Teaching License, What Is The Effect On Performance?

Feature Article Teaching License, What Is The Effect On Performance?
AUG 19, 2017 LISTEN

In the past couple of days, the media; radio, television and all the social media platforms have been engulfed with the news of License for Teachers. This phenomenon had attracted diverse and dissenting views from people knowledgeable in the affairs of education and educational practices in Ghana and elsewhere in the world.

Leaders in the top hierarchy in the educational set up especially the Teacher Unions had vehemently rejected the idea proposed by the government. Again, these Leaders who are abreast with best practices in educational matters had expressed their opinions on the likely consequences both negative and positive this policy and initiative will bring to bare to the life of the Teacher and the total process of education.

It is to be noted that while licensing the work of the Teacher portends considerable advantages best known to the authorities initiating the whole agenda and process, it has serious consequences and flaws. For instance, the authorities think probable benefit may include a better managed and regulated profession to ward off the chaffs and to prevent haphazard entry of “pupil Teachers” whom many think lack the bedrock of teaching methods and classroom management.

The authorities however had refused to factor into their policy the promising negative consequences of the licensing of the Teacher. Teaching may not be done properly just because the instructor holds a license. Licensing is just a document that may not have any beneficial consequences on the processes of learning and acquiring knowledge. If the rigorous cognitive process Teachers go through in acquiring their professional training is not enough and does not sufficiently address the need of the service then a license is just below the requirement. Given the scanty time and nature acquiring the license will take, it is better the authorities think of it again.

The effect of the policy on performance has been stated clearly to the stakeholders of education in the country. What is its impact on performance of the Teacher? Licenses do not guaranteed an increased in performance of the Teacher. The possession of a driver’s license by a driver who has no vehicle is worthless. Teaching and Learning Materials for schools in Ghana should rather be sought. Most of the Schools in Ghana have no ICT laboratories and textbooks. The authorities should think of the flaws associated with someone holding a license in a public institution without the appropriate and adequate Teaching and Learning Materials (TLMs). What use is of a license when textbooks and TLMs are lacking and inadequate where available.

Lets think of the whole process again and factor in the inputs of all stakeholders in the educational sector in Ghana. Licenses to be issued should not be considered as a panacea to solving the learning problems in the educational sector in Ghana. The policy must be reviewed extensively.

Emmanuel Kwabena Wucharey.
B. A I.D.S - Economics and Entrepreneurship Dev

Diploma in Education- Winneba.
MBA- Finance (KNUST)