Mon, 01 Jan 2018 Feature Article

New Year Message To The Youth Of Ghana

New Year Message To The Youth Of Ghana

In the name of the Lord Almighty, l say Happy Happy New Year to us all. It is my fervent prayer our heart desires are met within the year.

Last year,a lot of youth died and it took those of us alive grace to see this beautiful day and this year it may even be more if as youth we don't carry our cross and follow JESUS CHRIST.

To be able to make it great in the year, let us be reminded to hold firm unto the Lord through His words.

I am expecting to see you at the top by obeying accordingly.

May the buttocks of everyone sitting on your SUCCESS catches fire in Jesus's Name.

It is however sad, as youth we no longer have love for books and the interest to read. Our limited libraries throughout the country are poorly patronized, hardly would you see the youth going to buy books to read.

This makes reading habit very elusive and we must all change our attitude in that regard this year forward because reading we all know is the key to learning.

The fact, therefore, remains that, a new technology does not wipe out what went before; it transforms and enhances it. As youth we should understand that,when people started writing, they didn’t quit talking. So why are we trying to change the trend negatively?

The advancement in technology must enhanced reading among we the youth because the internet provides enormous information on several learning areas.

But surprisingly, as youth we are rather misapplying and had resorted to playing video games, watching TV, chatting on social media, doing Sakawa, watching porn etc

We should be reminded by the fact that,the human resource of this country will not be able to sustain the future if as youth we do not take reading and love for books seriously.

As youth,we always point to the fact that, we are the future leaders of this country and this is a very true statement and l hope we are also aware it is said that, a reader today, a leader tomorrow? If it is so, how would we the youth be able to lead in the future if we don't read now? Let us all ponder over this critically.

It is sad that,majority of our youth are struggling to make common expressions in the English Language. We must collectively changed this ugly trend in this year.

We should all be reminded by the fact that,great leaders are those who use ideas and knowledge acquired from books and other reading materials to better the lives of the people in their various communities and the world at large.

So instilling the habit of reading among the younger ones,should not only be seen as responsibilities of only teachers but must be seen as a shared responsibility by all stakeholders especially parents and the youth. We must therefore read and make sure we inculcate the same habit in our younger brothers and sisters.

I think, we can do our best to help this country raise great leaders and entrepreneurs if only we pay serious attention to reading.

The time has come for us all to rise up to the occasion and deal with this decline in reading among us before things gets out of hand.

Reading must be made a Ghanaian culture moving forward through collective efforts by all stakeholders.

Books we the youth must understand is more than just a compilation of printed papers.

Books are very important to our lives because reading increases knowledge and one may not even know when this knowledge will be useful.

The more knowledge we can have as youth will better equipped us in tackling the challenges we may face in life.

Reading will expose us to new things, it will enhance self-improvement, improve understanding, prepare us to take action, it will also help us to gain experience from others, it will sharpen our communication skills, it will help us connect our brains, it will help boost our imagination and creativity etc.

As youth,we must be part of the developmental process. We must contribute our skills, education, knowledge, ideas and do active engagements.

It is said that,children don't read books because their parents don't read books. We should not forget we will become parents and some are already parents,so if we don't read we can picture ourselves the harm we will be causing our children in the future.

A reading nation will always be a winning nation. Ghana must win through reading.

To conclude,let us all hold firm unto the Lord in the year and beyond through the reading of His words.

Happy Happy New Year to all my fellow youth