I Siddon Jeje Dey Laugh At Kofi Portuphy And His Desperados (Part One)

Feature Article I Siddon Jeje Dey Laugh At Kofi Portuphy And His Desperados (Part One)
MAY 17, 2017 LISTEN

Contri people, Ladies and Gentlemen, make I troway salute to you all. I no say sometimes you dey wonder why you no dey see or read from me. Well, man pickin felt im for stay out of public view for some time. I travel go visit my holy village. The tori wey dem tell me get K leg. Meanwhile, I kind dey siddon jeje watch the antics of Kofi Portuphy, Kofi Adams, Kofi Johnson Asiedu Nketia, Kofi Mahama Ayariga, Kofi Okudzeto Ablakwa, and of course, Kofi Ibrahim Mahama. All of dem get K leg. Na im be de tori wey I get from my holy village.

Small time sef, I kan hear all dem NDC Big Oga talk say na de contri don become too hot for Ghanaians. Na who tell dem say dis contri be too hot? Na dem dem big ogas dey feel the heat well well. For the rest of us we don become used to our conditions which we sure say Nana Addo go fix am for us.

One friend talk say if the contri be too hot for them, make dem kuku run to where dem don steal our money go hide. Abi, ino be so? Make dem no forget that na condition wey make crayfish bend. Na true word be say de NDC big ogas tink say because dem get few Upper Iweka (overhead bridges) for Circle, dem don transform de place into Dubai. Na Big Lie be that!

“What about all de ‘egunje’ (kickbacks and 10%) wey dem don put for inside their girl friends dem private parts?” I ask dem. Make dem no forgot say since dey no longer de for power, all de monies wey they think say they have invested don enter de private accounts of their girl friends. It is as if those moneys dey inside their private parts. Can a man put im hands inside a girl’s honey pot? Not at all! Try it and see how de go hammer your head and panel beat you so till you forget say na your mama born you.

But make I tell those omoge (girls) de bitter truth. Make dem no tink say we be mumu and that because our money dey inside their private accounts we no de kuku get am. Na lie be dat ooo! We go collect our money kia kia! If dem no wan trouble, make dem vomit the money now now. Dis na good advice I de give dem free of charge. We have our Invincible and de Delta Forces to unleash on dem. I dey warn dem one more time. Make dem no play with us at all.

Contri people, I travel go one small village where de people there dey tell me say na NDC people be wicked and juju people who fit change anything to something. The only thing wey dey no fit do be to say to change omoge into man. I kind de tell dem say I get one Igbo friend who tell me say if person see an NDC man and Onufu (snake) e for kill de NDC man first. I kind dey ask im why? Na im e kind de tell me say if onufu bites pickin, e fit get medicine, but no medicine fit cure you if NDC man bites you. I laughed so tay I nearly pissed for inside my pants.

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, the cat is out of the bag. You have seen the true nature of the leadership of the NDC. It is a dangerous contraption that one enters freely with all his senses intact, but once you enter it, you lose all your God given values and become demented as if you had just descended from hell. It therefore behooves on all of us to use the entire armoury in our arsenal to check its growth

These bunch of nation wreckers who dipped all their ten fingers and toes to dissipate our treasury now have the guts to accuse the administration of Nana Addo Dankwa, God’s Own Elect of plunging the country into lawlessness. Have they forgotten the atrocities, (too numerous to recount) they committed when they held sway as land lords for the past eight years?

But all these pale to insignificance when compared to the party’s role in the untimely death of President Atta Mills. Circumstantial evidence points to the connivance of top echelon of the party. I accused former President, John Dramani Mahama of complicity in Mills death while he was President, and I will do it again.

When the NDC talks of lawlessness, they should be honest to admit that Ghanaians have never had it so peaceful as the serene atmosphere we are now enjoying under God’ Own Elect, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo’s administration.

Have they forgotten the reckless decision they took to pay back people they felt had been responsible for the gloomy conditions they found themselves in when they were in opposition? A case in point was that of Grace Omaboe aka Maame Dorkonoo. She was running an orphanage. The NDC government concocted stories about the orphanage in order to pay her back in her own coin. One was that her orphanage was not registered by the Dept. of Social Welfare. But how many of such institutions are registered in the country? The government closed down the orphanage and dispersed the inmates to other orphanages in Accra. She was arrested and prosecuted. What was her “crime”? The NDC had given her a platform to launch her career into stardom, but instead of given the party credit, Maame Dorkonoo had rather made a public endorsement of the then NPP Presidential Candidate, Nana Addo Dankwa.

