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19.11.2018 Feature Article

This Man is Not a Genuine Servant of YA’OH, My Dear Paa Kow!!

This Man is Not a Genuine Servant of YA’OH, My Dear Paa Kow!!
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A very dedicated and loyal reader of my articles here in this column of mine on the Modern Ghana internet site recently sent me a YouTube link of a video titled, Ray Hagins: The False Teachings of the Apostle Paul, desiring of me to watch it because he read my article not too long ago in which I accused Paul of plagiarizing Greek philosophers in the epistles he wrote to Christians of his day.

This video was made by a certain popular Black-American preacher and academician by name Dr. Ray Hagins and goes by the internet link

My reader friend, who is of the Fante ethnic grouping of Ghana, is called Paa Kow, and is currently domiciled overseas in Western Europe.

Surprisingly, but happily though, my friend’s full name shows no affiliation to any Anderson, Blankson, Crookson, Cromwell, Crowell, Cowell, Masons [not to think about all the Free ones that may be in someone’s mind], Pamford, Sanders, etc., all of which are typical European family names but are also common among Fante people who live in some of the coastal parts of Ghana!!

In this regard, I pray that my Fante compatriots who have such European names for their surnames did not acquire them through a mingling of blood lineages or in ancestral relationships with people of low melanin skin complexion!

For, any mingling of racial blood is strictly forbidden by the Thorah and therefore all marital or sexual intercourses between Europeans and Negro people are deemed unholy before YA’OH, and any resultant births of children through such unions are thus eternally cursed!

Dr. Hagins is a bespectacled fellow who sports quite a hefty frame or build for a body, depicting him as an unmistakably good-living African-American, and is always dressed in Western-fashioned apparel such as are known to be worn by pastors and other clergymen of Christianity.

Furthermore, his own self-made signature facial features display only a small, thin crop of hair on the lower part of his chin, show neither a clearly visible full moustache nor any side burns at all, and display a perfect skin-head for a head. Thus, only a little fraction of all the facial hairs, which his Maker would have him show Him if ever permitted in His presence, is all what he has and exhibits in situ!!

So then, before I could listen to his preaching in his video, I had to size him up, spiritually, based on the dictates of the Thorah with regards to his appearance, so I may determine whether he may, at any time, pass the personality test which all true and genuine servants of YA’OH must pass before ever being put on any assignment by Him.

Doing this, I found this preacher man looked just too ordinary! His facial characteristics seemed cast in the same mold as the over 95 men or more out of every 100 men I see living on Earth today, simply because they (and this preacher included) play around with their facial hairs and thus alter the facial outlooks that are determined for mature men and thus given to them by the Creator.

And so, this preacher did not meet the requirements regarding physical facial appearances which every servant of YA’OH must have and is also compelled to visibly display at all times in order to qualify to stand before Him!!

You see, genuine and true servants of YA’OH are very rare people today, even by their physical looks alone which must be Thorah-compliant at all times; and therefore, they form a very small number of ONLY men on Earth—for there are no women involved in the rendering of services to YA’OH!!

I will be expatiating a little more on this fact of a men-only service to YA’OH before I conclude my writing of this article, so readers should just bear with me for now.

After I had subjected this preacher to a physical body check based on the Thorah, I then started to listen attentively to the words of his teaching in order to determine if they fell in line with what YA’OH commands for all His people to believe and live by.

But, of course, this preacher and his YouTube videos are not new to me, and so I was ready to write back to my friend Paa Kow after watching the video of the particular link he sent me. Here then is my letter to Paa Kow, which I am making open to all by its publication on this site to enable readers of my column to also read it:

My dear Paa Kow: Thank you for the YouTube video link you recently sent to me desiring that I watch and listen to a certain preacher [pro or anti] of the bible by name Ray Hagins. I must say it is an interesting video and contains some important ideas relating to the English Bible and Christianity, which come from a man whose teachings (and himself) are not new to me, anyway!

In this particular video, this man says he was born into Christianity and grew up to mature in the faith to later on become a pastor in a church after graduating from Bible School; and that he holds many academic degrees relating to religion and other disciplines of study.

By his teaching in the video, he claims to have now seen the good light and therefore had quit church and Christianity for good many years ago. I could not have agreed more with his decision to quit Christianity since Christianity is such a horrendous evil that is soon to die and thus will kill all who may be found within it when it eventually dies. But then, I wonder where he was headed after leaving Christianity or if he rather jumped out of a frying pan only to drop right into the fires??

My dear Paa Kow: I can sense that this preacher man is deep down to the marrow of his bones very abhorrent of Christianity; maybe, just as much as I am! For who will not be angered by the naked and wicked deception of Christianity when one comes face to face with the truth of the Most High One?

