Ordinary Voltarians Should Re-Think About The NDC

Feature Article Ordinary Voltarians Should Re-Think About The NDC
DEC 16, 2018 LISTEN

Since the beginning of the fourth republic in the wake of multi-party democracy in Ghana, Voltarians have remained loyal to the NDC and have on many occasions shows that they are number one cherishers of social democrat. This is demonstrated through the massive vote undeserving NDC enjoyed over the years to the detriment of the ordinary Voltarians whose votes send the NDC to the seat of government.

Apart from Voltarians being considered as second class Citizens and treated as unwanted plebeians in Ghana because of their uniqueness and been part of the Western Togoland, their continuous support for the NDC has worsened their plight as they have received avalanches ‘of insult, bullying, discriminations, coercion, ethnically cleanse, names callings and a call by a legislator (Hon. Kennedy Agyapong) for Ghanaians to kill all Ewes.

NDC in returns has never demonstrated any sense of support for the Voltarians. Many of us in the NDC are aware of the deep-rooted hatred for Voltarians in the NDC which surface in the just ended NDC 2018 delegate conference in Accra where Voltarians have been sidelined from the National decision making body of the NDC. Clearly speaking, Voltarians are only good in voting for the NDC and not good for taking decision for the NDC.

Myself and many Voltarians in the NDC, after the 2018 delegate conference humiliation have consoled ourselves by equating the disgrace to the exercise of democracy but we knew there is more to it in a deeper sense than just exercise of democracy.

Today as we speak, Voltarians are in a democratic war with the Ghana government who is using every unconstitutional means to divide the Volta land. Akufo-Addo’s government have manipulated the democratic institutions to favour his ill-plans to divide the Volta region at all cost.

At this difficult time where many Voltarians’ homes are filled with a flame of unquenchable pain, teeth grinding, the wailing of the Volta women, the cries of the Volta child for the uncertain future, the feel of aggression by the Volta youth who have become wandering births seeking justice against corruptible institutions but finding none, the air of a bad future for the Ewe man is smell everywhere yet NDC have become deaf and dump.

A lot has happened in terms of elections, referendum, to be précised. The government has sponsored people from other Regions who register or transfer their vote to the proposed Oti region. The plan to disenfranchise Ewe-speaking people in the Oti Region who are perceived to be anti-Oti-Region. In fact, a lot of electoral-malpractices had happened and is still going on. Yet NDC as a political party is quiet.

December 27, 2018, has been set aside for the referendum. Would the election be free, transparent, credible and fair? What measures are been put in place to ensure that the outcome of the referendum is the true reflection of the people? Are there going to be international observers, as it used to be in general elections? Who will be representing the interest of the Voltarians? It will be naïve to think that the electoral commission headed by newly appointed Akufo Addo’s relation, Jean Mensa, would be fair, knowing how democratic institutions are compromising in Ghana.

All these things are ongoing yet NDC and the NDC MP’s from the Volta region are all quiet and I keep asking myself would the NDC be quiet if this is the General election?

Then my question has been answered and my doubt cleared. NPP government have introduced medical drones to deliver medicine to various health centres and it appears that the drones would also involve in the delivering of ballot papers for the general election and the NDC is about to explode. That is unacceptable to the NDC but whatever is going on in the Volta region is none of NDC’s business.

So, I want ordinary Voltarians who go to the polls to elect MP or President to re-think about the NDC. A word to the wise is enough.

Thank you.