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Galileo Galilei , Bolanle Ambode  And Italy

Galileo Galilei , Bolanle Ambode And Italy

There are some interesting developments between Nigeria and Italy. Firstly, the Italian Galileo Galilei was born in Pisa,

on Feburary 15 1564 and 400 years later, Feburary 15 1964, there was in Epe the birth of firslt lady of lagos state, Bolanle Ambode. Like Galileo, Bolanle Ambode studied Mathematics and Physics.

Galileo Galilei was brought before the inquisiton of the Catholic Church for daring to suggest that the earth was not the centre of the Universe. He was accused of Heresy relatedly Bolale Ambode has been accused of Sacriliege for storming out of a Church complex during the anointing service.

Secondly, like Milan in Italy Lagos has been the industrial capital of Nigeria but reports have it that it has since lost that status to Ogun State but is currently, like Milan the commercial and Fashion capital of Nigeria. In fact the Lagos Fashion Week has been likened to a response to the Milan Fashion week by some observers.

Thirdly ,Saint Augustine of Hippo became a Professor in Milan he got converted to Christianity by Saint Ambrose. Saint Ambrose by the Catholic Tradition is the Patron Saint Of Milan, Saint Augustine was born November 13 354 AD. He was a Professor and Pastor. As an undergraduate he belonged to a gang boasting about crimes he did not commit .Augustine was a womaniser before he got converted to Christianity. He has also been described as the chief student of the University ,and a great genius. Amongst other books, he wrote , The City of God

Relatedly ,the late Physicist, Muyiwa Awe became a Professor in Lagos, specifically at the University of Lagos.Many years later he got converted to Pentecostalism by Pastor Enoch Adeboye. Born on November 13 1932, the anniversary of the birth of Saint Augustine Of Hippo he was formerly brought into the fold of the Professoriate on what is regarded as The feast of Saint Ambrose, December 7 1973, with his inaugural lecture titled, Physics in Ibadan: Developing Physics in a developing country .Awe has been referred to as one of the four geniuses from Government college Ibadan.

As an undergraduate Awe belonged to the much talked about Pyrate confraternity and He emerged best Graduating Student at The Faculty of Science University of Ibadan and Almost Like Augustine of Hippo as an undergraduate he was a member of the society for the study of Sex. Awe, a Pastor, wrote the Book, The Fatherhood of God