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08.12.2018 Feature Article

True Descendants of Ab-ram are in Ghana; An Analysis on Biblical Slavery Establishes!!

True Descendants of Ab-ram are in Ghana; An Analysis on Biblical Slavery Establishes!!
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For as many as two millennia now, or even more, almost all the inhabitants of Earth have fallen prey to a certain deception which claims that as many as ten of the twelve non-priestly tribes of the house of YA’OH-Sharal (Israel??), who were once known without a shadow of doubt to comprise of the descendants of Ab-ram (the biblical Abraham), have become a lost people who thus cannot be found to exist anywhere on Earth today! These so-called lost descendants are labeled as the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel!

And then, sadly again, two other non-priestly tribes besides the ten that are said to be lost, are also lied about as being the Ashkenazi and Sephardim Jews now living in so-called Israel and in other locations in Europe and America—when, in fact, these are the people said to belong to the synagogue of Satan as mentioned in Revelation 2:9 & 3:9 of the English Bible.

Now, with no one laying claim to having identified and thus being able to venture to point out who on Earth today may be deemed to represent the priestly house of Loay (Levi??) who is also a known descendant of Ab-ram, it seems that this once known priestly tribe of the house of YA’OH-Sharal is also deemed a lost people!!

The effect of this deception—about who the descendants of Ab-ram are among mankind today—is devastating, since it then seems that YA’OH has no people of His own on Earth to even worship and or serve Him in truth!

Thus, many people have come to believe that all who ever descended from Ab-ram, who YA’OH the Most High One called to Himself to be His friend and promised to bless with descendants out of his own loins who would be as countless as the sands of the seashores of the Earth and as many as the stars of the heavens, are deemed to be completely lost and without a known trace of them or they ever being seen anywhere to any other inhabitants of the Earth; thus making YA’OH a liar by His promises to give Ab-ram a countless number of descendants to swarm the Earth!

The saddest effect of this deception is that even the very descendants of this great servant and friend of YA’OH who are alive today have all now been tricked into NOT knowing who they truly are and have thus even willingly taken upon themselves a certain identity and nature which is not theirs; ignorantly and happily swapping their own true identity with that of the very people who deceive them! How sad!!

The purpose of this article is not to go into the details of who had been who in this drama of deception of a holy man’s descendants which was masterminded and hatched by enemies of truth in order to erase the memory and thus seek to curtail the influence of this great people on all others in the entire Earth, but for me to reveal, among other truths, that these true descendants of Ab-ram do exist on Earth today and are the only people YA’OH has ever had fellowship with and thus can have fellowship with again today, as the only custodians of His truth!

And this write-up is to also let mankind know that, even today, these descendants of Ab-ram already swarm the Earth in numbers that are as countless as the sea sands or as the stars in the sky, regardless to think of even including all those who ever lived in the past as a part of these numbers.

Sadly, however, these living descendants of a holy man have today become so much coated with the filth of idolatry that it seems unthinkable to suppose they are the descendants of this holy friend of YA’OH—a contributory factor to people claiming that this seed of a holy friend of YA’OH are become lost in the Earth.

But the good news is that all these people are destined to be washed from this filth of idolatry and revived someday soon, in order to offer holy worship and render service to YA’OH!!

For, how may anyone or anything that was made by YA’OH to exist on Earth according to His will and plan later become lost or nonexistent in the Earth, like some people suppose has become of the house of Ab-ram, if not because such people are spiritually blind to reality?

Happily, I personally have come to know by revelation and experience that I am one of these descendants of this great friend of YA’OH who is called Ab-ram, and blessed to have now been washed of any filth in order to become fit to be of service to Him and such as I render to humanity by my writings in this column.

This revelation from YA’OH about my true identity, in being of the house of Ab-ram, has enabled me to appreciate and understand all my experiences from my childhood to date as having to have happened of necessity according to the plan and will of YA’OH, and why and how I must now live an entirely new life with new attitudes and values to the end of my days on Earth; all in total loyalty to YA’OH my Creator and in service to my fellow men!!

My new attitude to life fuels me in my writings in this column as I work towards saying farewell to this hard world of ours. In fact, I view my writings as my duty in leading mankind, particularly, those descendants of Ab-ram who are deemed lost by the world, to come to the realization of their identity so as to awaken them from slumber, not only to be counted but also to take up the mantle of leadership over all mankind that is ordained for them in being the sons of a man [Ab-ram] who once lived in the most glorious fellowship with YA’OH!

And so, not long ago, in executing one of my tasks of teaching my generation the truths of YA’OH by an article I published in this column, I was happy a regular reader of the column by name Ayeboafo Nkwantabisa, posted for me some comments after reading my article titled This Man is Not a Genuine Servant of YA’OH, My Dear Paa Kow which I use as a basis in writing this article in reply to him.

In seeking answers to his comments so I could respond to him appropriately and adequately, I found it necessary to go into the narratives of the Bible concerning the descendants of Ab-ram and their slave-keeping culture during times when they lived in peace in the holy land, and their involvements in slavery with other nations and particularly with reference to the Trans-Atlantic slave trade which these same bible narratives reveal was about these descendants of Ab-ram.

