet enough to soak the soothing melodies from the chirping birds. I am relaxed on the settee in the lounge as the sun gradually illuminates the city, the rays penetrating the windows, while I research on creating a strong-grassroots operation and all the makings of an aesthetes pop political path. Last night was productive. I have been in touch with the artist commissioned to design a befitting logo for the political startup - Startup Republic On The Move! - and it is coming together well. And my private residence is gradually being converted into an unofficial headquarters for the movement. These are humble beginnings for a long-shot candidate on the move!

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