Ewes-Jealous-Of-Akans Narrative Is A Sign Of Chronic Depression!

Feature Article Ewes-Jealous-Of-Akans Narrative Is A Sign Of Chronic Depression!
JUN 18, 2017 LISTEN

Save, there is national competition organized to select the best to participate in inter/national events which will have tremendous benefits for the nation at large and my affinity for a contest like this can't be overemphasized. But the lousy and ostensively hollow pronouncements that seek to pit one ethnic group against the other irritate me. Though those pronouncements appall me but can't help but try to empathize with those making such tribally incendiary statements. I have to, because after years of strenuously, arduously and effortfully trying to understand what cause/s people to make remarks as the one made by Ghanaian musician Kwame Asare Obeng also known in the music industry as "A-Plus" against the Ewes, finally I can say on authority that, after years of interacting with social scientists, experts and physicians, is medical condition and those suffering from this psychologically obvious abnormality are to seek attention from psychiatrist or psychologist of his or her choice as matter of urgency, trust me!

You see, it has taken me years to shift from my understanding of pathology as nothing more than a mere headache, stomachache, fever, diarrhea, etc. in fact the usual medical conditions which are readily at fingertip when people exhibit pertinent medically adverse symptoms. Could you imagine Ghanaian calling fellow countrymen as trokosis? One thing is clear if these unfortunate effusions against the Ewes are slip of tongue then they should be treated as such but when they are consistent, constant, rampant and have become as daily utterances you will agree that the frequency at which such ethnocentric remarks are churned out is like being addicted to something. And anytime the urge manifests itself it must be quenched. In other words, those suffering from this sociopathic and psychopathic anti-Ewe condition feel emotional threat or intimidation at the presence of Ewes hence must apparently attack the threat ( Ewes ) to keep the emotional balance at high level--At least if I should recollect what the psychiatrist taught me well

If the kind reader understands what exactly the inference is; we all are aware of physical symptoms of outer several medical conditions, what about the inner ones, l mean emotional/psychological ones and the impact they have on mental health, the constant sensation of melancholy, lugubriousness or desolation. How many of us have made just little effort to understand emotional soundness of individuals close to us, be them family members or friends? This may sound like one such vitrols of disgruntled tribesman in the mood of vengeance but is a serious case. For you to have an insight into what exactly am driving home; the emotionally void, the so-called low self-esteem also known as an inferiority complex. The intensity of low self-esteem displayed itself those days on advent mobile phones in Ghana, in the early 90s, when person ridden with it would use 'replica or clone' ( fake ) phone, to ginger himself, pretending as if at the other end of the line there was somebody. And now that there are cellular phones at every corner, the patient of low self-esteem caused likely by stress or depression, is the one who pretends to be talking to somebody special to have psychological boost before initiating an act in sufferer's mind requires bravado

It also includes those zealots loving to see you dead simply because of their psychological state, perceives you to be successful or prosperous in a way than them. Of course, we can't afford to leave out those that are mockingly called the 'the lords of delusional fiefdoms'. The lords of delusional fiefdoms are those who are literally non-achievers but had the slightest opportunity to make a little notch in their lives. This part of the class/es I received from the psychiatric cum psychological experts will be best understood by those in the diaspora. The symptom from the Lord of delusional fiefdom is the type that manifests itself in the person suffering from sociopathy, after years of toils he succeeded to elevate his status to legal or even change in citizenship to that of the host country: And rather than the feeling of sympathy for newly-arrives from his/her home country, suffering emotional disorder of which the subject matter is about, sees him/herself as some kind of king or queen that must be worshipped. And when s/he fails, amidst cheatings and intimidations, s/he schemes with foreign authorities to stack the deck against men and women of country of origin in whatever way possible. With concomitant symptoms of depression, l can go on and on!

Simply put this is more than mere political propaganda designed to woo voters to political party with certain ideological suasion. Because the problems in Ghana have nothing to do with tribal or ethnic groupings. If anything at all, per my estimation, l don't perceive any reasonable Akan as propagating or singing this irrelevantly pedestrian Ewe anti-Akan chorus, let alone actually believing in the idea that Ewes hate and/or are jealous of Ankans as NPP camp trying to groom its followers to, because it won't make any gainful meaning simply because it lacks merit. That is to say, we must separate what Akans are made of and those making what would have known as "divide and rule" malevolence deemed to be offensive to some ethnic groups. In any case, l can't readily recall any Ewe making disparaging anti-Akan remarks lately if we should give A-Plus the benefit of the doubt that indeed Ewes are jealous of Akans; in recent times all anti-Ewe demeaning statements have emanated from NPP camp

Come to think of, Ghana is richly endowed with enormous natural resources. The resources which, then-opposition NPP leading member Mr. Osafo Marfo affirmed through audio recording that Akan ethnic group dominated areas are where these resources are found. But the irony is these mineral resources haven't been used successfully over the years to improve and transform the lives of Akans not to talk about the rest of us, Ghanaians. We are all in the Nile, so to speak!

Ironically, the fourth republican democracy that we all are enjoying today have been promulgated, instituted and exacted by JJ Rawlings, an Ewe and with a considerable number of Ewe colleagues among others, a democracy where A-Plus is currently enjoying his multi-billion dollar oil haulage contract. Now if really Ewes have something against Akans, during Rawlings era when Ewes had upper hand, what happens when one tribal group has upper in other African countries where there is a hostile relationship among tribes didn't happen because there was none.

Finally, in otherwise scenario of Mr. Wise, Important, Special or Genius ( attributes that attract jealous streak ) having the ball in his court, should govern in the splendid way as never seen before. The type of NPP government so far, of which A-Plus is party to is reminiscent of "talk show" and endless trips abroad, good government is likely not going to happen soon. So no cure for the paranoia hence lazy comfort zone of ethnocentric homogeneity

Agobodzo, Richard
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