Thus, I was able to determine without a shadow of doubt who the true descendants of Ab-ram in today’s world are, and where to find them!!

So then, by an open letter to this regular reader of mine, Ayeboafo, I’d like to, as best as I understand his comments, address the issues he raises in his post and thus to establish who the descendants of Ab-ram are.

Unfortunately, not all the comments he posted were very clearly expressed. In fact, because I have had to quote his comments for the sake of other readers of this letter and in order for them to understand my answers to him, I had to do quite a bit of editing to his words by adding a few of my own as are highlighted in the quote below I attribute to him, so as to make his comments easier to understand.

And so, the following is what Ayeboafo wrote me in comment to my article. And immediately after the quote of his comments, follows my letter to him.

This is an insightful teaching which will help identify the wolves from the sheep. Yes, one has to be careful not landing in the Fire in his/her effort to escape from the hot Pan.

Talking about the descendants of our ancestors who were sold, bought and sent into slavery against their will, are you saying this "was a sign to those left behind in Africa"?

If we draw the map of the possible escape routes the original Israelites passed through Egypt to the south of the Sahara, we knew for sure slavery was practiced and it was part of the culture at that time. That means some of the ancestors left in Africa were also sold, bought and became slaves against their will.

Some were able to escape from these hardships. Some were also able to serve their terms and gained their freedom while some also bought their freedom.

The question is, those who remained as slaves, will their descendants in Africa be affected by the "re-journey" to their promised land?

Again we knew for sure not all blacks in the diaspora (America ) the descendants of slavery has the mixed blood relationship of Caucasians but they all bear the name "Afro Americans" so will such also bear the same marks?

Some of their fore-fathers were able to fight for or redeemed their freedom and on top of that the King or government of this land granted them their freedom like the King in the Scriptures granting Nehemiah freedom to return and built his nation.

Since this was an act which had the blessings of YA'OH, why can’t the Nehemiahs in the diaspora (America) make the "re-call" or "re-journey" home to build their nation and worship their YA'OH?

Last but not the least, I hope you will soon do some teachings on the do's and don'ts of how to live the proper way of YA'OH. I think this will help those who want to live the proper way of life in pleasing our dear Heavenly Father to have some directives.

Thanks for the insights, Sir. ----- Dear Ayeboafo: Thank you for spending time to read my article and for the pains in posting me these comments of yours. I really appreciate your interest in the article and for you seeking clarification to some of the issues I raised in it by your comments. I must also thank you for deeming my article insightful.

My response to your comments by this letter will focus, primarily, on answering the four clear questions you posed in your second, fifth, sixth and seventh paragraphs of the post. However, before I get to do so, I’d like to dilate on some of the general things you mention in relation to the issue of slavery being a part of the culture of [our] ancestors of the house of YA’OH-Sharal.

Let me begin by saying that in the days when [our ancestors] the children of YA’OH-Sharal lived in peace in the holy land, they practiced a system of slavery in three kinds; with all three kinds of slavery they practiced, none of the slaves they had in their homes was a son or daughter of any tribe of the house of YA’OH-Sharal.

All slaves in the homes of our ancestors were foreigners since the Thorah forbids a son of YA’OH-Sharal from keeping a fellow member of the same house of YA’OH-Sharal in any kind of slavery or bondage, no matter how mild this bondage may be!

So then, firstly, our ancestors got the slaves they kept in their homes through waging wars against their enemies; and by their victories they could, with the leave of YA’OH, take home alive some of the menfolk of particular conquered enemies as captives to serve them as slaves, while usually killing all others under the instructions of YA’OH.

I say “with the leave of YA’OH” because our ancestors were not to treat all the enemies they conquered in this “special” way, and I shall soon come to expatiate a little more on this.

In any situations where the enemy surrendered to our ancestors and were thus not all annihilated, any men who were taken as slaves into their homes were to remain so forever—inasmuch as the victory over them remained and was not overturned through a future conquest! There was thus, obviously, no way for anyone of these slaves of our ancestors to be redeemed by someone else or for themselves to buy or get back their own freedom by any means!

And so, with the passage of time—often spanning generations—the descendants of such men slaves born in the homes of our ancestors could become fully assimilated into the house of YA’OH-Sharal through the families of their masters with whom they lived, as their males submitted themselves to the ritual of circumcision under the orders of YA’OH; thus, also coming under the whole banner of YA’OH and to the obligations of the Thorah as a result.

As for the womenfolk of such conquered people, if any unmarried virgin women among them were deemed beautiful in the eyes of any of the men of YA’OH-Sharal who fought in such wars, they could take them to themselves as permanent wives and were bound to treat them as such, forever; except where, after copulating with such women, their warrior husbands found them to be unsuitable or distasteful to be kept as wives, in which case these women were left to depart of themselves to wherever they cared to go or came from.

The taking of men slaves or virgin women to wife as a kind of war booty had to have the blessing of YA’OH, just as I intimated earlier on, since many of the people the house of YA’OH-Sharal encountered in wars were never to be allowed to live but were all to be killed and their bloodlines thus wiped out; and so, not all people who were conquered by YA’OH-Sharal in wars could be thought of as worthy of such a concession to live as slaves within the comforts and by the largesse of our ancestors.

