22.11.2017 Feature Article


22.11.2017 LISTEN

I was temporarily happy when the MoFinance indicated it would do something about our Public Wage Bill Expenditure for decades now including 2018, averagely 50% of Tax Revenue we collect is used for Employee compensation. Every Government knew & knows the Public Sector staffing level is high – NONE has had BALLs to cut it. They ALL come and do “Revised Pay Schemes” – CUT THE FREAKING NUMBERS!!

Sadly, our Reverse Politics believes Government MUST CREATE jobs itself (because of campaign promises). We don’t seem to realise Government CAN shape environment for private sector to lead employment and still take the credit for jobs created (Oooopss!! Sssshh We don’t have any way of measuring the number of new jobs created across all of Private sector). But NO! in Ghana, Government MUST physically create the jobs. And that’s exactly what we want to do under the NATION BUILDERS’ CORPS programme – Government will employ graduates as a means of reducing unemployment – then Government can say we created X number of jobs

Its fascinating when Government does these things and pretends it doesn’t know that:

(1) It is simply going to increase the very Public-Sector Staff costs it says it will manage

(2) Once started it must sustain for all future graduates not absorbed by private sector

Anyway, so a decision has been made. NATION BUILDERS CORPS is here to address Graduate Joblessness under the following models:

“TEACH GHANA” (graduates to teach STEM subjects in primary & secondary schools)

MY QUESTION: Are these graduates trained teachers? How does this differ from National Service?

“CLEAN GHANA” (graduates as Sanitation Inspectors):

MY QUESTION: This is “Tankas” – Is this what our graduates spent 3-4 years studying to do? Is this how much value we can place on our educated; How does this motivate others?

“HEAL GHANA” – (Trained nurses to deliver healthcare delivery rural areas)

MY QUESTION: Why isn’t this already happening under the MoH/GHS? Why does this have to happen under a separate programme?

“FEED GHANA” – (Trained Agricultural Extension to support farmers)

MY QUESTION: Why can we train them to directly become a part of the Agric Value process and take over our ageing farmer population and whose methods are not modern anyway. Why pay them just to “support” IF they can become educated farmers themselves?

“REVENUE GHANA” (Mobilize youth to collect taxes)

MY QUESTION: I am at a loss why we are using Technology as a way of reeling the wider public into a Taxable Net BUT we will be applying Manual means to actually collect the taxes?

But I must confess none of the questions above move me like the 1 (One) Final Question for all these Schemes that I have reserved to the end and it is this: ARE THESE THE WAYS IN WHICH THESE GRADUATES WANT TO PROGRESS THEIR PERSONAL CAREERS? Why should these be the only choices they have to have?

It’s sad for me personally (but thats just me), that when other countries are shaping their youth and positioning them in the future before others get there, when our youth should be positioned to be finding problems to tomorrows problems before the rest of Africa even recognises those problems......we are rather setting them up to be Tankas, Susu/Tax Collectors, etc - May Posterity Not Forgive us.