The preacher man’s in depth knowledge of Christianity as thought in the New Testament of the English Bible, born out of his experiences as a clergyman in church, enables him to reveal both Christianity and the apostle Paul, who is Christianity’s main kingpin, as fake; tearing them into smithereens, convincingly.

For, if there be no Paul, there can be no Christianity. And if there be no Christianity, there can be no Paul either. So then, if one is able to kill or discredit anything of either of the two, then the whole composite structure or belief system they hold jointly will crumble down.

For me, I would have chosen to kill Paul outright in order that no one would ever have thought of him to ever have existed as to have even brought into being whatever the world has come to know as Christianity today!

What I mean is that, I would have proven beyond doubt that the character called Paul, as revealed in the English Bible, was unfit to be used by YA’OH for any work in His kingdom and thus was too irrelevant to His will as to have been part of creation at all!

This is simply so because Paul was born through the mingling of blood between a heathen mother who was a Roman and a father who is said to have been of the tribe of Ban-Yamayn (Benjamin??) of YA’OH-Sharal (Israel??), an act which is eternally forbidden by the Thorah, and thus, Paul was never qualified in his birth to be fit or eligible for service to YA’OH.

However, this YouTube video preacher chose to go the way of discrediting the works or writings of Paul and to thus render Christianity as bunkum; which also works since, at times, the end justifies the means!!

For I can understand that in this manner of attack against Paul by this preacher, therein lies or exist his strengths as an academician of Doctorate degree standing and thus one who is very skilled in logic and philosophy to aid him win a debate.

Well, at the end of all his critique of Paul, Dr. Hagins surmised that Paul was never born at all but was only a fictitious character who was crafted towards the invention of Christianity. He went further to say that every other bible character, like Paul, is also a fabrication and an invention by men and never existed historically; all of which thus led him to conclude that the entire English Bible is a concoction—that is to say, it is something that has been cooked up from nowhere by men [and demons?]!

He indicated his belief in the ankh sign of life of ancient Matsraym (Egypt)—and in this particular video under reference, Dr. Hagins openly displays and zealously advertises this sign on the breast pocket of his shirt, and in others too, on his coat lapels, on pulpits, in cloth designs used to drape pulpits, etc.—and therefore must have obtained his wisdom and energy for what he teaches by a knowledge and strong faith in Egyptology!

This knowledge he may have gathered through the reading of The Egyptian Book of the Dead, a basic handbook for this area of study.

Then also he mentions the Mahat of Hindus as one of his inspirations in this same video! Furthermore, he even claims that the entire Thorah of YA’OH which came through Masha (Moses??) to the house of YA’OH-Sharal was plagiarized from some 147 verses of the Mahat!! Oh, my!! All these make it obvious to whom Dr. Hagins owes any loyalty and dedication of service!!

Obviously then, Dr. Hagins is completely ignorant about the Thorah of YA’OH, having not really studied it, and this fact alone gives him away as not being in the service of YA’OH by the work he does. For, the instructions and lifestyle of the Thorah MUST always be lived to perfection, by anyone who YA’OH has ever called or would ever call into His service!

This explains why all true and genuine servants of YA’OH can only be and have always been of the house of YA’OH-Sharal, alone, and of no other, since the Thorah is the very life and blood of the house of Ab-ram (Abraham??) aka the house of YA’OH-Sharal, which (Thorah) constantly keeps its loyalists holy and clean as the children of YA’OH so as to be worthy to render service to Him.

You see, the Thorah is the very life and wisdom of YA’OH which He gives to man. Anyone who lives the Thorah life gains holy spiritual power and energy to understand the ways of YA’OH as revealed in the Tanakh (Old Testament of Christians??). Anyone without the light of the Thorah in him is simply a fool and a clown to YA’OH!

With the light of the Thorah abiding in any true and genuine son of YA’OH-Sharal who is also a servant of YA’OH, the one would be awed and inspired by many accounts of even the English Bible, not to talk about those of the Tanakh, and would never come to the wrong conclusion that the Bible narratives are all entirely the fabrications of men who had the means of controlling information flow in the world, as this preacher in this video has said over and over again.

Yes, indeed, the English Bible has lots of errors and outright deceptions in it and so has become a very problematic book; most of which have come through years of handling by unholy translators and theologians, some of whom were so evil-minded as to forge evil into their works just so they may derail the plans of YA’OH for mankind’s wellbeing.