In this, our ancestors knew very well what YA’OH has ruled on concerning the house of Amalek, who He commanded to be utterly destroyed, and of Ammon and Moab, and others, who were never to enter the congregation of YA’OH throughout all their generations, much less to ever even take slaves from among them to live with in their homes!!

These were the descendants of Kanaan (Canaan??) of yesteryears as listed in Barashayth (Genesis??) 10:15-18 who the children of YA’OH-Sharal were to annihilate, and are now metamorphosed into the Europeans and Americans of today.

A second kind of slaves (male and female) who lived in the homes of our ancestors were certain heathen people who were bought and paid for personally by some of our ancestors, and who therefore belonged to them forever as part of their [inheritable] possessions. These kind of slaves thus had the privilege of living within the tents of YA’OH-Sharal to eventually be assimilated into a complete Thorah lifestyle and thus to be owned by YA’OH, in order for them too to qualify to enjoy His blessings in their obedience of His Thorah!

For male slaves of this kind, their master could and often did get wives for them to beget children with!! And for such women slaves, too, their master could even marry them to his own sons or to other male slaves living under his roof; thus having the sole right of a full ownership and benefit of the increase in his family size as being a blessing of, and from, YA’OH to him!!

The third kind of slaves who were kept in the homes of our ancestors are those who were either foreigners or of their own kinsmen of the same tribe (or even other tribes) of the house of YA’OH-Sharal who fell into debt or some insolvent obligations and had to render manual service to our ancestors under some normal terms agreeable onto both parties.

Whenever the time mutually agreed upon for such service elapsed or came to an end, the slave returned to wherever he came from—usually with joy, in having been well settled or given some kind of ex gratia by his master to enable him to re-start life on his own.

If, specifically, such a slave were a foreigner to YA’OH-Sharal who decided to stay with his master, forever, even after the agreed term of service became due and whatever rewards due him had accrued, he accepted to have his ear lobe pieced with an awl and pined momentarily to the door frame of his master’s house, so as to establish that he had willingly accepted to become a permanent member of his master’s household and to be on the same status as a son of his master; all because he had been touched and awed by the kindheartedness and love his master showed him as a manifestation of or in similitude to those of YA’OH!!

But then, as stated earlier on, quite a number of people of the house of YA’OH-Sharal too would at times be hit by hard times as to be in debt—often to their fellow kinsmen of the same tribe or other of the house of YA’OH-Sharal—and may thus need to be in a temporal service to this kinsman in order to defray the debt owed him.

And so, such needy people of the house of YA’OH-Sharal were never to be considered as slaves like the slaves of foreign descent; and therefore such people of the house of YA’OH-Sharal could never be owned as slaves by anyone of our ancestors under whose roof he lived, simply because nobody ever owns the bondman of YA’OH since all YA’OH-Sharal is bondman to YA’OH.

So then, this is the only kind of “slave” who had the right to buy his way to freedom, if he could of himself do so before the time agreed upon for him to do a full service in payment of a debt for which he was enslaved became due. Alternatively, such a person could be freed if he had someone of his tribe pay up any outstanding portion of the any debt he owed to someone (of or not of his tribe), and thus consider the one who paid the debt on his behalf to have redeemed him from such “enslavement” [which was usually and always done by a kinsman-redeemer whom I mentioned in my previous article].

The one, thus enslaved, could also become free after the full term of service initially agreed upon had run its full course, as stated before.

So then, my dear Ayeboafo, from all the foregoing what you say in your comments to my previous article—that “Some were also able to serve their terms and gained their freedom while some also bought their freedom” in your reference to our ancestors—can only be in reference to those “slaves”, or more appropriately, servants or fellow members of the house of YA’OH-Sharal, who, due to hard times they experienced, sought to make a living by serving other members of the house of YA’OH-Sharal according to terms agreed upon between them, and not in reference to what existed as legal rights for slaves who were NOT related in blood to their masters, our ancestors.

For, none of the other kinds of slaves as listed above had any agreements on times and terms that governed their relationship. And as you must know, any nation in bondage to another was only able to break this yoke of servitude to its masters only after they gained victory in a war which thus toppled their previous victors who enslaved them.

Now also, because the issues of redeeming someone by another person often involved not only payment of a debt but at times also the restoration of a property used as collateral security to its rightful but indebted owner, the redeemer must always be a very close or the closest possible kinsman of the one being redeemed, in order to maintain the property within the family/tribe so as not to break the Thorah of YA’OH, which commands that no inheritance should ever be lost by anyone of a particular tribe to another of a different tribe. This explains why all redeemers and the redeemed have to be of same tribe of the house of YA’OH-Sharal.

So then, my dear Ayeboafo, it must therefore be obvious from the foregoing that neither of the two Babylonian captivities or enslavements suffered by the house of YA’OH-Sharal—which first only involved on two occasions the eleven houses or tribes of YA’OH-Sharal constituting the Northern Kingdom with their capital in Samaria, and later on in one instance by the house of YA’OH-Dah (Judah??) established under the monarchy of Malak (King) Doayd (David) with its capital in YA’OH-Shalawam (Jerusalem??)—nor the Trans-Atlantic slave trade (which I revealed in my previous article involved the house of YA’OH-Sharal), fit into the kind of slave culture that was practiced among or within our ancestors which involved their own kind, for which terms such as redeem, buy freedom or end a term of service could apply as your comments in your post seem to suggest to me.

