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02.06.2005 Business & Finance

Afra Airlines Lays Off staff, Refocus Outside Ghana

Afra Airlines

In view of the suspension of Afra Airlines Air carrier license (ACL) in February 2005 and recent revocation of the ACL, it has become a necessity for Afra Airlines to reduce overheads and re-focus its business primarily outside of Ghana. The cost to Afra Airlines to operate and provide employment for 40 staff has been over 100 Million cedis per month. For the last 8 months the company has been paying its workers salaries and meeting other overheads whilst it has appealed to the Government of Ghana for the release of its company's Air Carrier's License (ACL) to allow it to operate as an airline in Ghana. Afra Airlines management has reached a stage that a decision on the future direction of the company and its staffing requirements had to be taken. In the current situation, it is has become clear the company can no longer justify to continue the employment of staff for ticket sales and reservations of its offices in Accra when it is not permitted to operate in Ghana. Therefore some 20 staff have been laid off, whilst the company re-focuses its business to operate outside of Ghana. Management of Afra Airlines expressed their sincere regret and disappointment of the Government's decisions to first approve, then restrict, then suspend and finally revoke its ACL.
As a result of these decisions by the Government, Afra Airlines felt it had been compelled to lay off these staff members. Plans to employ a further 100 staff as flight attendants, which the company has already interviewed and selected, have also been suspended.
The management of Afra Airlines wish to thank all the affected laid off workers for their patience, sacrifice and strict discipline which enabled them to stand by the company and their work mates.
Speaking on behalf of Afra Airlines management Mrs. Simone Ayele Butler, Executive Director for Human Resources, assured all affected staff that the company shall rehire in the event it receives the necessary permissions to operate as an airline in Ghana.
For further comment contact:
Nana Asante Bediatuo Lawyer & Spokesman for Afra Airlines 0244 349 797