However, if indeed the original text of the English Bible was Ghabaray (Hebrew??) as it is now known by many to have been, and was thus delivered to ONLY the children of the house of YA’OH-Sharal as the word of instruction of YA’OH to them and their descendants (and for all mankind too??), no amount of willful distortions in its translations from Ghabaray into any other language would be able to kill its import and meaning entirely!

For translators to be able to kill the meaning of the word of YA’OH in Ghabaray by their translations, it would seem to me that they had succeeded in stopping YA’OH in His tracks concerning what He planned for the good of mankind in giving him His word of instruction in Ghabaray.

And so, for Dr. Hagins to claim that all the events, names of persons, places, times in which events took place and the entire historical record of the English Bible are all mere fabrications that never happened but have been made up through the intelligence and connivance of some men, in order to deceive all mankind, is, to me, simply balderdash!!

Yes, it is true that the names and titles of people, feast names of YA’OH, names of places in the English Bible are not exactly as they pertained in the years they are said to have been recorded in, during the days when Ghabaray aka Lashawan Qadash (Holy Tongue of YA’OH) was still spoken on Earth by the house of YA’OH-Sharal. However, it is just too simplistic for anyone to suggest that the entire narrative of the Bible is man-made and man-inspired.

If Dr. Hagins sees the promises that are made to people in the Bible and the fulfillment of same as all being man-made and man-powered, or that they never even ever occurred at all, thus leading him to teach that the entire English Bible is made up by some men [super men?] in order to deceive the broader majority of people, then he will have a lot of work to do to convince some of us.

Even if all the history books relating to the English Bible are also all wrong and can be proven to have been made up together with everything in the English Bible, how about the archaeological records which are the way YA’OH preserved the events and happenings of the era in the lands the English Bible talks about?? I think the stance of Dr. Hagins about the bible puts him far off the truth.

You see, the only man who can be chosen as a servant of YA’OH, as Dr. Hagins wrongly claims to be, is one who has lived the Thorah lifestyle according to its strictest orders and can say “I have tried it and tested it and trusted it and so I know it is true”.

I can confidently say that if Dr. Hagins had lived according to the perfect lifestyle of the Thorah, he would not have had such problems with his eye sight as to be bespectacled at his age. You see, the Thorah commands that blind people and anyone with a blemish in his body should never come into the presence of YA’OH even if they are of the house of Aharan (Aaron??), ha kahanym (the priests).

And in this, one is blind if it is only an artificial or man-made thing developed by someone who may not even be known to be holy that keeps one from being declared as blind. People like Masha are recorded to have lived to 120 years without his eyes becoming dim!! This is the power in the Thorah lifestyle and for being a genuine servant to YA’OH. And yet, Dr. Hagin is below the age of 60!!

My dear Paa Kow: I can also say that the manner and style in which Dr. Hagins presents himself and advertises his wares to his audience also give him away as not being a servant of YA’OH, and is therefore not one who is sent with His truths to teach and warn mankind of danger.

Dr. Hagins is simply an entertainer, and in fact a joker; and does not carry himself as a serious teacher of any sacred message he has received from YA’OH. He enjoys himself by cracking jokes, teasing and ridiculing others, and having his audience engage in hysterical laughing and clapping of their hands just to urge him on!!

Which serious servant of YA’OH will present himself and his message, which he claims to have been given by Him, in such easy-going style?? Dr. Hagins seems to be still attached to the joys, fame and trappings of pulpit life of the church world which he now claims to abhor and has detached himself from.

However, at the end of the day, the effect of what service he claims to render to his audience is just the same as all Christian clergymen do for their followers, which in effect is, tickling the ears of their congregants with what these same congregants want to hear or be told so they may be entertained to laugh their hearts out! Whither do we go with this kind of sensual entertainment??

My dear Paa Kow: It must be told that whatever African-American descent that Dr. Hagins belongs to and which makes him think that he has been chosen to be a servant of YA’OH, in not being a heathen of Caucasian descent, is rather what disqualifies him entirely from ever being called into a holy service to YA’OH!!

You see, the Negroes who were shipped to the so-called New World as slaves were bought and paid for! And so, even though it is now known that they were mostly of the house of YA’OH-Sharal, and thus had aforetime belonged to YA’OH, they were taken out of the hands of YA’OH to become the properties of the Europeans who purchased them; and this is in fact the only true curse in the life of any one—slipping away from YA’OH!!

Remember that the accounts in Dabaraym (Deuteronomy??) 28 which foretell of the house of YA’OH-Sharal being shipped to strange lands to serve as slaves also said that once they were sold out into slavery they would never have anyone to redeem them [as in a kinsman-redeemer], simply because they willingly sold out themselves and not that they were captured in a war situation into slavery by any known conquerors!