So then, my dear Ayeboafo, let us now talk about the kind of slavery in which Nakham-YA’OH (Nehemiah??) and Azar-YA’OH (Ezra??) were involved in and returned from to rebuild the city of YA’OH-Shalawam, of whom you made mention in your comments to my previous article under reference.

As you know, when the house of YA’OH-Sharal (or what was aka the Northern Kingdom) with its capital in Samaria fell into what is historically known as the Assyrian captivity or exile, in two separate invasions during the eighth century BCE by Tiglath-Pileser III (aka Pul) and Shalmaneser V, all of our ancestors (comprising its eleven non-priestly tribes together with any of the Loay aka Levi priests who were living among them) were evacuated out of the holy land to Assyria.

Later on in the seventh century BCE, all these eleven non-priestly tribes, and those members of the priestly house of Loay who lived with and among them, came out of this captivity and settled en-mass in the upper Nile valley, at a time when the Assyrian King Esarhaddon had conquered and thus occupied Matsraym as a colony of Assyria; which conquest was later on to be consolidated by his (Esarhaddon’s) own son King Assubanipal—cf. YA’OH-Shai (Hosea??) 8:13, 9:3 and 11:5.

The only tribe of the house of YA’OH-Sharal that seemed for a long time to have escaped captivity to heathen lands was YA’OH-Dah (Judah) but was also sadly to eventually fall into the hands of King Nabchadnazzar II of Babylon in the sixth century BCE and was thus exiled to Babylon after the destruction of the Bayath HaMakdash (the temple of Shalamah aka Solomon) in YA’OH-Shalawam (Jerusalem??).

However, King Nabchadnazzar allowed a small part of the tribe of YA’OH-Dah to remain in the holy land together with Yaram-YA’OH (Jeremiah??), a Kahan (Priest?); but all of them together with Yaram-YA’OH later joined the eleven tribes of the Northern Kingdom who were then already living in the Nile valley, while the larger part of the tribe of YA’OH-Dah continued to live under captivity to Babylon in Babylon.

This larger part of the tribe of YA’OH-Dah lived in this Babylonian captivity for 70 years in order to fulfil the word of YA’OH and was thereafter permitted by King Cyrus, the Persian King who overthrew the Babylonian dynasty of Nabchadnazzar, to return at their own will under the leaderships of Azar-YA’OH (Ezra??) and Nakham-YA’OH (Nehemiah??) to rebuild the Bayath HaMakdash in YA’OH-Shalawam and the walls of the city.

These returnees rebuilt Bayath HaMakdash and lived in their inheritance of YA’OH-Dah thereafter until the fall of the Persian Empire to the Greeks, who also fell to the Roman Empire; and thus, YA’OH-Dah successively came under different dominions by these political changes.

From the low numbers of people who were counted as returnees in the caravans that were led by Azar-YA’OH and Nakham-YA’OH, it seems to me that some members of the larger house of YA’OH-Dah in exile chose not to come along with Azar-YA’OH, Nakham-YA’OH and company to rebuild the city, but went on to join others now living in the Nile valley.

And then, around the year 70 CE, the Romans came and destroyed the Bayath HaMakdash for the second time after the first destruction by Nabchadnazzar, leading the tribe of YA’OH-Dah, which was then the only remnant of a tribe living in the holy land as representing the entire house of YA’OH-Sharal, to flee from their enemies into the Nile valley, along what seemed to be a familiar and safe route of escape for them over centuries, rather than to go North West or North into the hands of their oppressors, so as to join the eleven other non-priestly tribes of the collapsed Northern Kingdom in the Assyrian and Babylonian captivities and the house of Aharan already living in the Nile valley.

With the entire house of YA’OH-Sharal now living in the Nile valley by the first century CE after they had all been completely spat out of their inheritance by YA’OH in various instances spanning centuries, and in show of His disgust of their idolatrous ways in breach of His holy covenant, they were now ready to trek over more centuries into the interior regions of Afrika south of the Sahara in order to encounter the great wrath which YA’OH had scheduled for them as a result their breach of the covenant He cut with their ancestors.

From all the foregoing, it can be seen that the Assyrian, Babylonian and Persian captivities of the children of YA’OH-Sharal had no bearing or similarity to any of their domestic or family or tribal issues, and thus could not warrant a kinsman of any sorts from among them to redeem them. These captivities were issues beyond the redeeming power or means of a family kinsman!

For, as is obviously the case, there was no available kinsman to redeem even a single person from any one of these captivities, simply because the one who could be deemed fit to redeem was himself held in the same bondage and thus was also in need of a redeemer!!

It is thus obvious that all these captivities happened at the instance of YA’OH in order to demonstrate His wrath on a people who had become disobedient to His will and that He alone could redeem them from any or all of their enemies as and when He so wished!

