Understanding The Ministry Of Jesus Christ, His Body As One Organic Cultivation

Feature Article Understanding The Ministry Of Jesus Christ, His Body As One Organic Cultivation
AUG 8, 2018 LISTEN

Dear Lord JESUS CHRIST thank you for giving many YOUR wisdom of understanding to make the organic development of the the CHURCH, YOUR BODY, THE BRIDE a reality.

Despite the attempt by MEN like Constantine, national and international institutions to or formation of it in their own ways.

During the next few days or weeks I will standing on the shoulders of the HOLY SPIRIT, The Patriarch reveal the wisdom of God in this matter.

It's evident that many have got it wrong from the AGES after the departure of the physical presence of Jesus Christ from the earth sorted their own ways of growing the CHURCH in their minds.

One could see immediately how even the Patriarch started to interpret the practices and handling of the members. Paul by the HOLY SPIRIT revelations steered brother Peter from the erroneous handling of the Gentile or none Jewish ones.

This is the very issue which has given the CHURCH turned into religion, segments, division both in words and practices as the world knew and understood things. They have even in some cases replaced GOD with themselves and their own rules and tenets.

I do hope my contribution will expand on how the Lord has over the years steered HIS BODY, through the HOLY SPIRIT to recover the TRUTH AND PRACTICE.

Going through many acclaimed Religious platforms on the Facebook, one sees the CONFUSION and disorderly behaviour of religious institutions claiming to be churches. I used the small letter churches because they are not.

They truly fit into the description of the the SEVEN CHURCHES revealed to John on the island of Padmos. Each of these churches according to the accounts of the Book of Revelation has LOST something of the TRUTH OF GOD. And they're all being asked to REPENT, return and recover what they EACH are missing.