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7 Things We've Done For 60+ Years We Need To Change!

7 Things We've Done For 60+ Years We Need To Change!

1. We export natural resources, hoping our fortunes will change, even though year after year, global consumers determine our prices and our fortunes. To date, we’ve NOT yet engineered any alternative economy to take ease our over-dependence on Gold, cocoa, oil, Bauxite. What will we leave behind for posterity?

2. For 60+ years, our educational philosophy, curriculum and infrastructure have centred on teaching and learning WHAT to think, not HOW to think. As a result, it has neither been Enquiring (Why), Explorative (How) nor Creative (What). Technology today offers one last chance to bridge that gap but;

3. Our policies for Economic growth have focused on “Bringing In Foreign Investment” instead of developing local capital and incentivising their aggressive growth and permanency of residence in Ghana. We forget foreign capital comes on wings – they fly out on wings. Secondly, we've limited ourselves by not intentionally building logistic networks that ensure even our crudest entrepreneurs are capable of exporting globally – economic wealth largely created externally;

4. People worry we have a “Winner-takes-it-All” Politics. That isn’t the biggest problem, IF the right people are doing the right things – the greatest political Evil in Ghana is: We never separate the POLITICS of winning power from the BUSINESS of running our institutions. It’s okay if round pegs were in square holes – what we usually have, are holes being forced to enter pegs;

5. Our governance systems, at independence, were built for UNdoing colonialism and fostering our own vision. Governance machinery under the 4th Republic, was built to cater for an autocracy that resembled a democracy. Power was centred, citizens least least-partaking in democracy. Both these systems have not evolved with the new dynamism of our population or with the complexities of technology, geopolitics and social power paradigms. We need build a Governance machinery that has ability to adaptively evolve as citizens and the world evolve;

6. We hardly apply strategic infrastructure planning. The South is largely divorced from the North and the East from West. Our infrastructure is focused on region-specific projects, but Not to intentionally and INCREASINGLY connect the entire country vertically and horizontally. It's cause immobility of labour and capital and Losing us opportunity to position Ghana as a NECESSARY Business Hub TO our Landlocked African neighbours;

7. If tempted to judge me – remember, the cross is not mine! The CHURCH, gathers more citizens, more regularly and over more timeslots than any other institution in Ghana. It has even become a “net exporter of Christianity,” but for 60+ years, it failed to each us – that God is God because he first CREATED and that we created in His image, MUST be CREATORS also, not mere consumers – For decades we have not created much for the World – How can we be god in the earth – gods create, they just don’t pray!

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