27.04.2018 Feature Article

The Other Boys

The Other Boys
27.04.2018 LISTEN

Today, a boy is seen on the streets,
With his death in his right- hand and his grave in his left- hand

And waiting to be served with his coffin of cabin fever

Today, another boy is seen with emaciated bones
His skin is slowly drifting away from his bones
Walking in the fire like he has never been burnt
And patiently waiting to be satisfied with hunger till he feels no hunger

At the other side of town is a multi-faceted god living in a boy’s body

Crying streams and oceans into pages of stories and poems

Till sleep finally saves him from his misery
Today, a boy is seen at the other side of the shore

Tired of dying ‘cos’ every day is his death day

His feet have a song of their own
They form an orchestra beneath his feet
Every bit of his walk is a strategic and rhythmic prayer for survival

If this boy is seen on the streets tomorrow,
See him as a boy grieving for his stolen and lost dreams

Wishing he could hang his exhausted bones and body on a hanger

And expecting to wear them again tomorrow
See him as a beautiful song with unsung lyrics
See him as a masterpiece
Appreciate his pale face with your deeds and smile
‘cos’ you will never see him again
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