The fiercest wrath of YA’OH that had to be poured out on a people of disobedience to His holy covenant was the trans-Atlantic Slave Trade of the 15th-19th centuries. The sum total and effect of the Assyrian, Persian, Greek and Roman persecutions of the house of YA’OH-Sharal had forced them to leave their habitation and compelled all 13 tribes to congregate into a location or locations where they were bound to suffer all the curses, in fulfillment of the word of Masha in Dabaraym 28:14-68, which they were told they were bound to suffer if they ever broke their covenant with YA’OH; specifically, that they would eventually be taken in ships to strange lands to be slaves without anyone to ever redeem them.

My dear Ayeboafo, I’d like you to note that all the Assyrian, Babylonian and Persian captivities the children of YA’OH-Sharal suffered involved all 13 tribes, all of which were constituted in their proper family and clan structures; and thus, their identity and structure as a nation was not compromised, since these captivities or evacuations of the house of YA’OH-Sharal all happened at the behest of YA’OH.

Now, since it was YA’OH who masterminded the evacuation of the house of YA’OH-Sharal to these strange lands, He also ensured that all who were involved arrived at their destination, except for those who died natural deaths while on the way into or in captivity.

And because YA’OH destined and scheduled for all the people in these captivities to someday come out of them, with some even to their inheritance, He also ensured their growth by increase in population size. He thus gave them instruction to marry among themselves and to beget children and made them know they would not be returning home anytime soon, even though they were promised to do so someday—cf. Yaram-YA’OH (Jeremiah??) 29:4-10!! Please read these verses!!

So then, these captivities were all solely of a punitive intent since all structures put in place to maintain the structure and identity of the whole house of YA’OH-Sharal remained effective and active—for, leadership and the family life and structure remained and grew in strength and developed in power; and thus, the house of YA’OH-Sharal could still produce zealous leaders who could take up the mantle of leadership in future when it fell on them, just as men like Azar-YA’OH and Nakham-YA’OH were able to do later, as revealed in the scriptures!

However, this was not to be so regarding those who were taken as bought and paid-for slaves to the New World—they had no instructions about marrying and producing children, nor any promise to return! This was all because once they got sold out into slavery, they left the hands and care of YA’OH and could never enjoy any of His blessings as they were no longer His property!

And, thus, the application of the intervention of a kinsman-redeemer, such as I mentioned in my previous article which elicited your comments, could never be brought into these Babylonian captivities and the Trans-Atlantic slave trade since they both had completely different natures and powers of enforcement or control; for, they essentially involved people of two different and opposing nations and were very different from whatever kind of “slavery” or agreement that had prevailed among kinsmen of YA’OH-Sharal who were thus of same blood when they lived in their inheritance.

In fact, in my previous article, I stated that those who were involved as victims in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade were never to have any redeemer—cf. Dabaraym (Deuteronomy??) 28:29—and thus would never have a kinsman or anyone of their own kind to redeem them, so as to bring them back to the land where they departed from to embark on their journey of no return through the Middle Passage to a so-called New World, much less to even think to ever bring them back to the holy land of our ancestors! I must say, assuredly, that this will neither happen today nor tomorrow!!

My dear Ayeboafo, be not therefore mistaken to think of the later resettlement of just a little fraction of the offspring of our ancestors who were returned from the New World [already tainted] and dumped in such countries as Liberia and Sierra Leone in West Afrika, which were created by Europeans for their resettlement, to mean these ancestors of ours were redeemed from the New World or even that they bought back their freedom by their agitations in the New World!

The resettlement of these people as returnees is not to be thought of as they being redeemed, since no person bought as a slave qualifies to ever be redeemed, nor is a foreigner such as a European qualified to act as a kinsman-redeemer towards redeeming a Negro slave!

In fact, once a Negro is bought, paid for and taken away by an European, thus becoming the full and bona fide property of such a buyer, such a Negro slave becomes fully assimilated into the being and nature of his European master and cannot be extricated from him as to stand separately as an individual, much less to think to be redeemable by the same person who bought him.

In such a sales transaction, the obvious rule of law applicable is: Buyer Beware; Goods Sold Are Not Returnable!

These facts, and many others, lead me to conclude that all those who landed in the so-called New World, and all of the descendants begotten of and to them throughout all generations on Earth to the present and into the future, have never been and will never be a part of the commonwealth of the house of YA’OH-Sharal; not even spiritually!!

And so, my dear Ayeboafo, my assertion in my previous article addressed to Paa Kow—that the Trans-Atlantic slave trade served only as a sign to those of our ancestors who remained in Afrika in order to awaken them from slumber, all because those who remained were the elders or representatives of the house of YA’OH-Sharal and were either too old or too feeble to have been taken as slaves for any meaningful economic activity in the New World—still stands!

In fact, it is also obvious that those members of the population who were too young to have any economic value to the slave raiders and the European slave buyers were to only later on understand the Trans-Atlantic slave trade as being a sign of YA’OH that was NOT meant for those who were taken away in ships to the New World, but to them who remained on the continent or were yet to be born in order to keep seed alive!!

My dear Ayeboafo, I’d like to hammer a little more on this fact in order not to give a false hope to people of African-American descent today who have evolved over many generations that have covered a period of some seven centuries to date as also being descendants of Ab-ram or of the house of YA’OH-Sharal.