So then, all who left the shores of West Africa through the Middle Passage in the 400 year-long slave trade, went on a journey of no return and were never to return to the fold of YA’OH-Sharal or back into the hands of YA’OH! Period!!

So then, none of the descendants of those who were sold into slavery by their own kind, will ever be found within the house of YA’OH-Sharal to have any business, such as being anointed to teach the way (HaDarakh) of YA’OH!

And, my dear Paa Kow, as you already know, HaDarakh (The Way) is only known and walked by people who are of the house of YA’OH-Sharal and thus bear the responsibility to teach it to those of this same house who ever accidentally fall out of this way so they may to return to it!!

Based on these facts just expressed and also because of the obvious fact that there can be no true or genuine or pure-blooded descendants of YA’OH-Sharal living in America today, simply because the pure Negro blood that went to sojourn there as slaves, has for over 700 years, since been mingled with the blood of Europeans and other heathens, YA’OH cannot have any these African-Americans in His service; and this includes the likes of Dr. Hagins.

Obviously, the name African-American refers to people of a mixed race, begotten out of a willful hybridization between Negroes from Africa who were of the house of YA’OH-Sharal and Caucasians of Europe, or through forced sexual unions of Negro slave women with their White slave masters!

The result is a calculated attempt at polluting the holy seed of the house of YA’OH-Sharal who bears a Negro skin complexion and wool-textured hair towards its extinction on Earth.

My dear Paa Kow: Note that the departure of the members of the house of YA’OH-Sharal as slaves to the New World was a sign to those who were left behind on the continent and must not be thought to mean a sign to those who went into this captivity! So then, this sign was intended to be a wake-up call for the survivors of this inhumane trafficking of humans to sit up and return to obey the Thorah instructions that YA’OH gave to their ancestors through His servant Masha.

Sadly, the remnant of the house of YA’OH-Sharal that survived the Trans-Atlantic slave trade has remained lethargic, spiritually, to their obligations to the Thorah ever since, only for a kind of stirring of the rawakh (spirit) of the dead and forgotten—who did not even survive to enter the so-called New World (NW)—through the descendants of their compatriots who arrived in the NW as slaves to begin to call out to the remnant in Afrika who are yet to be polluted with the blood and way of life of the Caucasian towards a spiritual revival!

And so, the leader who will ultimately ignite the flames of a revival for the house of YA’OH-Sharal to wake up to the reality of their circumstances will come from Afrika not America, in order for a true son of the house of YA’OH-Sharal to lead the second Exodus, again out of same Afrika just as Masha did centuries ago, back to the Holy Land towards the fulfillment of end time events.

Somehow, the descendants of Negro slaves in America seem to know this and are thus trying to work their ways back to the continent, if by any means they may be eligible to partake of this return journey when it is due!

My dear Paa Kow: In concluding this letter, let me say a little about what things I never do when seeking spiritual fellowship with others; which I also pray you too would never do.

First, I never listen to women preachers; for, the Most High One has never and will never anoint a woman to teach or deliver His message to a man! So then, women preachers don’t carry holy messages to mankind. This is evidenced in the Tanakh wherein cannot be found a single woman delivering a holy message of YA’OH to a man or group of men. All holy services to YA’OH are rendered by men ONLY in their capacities as priests, “prophets” or malakyam (kings).

Secondly, I do not listen to any heathen people who preach doctrines of Christianity; no matter how good looking or wise-sounding they may be. By heathen, I mean everyone who is not of the house of YA’OH-Sharal and thus does not show the physical characteristics in having woolly-textured hair and a Negro Black skin complexion. For, salvation is only of the house of YA’OH-Sharal; and the house of YA’OH-Sharal comprises of only holy people of Black skin complexion and woolly-textured hair!!

Thirdly, I have to be sure that anyone preaching to me who claims to be a servant of YA’OH and of the sons of the house of YA’OH-Sharal has all of his facial hairs visible and in compliance with Thorah instruction.

In all of this, I am very much wary of listening to and believing people who I don’t or can’t see while they try to teach or preach to me!

And so my dear Paa Kow, if you would do as I do and advise you here, you will not be tricked into taking Dr. Hagin serious as a teacher from YA’OH to His people.

My dear Paa Kow, I will have to end it here, with a prayer and hope that this discourse has been beneficial in some way to you in your search for the true messengers of YA’OH. Shalawam.

The writer, NngmingBongle Bapuohyele aka Tabal-YA'OH Ban Ab-YA'OH, is a Thorah-Based Life-Coach of HaBaYTh YA'OH-SharaL (GH) and Author. His Email Contact Address is: [email protected].

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