16.05.2017 Feature Article

Asiedu Nketia, Others Are Assets—Diplomat Victor Smith

Asiedu Nketia, Others Are Assets—Diplomat Victor Smith
16.05.2017 LISTEN

Good morning fellow is now very clear to well meaning Ghanaians they sold their Colour TV for Black and White.

I will like to cease this opportune moment to congratulate Prof Kwesi Botchwey fact finding committee for the good job done so far.

I must,therefore admit majority of the party's supporters especially the youths are eager for the findings to come out early for the party to implement its recommendations in its reorganization towards recapturing power from the current incapable Nana Addo led administration which came to power through lies and fake promises made to Ghanaians.

As a party activist, l must say some of us the youths are becoming and getting worried about the way some of our senior comrades have conducted themselves in recent times just after our defeat by coming into the media to do blame game by making all manner of statements over our painful defeat.

I want to emphatically state that,it is we the youths across the country that are supposed to come into the media to blame they the senior comrades for our defeat but we the youths are rather not doing so.

We have accepted the realities, put the past behind us and are poised to work for the party once again in order to recapture power from the NPP come 2020.

The question bothering my mind will be,why are our some of our senior comrades not respecting the very body we composed ourselves to find out what actually caused our defeat?

As a matter of fact a lot of waters had passed under the bridge and we had little peace in our ears for a little while is therefore, worrying to hear Diplomat Victor Smith calling for an over hauling of the NDC Executive Structure especially at the nation level over our abysmal performance in the 2016 election.

It must made clear to Diplomat Victor Smith that,HE Former President Mahama came out publicly as a very bold leader to tell all party members,he should be solely blamed for the cause of our defeat. This we all believed should end the blame game in the media.So what is the problem again?

I don't want to believe,Diplomat Victor Smith is trying to tell the general public he made those utterances based on the committee's report because the report is not yet out and even if it was based on an information he is privy to is that the best way to go about it when we are all calling for party unity?

It is worrying to me because, Diplomat Victor Smith was not able to tell us prior to the 2016 election those executives would not be able to win power for us based on A,B,C,D so why wait after defeat before making such statements?

In as much as,we will suspect or have firm believes that,the national executives might have greatly contributed to our defeat in one way or the other.

We must be sincere with ourselves that,the causes of our defeat may be many and varied and it is our greatest hope it will be comprehensively contained in the committee's report when it is finally out. So putting the blame at one quarter's will be unfair with all due respect.

His statement that "Mr Asiedu Nketia,Chairman Kofi Poturphy etc must be kicked at the party's next congress for a new set of die hard and selfless individuals to be elected to replace them.l find to be derogatory because it seems to suggest the people mentioned are not die hard and selfless party people.We all know the work our general secretary for example has done for party over the years and likewise others.

As a party we will definitely go to congress to elect new crop of leaders but l don't want to believe Diplomat Victor Smith can give us the names of those he considers to be die hard and selfless people to occupy all the national positions.

It will be an opened race and any party member of good standing is legible to contest and be voted for.Definitely the works of the executives will determined whether they should be maintained or kicked out it is not about making public statements.

The truth must be told that,the task ahead of us as a party is far more than saying we should change the whole guard.

It is about doing serious reorganization to make our branches very effective and poised in recapturing power from the NPP come 2020.

It is a fact that,even if we go to congress and elect a fresh set of executives at the national level all those you claimed must be voted out will still be again needed to bring their expertise on board as party members to work towards victory so in effect everybody is very very important in party business.

We must be seen as people promoting reconciliation among ourselves and have a common front devoid of making statements that does not promote party unity.

Let us focus our energies on our opponents. Senior comrades enough enough enough of your blame games in the media.

Our grassroots are getting more worried when you people do such things in the media and can't fathom why that approach.

It is said that,nobody stays on the throne with time forever.NDC will definitely bounce back let us be focussed and correct where we went wrong.

A boat does not respect the leader when it capsize everybody gets wet.

Long Live NDC.
Mathias Tulasi