You see, firstly, those of our ancestors who were sold to Europeans were in fact sold by their own kinsmen; that is, they were sold by the very people who were the ONLY people who could ever play the role of a kinsman-redeemer over them. Hence, they were never to be redeemed since there was to be no redeemer for them as the one who would have redeemed them was the same person who sold them into bondage! These slaves who were taken to the New World therefore have no access to EVER return to the fold of YA’OH-Sharal in order to be a part of this house or to play any role in it!

Secondly, by the very fact that these group of our ancestors were bought by the European slave buyers, the buyers owned them outright and forever, in much the same way that I described earlier on in this same letter of mine to you—that when our ancestors bought slaves with their money, such slaves belonged to them for life since these slaves did not have a fellow kinsman to act as a kinsman-redeemer in order to redeem them!

In fact, because all of these our ancestors were sold by their fellow kinsmen of the house of YA’OH-Sharal to the European slave buyers, they were in effect taken out of the entire household of YA’OH-Sharal, and thus, not even the ultimate kinsman-redeemer, had or has the legal authority and or power to redeem these our ancestors to bring them back into the hands of YA’OH.

Thirdly, because these ancestors of ours had forever slipped out of the hands of YA’OH, as per the deeds of His own representatives [Zakanym or Elders] of the house of YA’OH-Sharal in selling them to Europeans, is why many of them even died on the ships in transit to the New World and were thus cast into the sea before they could even land ashore; all because these elders acting as the representatives of YA’OH had put them beyond being delivered or redeemed by even YA’OH Himself!!

For, it would be unfair on the part of YA’OH to leave some of these our ancestors to die, if it was His will to have some others or even their descendants return someday ALIVE AND WELL to be a part of those remained on the continent of Afrika while others would die in transit to the New World; and it is less likely that He even had any need or use of any of those who in the first place had been sold and bought into slavery, anyway, or of their descendants too!!

And so, my dear Ayeboafo, your idea that, after 700 years when our ancestors first landed in the New World, there could today be found among their generations some “Nehemiah” who is holy, pure, and still unpolluted with Caucasian blood, to be worthy of acting for and on behalf of YA’OH, is to me impossible!

For, even if it were to be true that pure Negroes exist in the Americas whose blood indeed remain unpolluted by that of Europeans or some other none negro people, the other parameters mentioned earlier would act so as to negate the possibility of a “Nehemiah” evolving from among the descendants of our ancestors who landed as slaves in the New World with the mission to act as one!!

In all of this, my understanding is that all of our ancestors who were bought as slaves for transportation by ship to the New World—some of whom died on the soils of Afrika while being escorted from the hinterlands to the docked slave ships, or died in slave dungeons while awaiting shipment, or while aboard ship at sea, or in the plantations of the New World where they labored, and all those who were born to any of them in the New World or their subsequent descendants—were all destined for the same fate, which is separation from the commonwealth of YA’OH-Sharal and of YA’OH, forever!

You see, we must consider those of our ancestors who were sold as slaves to Europeans as being the ripe and goodly fruit of a tree; ready to be eaten. Once such fruits are plucked and sold out, there is no way for them to be restored to the tree that bore them!! See?

So then, all these ancestors of ours sold to Europeans in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade have since been eaten up by these Europeans and their juices become assimilated into the blood of Europeans and thus rendered impossible to be extricated in order to rejoin the tree that bore them as to ever be part of it [the house of YA’OH-Sharal]!!

My dear Ayeboafo, I’d like us to consider some of the issues relating to the selling of YA’OH-Sap (Joseph??) into slavery by his own brothers and to compare them with those issues relating to the selling of our ancestors as slaves by their own brother Negroes of the house of YA’OH-Sharal to European buyers!!

What is obvious in the two sales is that they were both made by their fellow brothers who would have had to act as kinsmen-redeemers to the very brothers they sold, if they were to have been in some ordinary slavery needing redemption from it; and so, the sellers simply sold themselves [at their own will and for one same purpose]!!

Therefore, ALL those who were sold in both instances were under these two sale agreements and could never be redeemed—as though they were enslaved members of YA’OH-Sharal who could become free, as all of the house of YA’OH-Sharal must always be—in order to qualify to ever rejoin the house of YA’OH-Sharal!!

Let me demonstrate a truth of YA’OH that has been made known to me to further explain the realities of the circumstances which surrounded the two [kinds of] people who were involved in the two sales—the first, of a single male called YA’OH-Sap, who was thus a representation of all the sons of YA’OH-Sharal and, the second, of countless men as slaves [and women too] who also represented the totality of all the sons of the house of YA’OH-Sharal—who were all in both instances young people who were never intended to return ALIVE to the house of YA’OH or to ever have a place of honor in this house.

For YA’OH-Sap, he ultimately became a member of the house of Matsraym (Egypt), and thus a son of this house who thus qualified to marry a pure blooded daughter of Matsraym [but unqualified according to the Thorah to marry anyone from the house of YA’OH-Sharal he lost membership to by being sold out of it] and became father to not just the two boys he begat through her who were named Aparaym (Ephraim??) and Manashah (Manasseh), but he also became a father (spiritually, and thus even more powerfully and of more relevance than if it were just biologically) to the very Pharoah he served!

