Tue, 07 Nov 2017 Regional News

Tension in Agona West Municipal Assembly


"The MCE may have to change or she will have to deal with our vote of no confidence"

Aggrieved Assembly members.
Credible information coming from the Agona West Municipal Assembly in the Central Region indicates that there are several aggrieved parties and groups within the municipality who have issues with the conduct of the MCE, Mrs. Justina Marigold Assan-a former Home Economics teacher at Awutu Obrechire Senior High School in the Central Region.

There were several protests, demonstrations and agitations within the Agona West Municipality against her nomination as the MCE. These were from the camp of the constituency party executives led by the current chairman, Mr. Kojo Addo who were rooting for the most popular candidate, Mr. Onumah Coleman, a former constituency chairman.

According to our sources, the MP together with the Central Regional Chairman and a few others schemed and imposed the lady on the Municipality. However, the MCE seems to be losing her popularity within the Assembly, especially among the pro-NPP Assembly members and staff due to her growing arrogance and disrespectful nature within just six months of being in office. She has been accused of dividing the Assembly and sidelining the pro-NPP members. According to one Assembly member who spoke to us on condition of anonymity, the MCE lacks leadership skills and her lack of maturity and competence at managing the Assembly’s setup is causing division among members within the municipality. She only works with some NDC people in the Assembly and some few sycophants. According to one Assembly member,"you can call her a thousand times but she won't pick your calls. This is in sharp contrast to her attitude before she got her appointment." She is always said to be "out of coverage area". In fact, those of us who supported her against Mr. Onumah risk losing our seats as Assembly members. Some of us were induced with money by some constituency executives to vote against her nomination but we rejected the offers. This woman has now turned against us by planning with these same executives to make us look like enemies of progress. Justina simply cannot be trusted.

Apart from her disrespectful and arrogant nature, she also refuses to engage party leaders in the decision-making process.

We only need 2/3 of the Assembly members to decide on her. She should change her attitude or she will not survive. All the NPP Assembly members together with the appointees are not happy with the way things are going on at the Assembly. She does not communicate well with many of us.

Something must be done now or the NPP's future in the Municipality would be jeopardized.

Aggrieved Assembly members.