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Ode To Harry And Markle Wedding

Ode To Harry And Markle Wedding
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Harry is not in a hurry
To sparkle,
His eyes are on the ball,
The writing is on the wall,
There is festivity galore in the hall,
There’s a star sparkle miracle-
Megan Markle.
The Royal Wedding, 19th May 2018
Has caught the eye of the world,
Everyone is on tenterhooks, sitting on the edge,
They are fit for the Globe Awards in Hollywood,
The bride is one of their kindred,
Megastar turned Royal,
Reality dawns from fealty fantasy,
There is more room for speculative ecstasy
Beat the drums, beat the drums, the African drums,
Zilile ngoma, zilile ngoma,
Tia br3br3, nanti br3br3,
Take the majestic steps gently down the aisle,
All eyes of the world turn ‘Eyes Right’,

To salute the Royal Couple,
They are cynosure of the moment,
With paparazzi cameras primed and propped up for action,

Megan Markle sprinkles
African-American confetti,
Like snowflakes and snow-white roses on Windsor lawns

Zilile ngoma, zilile ngoma,
Sound the Ashanti Fontomfrom drums,
Sound the Igbo Ogenne drums,
Beat the Akyem Atumpan drums,
Beat the Fante Odabokyen drums,
Sound the Yoruba Dondo trembling sounds,
And play the melodious Malian Kora strings,
Decorate the halls with majestic Ashanti Kente décor and gold

Hold your breath, all is not yet done,
Blare the South African Vuvuzelas from Cape to Durban,

Drown the neuroses of the doubting masses,
Give them African brew and molasses,
Let them dance the Sangoma dance
In their frenzied trance,
To celebrate the happy conjugal bliss,
Don’t hold your breath for a Royal kiss,
Enter Prince Harry and Megan Markle in warm embrace

Commonwealth concatenation cemented
And concretized in Royal conjugal seal,
Drive the Royal Landrovers
In a cavalcade of convoys,
Across the Serengeti Plains,
Troop the Hussars in Royal Scarlet and gold livery,

Fly the Harriers and Spitfires in formidable formations,

Amidst triumphant shrills from the Scottish and Welsh Bagpipers,

Play the Irish Lyre and Lute in fluted numbers,
Float the Royal Navy Flotilla,
Down the slipstream of the Zambezi, Nile, Niger, Limpopo and Volta,

Again, fly Viscounts, Lancasters, Flying Fortresses, Harrier Jets, and Apaches,

Over the Atlas, Drakensberg, and Kilimanjaro
Roll over the Hoover-craft and the land-ship tankers,

Over the mounts and plains from Addis Ababa to Accra,

Cape to Cairo,
Cruise the Royal Britannia ship and yachts from Tangier to Dakar,

From Cape Bojador to Agulhas, from Cape Bon to Cape of Good Hope,

Unfurl the Union Jack, and let it cover all that it surveys,

For Prince Harry breaks bachelorhood for good,
Bon Vive! Bon Joie! Bon Chance! Bon Homme!
Kwesi Atta Sakyi

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