My dear Ayeboafo, remember that the scriptures say concerning this fatherhood of YA’OH-Sap to Pharaoh in Barashayth 45:8 that YA’OH-Sap indeed became the Ab (Father) of this very Pharaoh he seemed to serve!!

How was this so, you may ask? The answer is very simple. You see, YA’OH-Sap not only imparted wisdom and knowledge to the Pharaoh by interpreting his dreams correctly for him, as a father would to his son’s dreams, but in many other ways such too.

For example, it was YA’OH-Sap who masterminded and led the construction of silos across all Matsraym; ensured the storage and marketing of the corn harvests during the days of plenty to last for many years without it ever getting moldy; wisely introduced a new kind of land management system which has remained as the model in Matsraym to date (cf. Barashayth 47:13-26); and is credited as having nourished the whole house of Pharaoh and, in fact, all Matsraym too, in his stead—thus making both the Pharaoh and all Matsraym to become sons to YA’OH-Sap, who he kept alive singlehandedly!

So then, having thus become the father to all Matsraym, he was to forever be considered as a stranger to the house of YA’OH-Sharal, to which he once belonged as a son but lost membership to in being sold out of it.

My dear Ayeboafo, as you can see, the name of YA’OH-Sap has had no place, mention or remembrance in all of YA’OH-Sharal ever since he was sold and bought out of it as a slave by his own brothers; and remember this sale was sealed in the blood of a lamb in a cover up that some wild beast had devoured him!

You see, after he was sold, there was never to be a way or means for him to return to be a member of the house of YA’OH-Sharal when his demise was sealed in blood in much the same way that the blood of humans, fellows of slaves sold to Europeans, was later to seal these sales by brothers to foreigners!!

Even though the circumstances surrounding his sale into slavery were all at the behest of YA’OH, there was no way for YA’OH-Sap to return to the fold of YA’OH-Sharal once he was cast out of it! For, once he was bought, he had become the property of those who bought him from out of the hands of his own brothers, and forever so, since the money these brothers received in the sale was not refundable and hence the goods too not returnable!!

The wisdom and perfect ways of YA’OH were however to cause the return to the house of YA’OH-Sharal, a double portion as a restoration of what it had lost, in and by the selling of YA’OH-Sap. Through an intervention by YA’OH-Ghakab (aka YA’OH-Sharal aka Jacob aka Israel), he brought [back] into YA’OH-Sharal, the two sons of YA’OH-Sap to replace his son whom he had lost through his sale into slavery.

Since the father of these sons (YA’OH-Sap) was father of fathers to all sons of Matsraym, these two sons born to him by a wife who was also of Matsraym were pure blood children of Matsraym too. These sons of YA’OH-Sap came into the house of YA’OH-Sharal not as grandchildren to YA’OH-Ghakab (aka YA’OH-Sharal), but as the sons of a foreigner to the house of YA’OH-Sharal and were added to his family as sons to him (YA’OH-Ghakab) who later qualified to have a part of his wealth as inheritance because he bought them into his house!

In effect, two sons of Matsraym became equal as one of our ancestors! And even the value of these two sons of a foreigner did not matter to our father YA’OH-Ghakab who made nonsense of which one of the two of them was older and deemed first in the matter of inheriting him! In all this YA’OH-Sap who, once upon a time, was a son of YA’OH-Ghakab, now has become a stranger from Matsraym to this very house, and therefore had no right to express his will in the matter—cf. Barashayth 48:8-20.

Thus has Matsraym been swallowed up by the house of our ancestors, YA’OH-Sharal, forever. Today, one can only find a true son of Matsraym within YA’OH-Sharal, and never vice versa; and may all seeking to know who the true children of YA’OH-Sharal are take particular note of this fact.

My dear Ayeboafo, I can say in all certainty that all the foregoing analyses being made here on the sale of YA’OH-Sap by his own brothers would have been a different story if it did not progress in the manner in which it had—that is, from being abandoned and put in a pit [buried in the Earth] by his own brothers; and then being sold by these very brothers (who were his only kinsmen fit to ever redeem him in times of need) to some sons of the house of YA’OH-Shmai-al (Ishmael??), who even though of the same blood as YA’OH-Sap through Ab-ram were obviously not his kinsmen to ever come to his rescue from slavery, despite they being deemed goodly disposed people in the eyes of YA’OH; and then finally being sold to serve in the home of Potiphar, a prince or high official in the land of Matsraym!!

Note that the house of Matsraym is not one of those of Kanaan (Canaan??) mentioned in Barashayth 10:15-18 with whom YA’OH-Sharal was never to associate but only have them serve them as slaves—cf. Barashayth 9:25-26!

The house of Kanaan initially dwelt in the Holy Land and were to be completely annihilated in order for YA’OH-Sharal to possess their lands, and is thus forever hated by YA’OH; with they too hating him to bits and always showing their hatred to the people of YA’OH, the house of YA’OH-Sharal.