Meanwhile a similar rot had gone on at the Osu Children Home, but no such punitive action was taken against the culprits involved in the scandal. A Minister of State had gone to the ridiculous extent of rebuking Anas Aremeyaw for making his expose on the orphanage public.

Another negative ploy of the NDC was to play one tribe against another. I remember what one Nigerian soldier told me of his experience during the ECOMOG Operations in Liberia in the Nineties. He said the Ghanaian Contingent received a lot of praises from its counterparts from other countries for it was the only one which appeared to be united. I asked him how and he said, when they went on route march, and a member of the Ghanaian contingent raised a song, it would be taken up by the rest of the Ghanaian unit.

Unfortunately, the Mills/Mahama NDC administration relegated this tribal cohesion to the background by initiating policies which did not auger well for peaceful co-existence of the various tribal components in the country.

Immediately, the NDC came to power, it started what could be regarded as ethnic cleansing against the certain tribes. The Constitutional Provisions allowed outgoing President, John Agyekum Kufuor to have an office at a place of his choice. Gbevlo Lartey, then National Security Co-coordinator got a so-called non existing Ga-Adangbe Union to drive away the former President from the office he was using with the excuse that the office was situated on their land and that he should go and build his office in his home region.

As if that was not enough, late President Atta Mills appointed a tribal bigot, Professor Kofi Awoonor as Chairman of the Country of State. This man had written a book titled “The Ghana Revolution” which made very caustic remarks about a particular tribe in the country. He wrote that “Nkrumah’s government fell because of the presence of corrupt Ashanti elements in the CPP”. And this was the very person the then President found fit to appoint as Chairman of the Council of State – a Constitutional Body set up to advice the President.

The unfortunate aspect of this Kofi Awoonor saga was that few weeks into the NDC administration, the books had disappeared from the shelves of major book shops in the country. Where did they go, one may ask?

It is also of utmost importance to recall attempts by Mills/Mahama administration to fan ethnic embers between the Akans and the minority tribes. Most people with Akan names were demoted or sacked from their workplaces and it took a public outburst from Otumfuo Osei Tutu ll before the matter was addressed or hushed up from public view. Colonel Damoah of the Human Resource Department of Ghana Armed Forces was threatened by the powers that be so that he had to “disappear” to “only God Know Where” to save his skin.

Discredited pollster, Ben Ephson,and my good old friend, Kwesi Pratt of “Massa” fame, goaded on by purely selfish motives tried desperately to sow a seed of discord between Akyems and Ashantis. At every point in time, the duo harped on non existing hostilities between the two Akan ethnic groups. Fortunately, the two saw through their antics of these disgruntled elements and refused to go for the bait. Headlines such as “The Royal Akyem Kingdom – A Grand design to challenge the power of Asantehene” were screened on the front pages of their newspapers.

Again, we had a President who descended into the gutters to appeal to what he termed his Northern Brothers to vote for him because he was one of their own, and went to the ridiculous extent by telling the then opposition NPP to put forth a candidate of Northern extraction if the party wanted the votes of Northerners.

We have also not forgotten his infamous tirade against Ashantis that they are ungrateful and that if even you tar the roads of Kumasi and its environs with gold, the people will not appreciate it. These and many reckless utterances of the Presidents and his appointees went a long way to widen the division amongst the various ethnic groups in the country.

You see, how cruel, myopic, demented, unpatriotic and demonic members in the NDC contraption could be. These are people who were born liars and have graduated from baby liars to adult ones. According to my Nigerian friend, Chief Bunas Oruwari, since the leopard cannot change its spots, it follows then that the members in the NDC contraption could not claim to be true sons and daughters of their fathers.

