Asante and Akyem finally Unite

Feature Article Asante and Akyem finally Unite

Congratulations to H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, President of the Republic of Ghana,for your hard won efforts in bringing unity between the Asantes and the Akyems.

It was not easy, I know, but history will always write your name among great leaders who facilitated Asante and Akyem unity. Good job, Nana Show Boy.

But remember that the unity issue became necessary because the issue of division became trumpeted.

However, we have always been one people, members of the same family.

I would,however, plead with you Papa, to please listen to accounts of the realities on the ground.

The grassroots guys do not know the essence of the ‘Unity Conference’. Now this whole deal was not just about two kings signing an agreement. The agreement cannot be ratified if the people (grassroots) for whom the agreement was put together do not understand what it entails.

The unity may be likened to a husband who has two wives fighting each other.

He wants unity between them but forgets that he has some rude and irresponsible children from both wives.

If the husband continuously listens to the children from one particular mother, can the peace and unity he wants among his family be achieved? Obviously, no.

There is the need for the creation of an atmosphere of peace.

When the children of one of the feuding wives keep enjoying the sweet cakes and other family goodies to the disadvantage of the other kids, then there is a recipe for disaster.

When the children of the favored wife become the darling guys of Papa, then we are in for bigger troubles.

When the children of the supposedly sweet Mama become the executors of family programmes and policies, and also chief family spokespersons and ambassadors, then there is bound to be grave discontent. The recognition given them is too glaring to be ignored.

The rightly embittered Mama and her kids are also highly educated, experienced, and matured enough to help Papa run the administrative affairs of the family.

When there is a fair distribution of appointments of persons on both sides of the family, it will go a long way to help Papa achieve his aim of salvaging the family from the glaring squabbles.

Suddenly, supposed renowned men of God have appeared on the scene praying for Papa to have a listening ear.

A wealthy Council of ‘Elders’ member also shows up in her Region and begins to announce that our leader is a listening Papa.

Well praise God that you are a listening Papa. The boys are hungry, Papa.

The grassroots “don tire for hunger o”, Papa.

Papa, please send your friends to the markets, trotro, and taxi stations among others, to solicit their views about our family. Majority of them are disappointed, aggrieved, crying, and have vowed to advise their thumbs, come 2020.

My dear Papa, the crux of the matter is our family is totally divided and functioning like a swinging pendulum. The centre is not holding no matter how hard you try.

You need real experts to turn things around otherwise, Papa, “ibi winning forget it” (courtesy Shatta Walle). Sorry, Papa, but this is the trending song today.

“A word to the wise is no longer in the north.” It is right at your doorstep.

Papa, wake up.

Kojo Atta.