My dear Ayeboafo, note further that the house of Kanaan today is the European! Those of our ancestors who sold their own kinsmen as slaves to Europeans to take to work on sugar plantations in the so-called New World only sold their own into the jaws of people of the house of Kanaan; unto death with no option whatsoever to a holy resurrection!

So then, my dear Ayeboafo, I am able to say in all certainty that no descendant of those of our ancestors who were sold as slaves in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, whether they be a crossed breed with Caucasian blood or with some other or even of no mixed blood at all, which is almost impossible, can ever be used by YA’OH as some kind of Azar-YA’OH or Nakham-YA’OH to render service in the house of YA’OH-Sharal, as you supposed could happen by the comments you posted to my previous article.

From all the foregoing, one can conclude that the world has known the true identity of the people of Negro blood and of woolly textured hair as being the descendants of Ab-ram, some of whom were sold by their own kinsmen out to Caucasians for cash in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade without the possibility of returning to the house of their ancestors, the house of YA’OH-Sharal.

How strange that the descendants of yesterday’s Caucasians who benefited from this sale of our ancestors, the true descendants of Ab-ram, are today feigning ignorance about the identity and whereabouts of the descendants of Ab-ram, and thus spreading the vile propaganda that all [we] true descendants of Ab-ram have become a lost people! What intellectual or academic dishonesty on the part of these people who only teach lies so as to deceive an entire Earth!!

But of course, one cannot blame these liars today whose ancestors benefited from the loot of Negro labor to build their industries because the Negro has wantonly allowed himself to become so changed from his humanness and appearance as to look more like his oppressors!

You see, the contact of our ancestors with various heathen people they were commanded by the Thorah to never live or associate with, had the effect of gradually causing them to lose the image and character of YA’OH they visibly portrayed to now look like these heathens!

And eventually, as the nation of YA’OH-Sharal began losing its spiritual favor and nature, it collapsed as a distinct nation into groupings which were no more of the tribal distinctiveness as the tribes were originally when they lived in the holy land. These groupings then began to exist separately and after the manners of the heathens they were in contact with. This explains the existence of all the many varied nations or countries seen today in the region of South Saharan Afrika.

The coming into being of nations in today’s Ghana such as Asante, Kpamkpamba (Komkomba??), Dagbanba (Dagomba??), Zabogsi or Zabogre (Gonja??), Dagara (Dagarti??), etc., were as a result of the breakdown of the cohesion of tribes and families which formed the house of YA’OH-Sharal to now look so diverse in their ways of life and spiritual beliefs as to not seem to have originated or once belonged to each other as one whole and unique nation—YA’OH-Sharal.

And thus, these evolving nations began to live their individual and unique manners heavily tainted with the wicked heathen practices of the people they once had contact with during their trekking—from YO’OH-Sharal through to Babylon to the Nile valley to the region of sub-Saharan Afrika.

And so, these ancestors of ours who once lived in submission to the Thorah of YA’OH began to offer human sacrifices unto idols of wood and clay they were introduced to by heathen people after ditching the Thorah!!

Once our ancestors began to show no inhibition to the offering of human sacrifices to idols of wood and clay, it seemed no evil at all to them to oppress slaves who were even their own kinsmen [knowing them to be so or not] in their homes, or holding whole weak chieftains [who were their kinsmen under YA’OH-Sharal] as slaves; and so, selling their own kinsmen as slaves to Europeans never pricked their conscience as being evil!!

By the time the Trans-Atlantic slave trade came off, the region of sub-Saharan Afrika was comprised of small nations of essentially one same kind of people who had however become strangers to each other because of ignorance and differences in spiritual beliefs, geographic locations of habitations and other ways of life; thus, failing to see each other as one people but rather as enemies who could happily sell each to Europeans!

This was an evolution to a dog eat dog or survival of the fittest environment which eventually fueled the selling of fellow kinsmen to a foreign enemy by their fellows who, shamelessly, were happy doing so for drums of rum, whiskey, gun powder, and guns to ensure more slaves were captured and sold to their newfound friend from Europe, whom they esteemed to be more worthy than a kinsman from same blood lineage!!

Once this had become the lot of a people of YA’OH who were once led by the Thorah in order to manifest the nature and love of YA’OH for all mankind to behold in them as His people—with no shred of holiness, brotherly love, and fear of YA’OH in them—how would anyone deem them as the descendants of Ab-ram? Maybe, the assertion that these people have become a lost people to all mankind on Earth today is, after all, pardonable or even acceptable.

But in all of this rather long letter of mine to you, my dear Ayeboafo, I hope you see these descendants of Ab-ram living today and in their current state of being!! I also believe you have had all the answers you sought from me by your four questions you posed in your comments to my previous article of my column on the Modern Ghana internet site.

My dear Ayeboafo, I must end my letter to you here with the hope that I have been able to clear your mind of any misunderstand you may have had from my previous article. And, do please let us keep the conversation going if you still have any lingering thoughts in your mind.

Shalawam. The writer, NngmingBongle Bapuohyele aka Tabal-YA'OH Ban Ab-YA'OH, is a Thorah-Based Life-Coach of HaBaYTh YA'OH-SharaL (GH) and Author. His Email Contact Address is: [email protected].

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