The NDC talks of lawlessness in the society under Nana Akufo Addo’s government. No, this is far from the truth. It is on record that the first slap in Parliament under this Fourth Republic dispensation place on Thursday, 26th July, 2007 when “dishonourable” NDC MP for Yagaba/Kubori, Ibrahim Abdul-Rauf Tanko slapped his colleague NDC MP for Juaboso, Sampson Ahi “on the cheek to the hearing and full glare of the packed chamber” as described on the front page of the Daily Graphic” of Friday, July 27, 2007. How lawless could the country degenerate into when a member of the law-making body without any provocation attacks his colleague?

Again the NDC talks of the nation under siege due to actions of the Delta Force – a vigilante group affiliated to the NPP. Much as I disapprove of their recent actions, I would like to state that these are isolated cases which have been loudly condemned by the President and the NPP.

The leaders of the group were arrested and arraigned before the law court. The President, who happens to be “God’s Own Elect”, gave specific instruction to the IGP and the Ministry of Justice to ensure that the Rule of Law prevailed. When supporters of Delta Force invaded the court room and freed the accused, then on trial, the latter voluntarily surrendered themselves and were fined for escaping from lawful custody.

But let me ask readers this simple question. If you are crying and someone puts sweets/toffee in your mouth, will you lick them or spit them out? Instinctively, you will lick them. If you are with a group of people and all of a sudden, you see everyone running helter skelter, will you stay put or join others to make good your escape? Their action was spontaneous

Compare what the Delta Force did with what NDC thugs did when they stormed Sankore Police Station in the Asunafo South District of Brong Ahafo Region , vandalized the Station and freed some detained criminals on Thursday, December 16, 2010. That incident was given wide publicity by various FM Radio Stations in the area and the Daily Guide correspondent Fred Tettey Alarti-Amoako reported that the attack “which took place in the morning happened in full glare of the helpless members of the community who watched the youth as they vented their anger on the only policeman at the charge office and forcefully took the keys to the cells and released their colleague drug peddlers”

Earlier on, in another incident, irate NDC hooligans took over the Asunafo District Assembly at Kukuom near Sankore, and held workers hostage. They locked out the DCE, Fleance Danso and other officials, thus preventing them from going to their various offices to perform their official duties on December 10, 2010. This was to show their displeasure about the DCE’s inability to compel the Police to release some NDC youth who were in police custody for various effences.

When Kofi Portuphy, Kofi Adams and other serial liars in the Nefarious Contraption talk of acts of vandalism by a few NPP identified GROUPS, they forget to state that such acts of barbarism by NDC groups and foot soldiers were worse than what we are witnessing today. Please, do not get me wrong. I am not saying what the Delta Force and other identifiable groups did is right. What I am saying here is that the leadership of the Nefarious Destructive Cancer should tell the story the way it is. Shikina!

Ghanaians have not forgotten what NDC foot soldiers did when they stormed Radio Gold on Saturday, November 13, 2010 to lynch a radio panelist, Ras Mubarak for his offensive comments against the Presidency. The story, titled “NDC Foot Soldiers Storm Radio Gold” was written by Halifax Ansah-Addo and Charles Takyi-Boadu was published on page 3 of “Daily Guide” on Monday, November 15, 2010.

“The armed mob scaled the wall of the building that houses the radio station, struggled with and overpowered security men, after which they invaded the building and moved from one office to another in search of their prey, Ras Mubarak, who was sitting in for spokesman for former President, Jerry Rawlings, Kofi Adams, who could not make it for the discussion.

“The group, numbering about 20 went to the station driven in a green van with registration number GG6640 Y ostensibly to teach Ras Mubarak a lesson

Now, hear Ras Mubarak commenting on the incident. “Teams of armed policemen had to rush down here to save the situation because the guys had entered the building and were upstairs looking for me because they thought the studio was still on the first floor but it had been relocated. ….. Now, I drive looking into my side of mirrors tosee which vehicle is trailing me and I keep dodging because my life is at stake. This is happening just when there are reports of an assassination attempt on Kofi Adamu so now anyone who speaks for President Rawlings must be victimized

“This is the same indiscipline I was talking about and interestingly, no one has been arrested……. The report of the attack is all over and no one from the Presidency or the Castle has even called me to say ‘Oh we do not support what happened to you’ “.

Daniel Danquah Damptey ( [email protected] ( 0243715297

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