01.05.2018 Feature Article

Stop Attacking John Mahama

Former President Mahama
LISTEN MAY 1, 2018
Former President Mahama

The last days are here! The Bible is right! The Scriptures say that in the last days people will be boastful, proud, abusive and disobedient. It was, therefore, not a surprise to me when in a particular church, the entire congregation decided to display outright disrespect for authority.

In that church, promiscuity and drunkenness was rife among members especially the youth. The Senior Pastor during a Sunday church service preached: "If I had all the alomo bitters in the world, I'd take them and dump them into the river". And the congregation cried, "Amen!"

"And if I had all the biegya bitters in the world, I'd take them and dump them in the river". And the congregation cried, "Amen!"

"And if I had all the adonko bitters in the world, I'd take them all and dump them in the river.” Again the congregation cried, "Amen!"

"And if I had all the akpeteshie in the world, I'd take them all and throw them in the river.” And the congregation gave a thunderous shout, "Amen!"

The preacher sat down, and a deacon then stood up and said:

"For our closing hymn, let's turn to page 126 of our hymn books and sing, 'We shall drink from that river.'"

The congregation screamed Halleluyah eiii!!!
In recent times there have been series of attacks from the camps of some NDC presidential hopefuls excoriating former President Mahama. I have on many occasions restrained myself from responding to such opprobrium because it scares me more to make an attempt given that a rejoinder is more likely to wreck than remake the NDC. My actions should serve as a path to NDC 2020 victory, not a roadblock.

All these attacks are insignificant to One Big Truth; that the NDC needs victory in 2020; and the best way to honour our dear party is to work hard to make this vision a reality. Nothing stops supporters of other aspirants from projecting their favourite presidential hopefuls, I have been doing it, and I am going to do it now; but unnecessarily pillorying a particular candidate is wrong, and will not help the cause of the party.

Let’s blur the lines between selfishness and selflessness. Let’s unite around common values to accomplish Victory 2020. We should do it. We should just do it. We should not hesitate. We should never hesitate. If we work together we can make that difference!

I can argue relentlessly that JM was stabbed at the back; he needs our sympathy more than unnecessary criticisms; we need to pledge fealty to him than abandon him. With John Mahama as a presidential candidate, the path to a greener future still remains open for the NDC.

It is for us to fully understand the intricacies and the taxonomy of the time; John Mahama is our best bet for Victory 2020, the time is ripe for a solution, and the moment to push is now! If we ignore this, the long-term damage to the NDC’s electoral fortunes in future will be grave; because the most serious risk is for the NDC to put its most potent player on the bench.

We shouldn’t be bogged down in a morass of petty conflicts because the threat of the party staying in opposition beyond 2020 remains, and the NDC is vulnerable. This could bring a crisis of a new order of magnitude; therefore, for God’s sake let’s mend the roof while the sun shines. Supporting JM for 2020 will be more immediately rewarding.

But if these needless incessant attacks do not cease, the young man from Bole will not deviate from the path. He will not falter. His heart is pure. His faith is strong. His cause is just: and my predilection for him is non-negotiable.

If his detractors would still want to go on the trajectory of unfathomably irresponsibility and appalling hatred, some of us will have nothing to do with this ignominy; we won’t behave like the incorrigible congregation; we won’t turn to page 126 of our hymn books and sing: “We shall drink from that river.”

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