16.04.2017 Feature Article

The Political Tomfoolery Is Exceedingly Disheartening

The Political Tomfoolery Is Exceedingly Disheartening
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Of late, I have not been regular at my column not because I don't have much to write but busy schedules as a student leader have almost rendered by pen redundant. Thank God I am back for good with so many pertinent national issues to write about. Don't forget that writing add up more to every national discourse and I see it as a way of contributing my quota to enriching our democratic credentials as a country where freedom of expression is a fundamental democratic principle. In my today's piece, I write to express my views on the disheartening levels of violence in the country.

Ever since the NPP came into power, there has been a seeming unending violence in this country, violence perpetuated with impunity by nobody either than the NPP own appendages with various scaring nomenclatures. Predominantly known are invincible forces, Delta forces among others dotted across the length and breadth of Ghana. Many Ghanaians living in insecurity have roundly condemned the actions of these party soldiers who think that for the fact that their party is in power, there are above the laws and can torture innocent people with various degrees in the full glare of the Ghanaian public. Apart from the various rhetorical commentary by people, many are those( government inclusive) who fear to criticise these hoodlums for fear of being attacked too.

According to Williams Shakespeare "There is a tide in the affairs of men, Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune. Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries. On such a full sea are we now afloat. And we must take the current when it serves, or lose our ventures".

This is the case the NPP has found it self in. While the president is watching helplessly as his boys torture many Ghanaians, the end results could be dangerous to all including the NPP. No individual owns this country more than the other! It is either government take responsibility or the country could be destroyed by such egocentric individuals.

Of all these attacks, the most barbaric are the attack on the Ashanti Regional Security Coordinator and subsequently a whole court. A court which suppose to be our umbrella for justice was turned, a jungle for violence. The hypocrisy of the NPP and its surrogates is palpably visible even by the international community. Our country has made strides in consolidating its young democracy through the respect for rule of law.

Happenings today by hungry political footsoldiers only stand to truncate our enviable democratic dispensation. How can a party who claim to be the apostles of democracy denigrate our dignity and our democratic sanctity by these heinous political roaring? It is very pathetic!! Indeed the elephant is home and is on rampage!

The national security is bargained and compromised for private party security. Even that, the various trained party terrorists are competing for daily political debris from their political lords and if care is not taken, there could be a more internal implosion that could ignite an insurgency in this country, putting the security of the country at risks. Yes! that is what changed has done to us. We have probably changed peace for violence to satisfy desperate political vagabonds.

The most worrying situation is how some political ignoramuses shamelessly attempt to defend this dastardly barbaric act perpetuated by a bunch of selfish violent people. The media which is suppose to be the voice of the voiceless rather give media space to these unscrupulous people only to insult the intelligence of discerning Ghanaians, to the extend that the minister for national security has been threatened to be sacked from his post if he dares lay hands on any of the so called forces. Any way, that is just the beginning, we have not seen anything yet.

When the NPP brought in South African Mercenaries to train these private security forces, some of us criticised it but the NPP justified their position and demonstrated that they believed so much in their private security to national security. It is probable the reason why the national security is being overpowered by these party hungry footsoldiers.

We are being told by government that they could employ such hoodlums into national security. Really!!!

So now it is only when you belong to a party in power that you can be employed right? What about the many workers that were chased out of their jobs by these party footsoldiers because their party won elections?

Hehehe... They should go ahead and employ them into the national security and I can assure them of one thing that I will not be surprised should these so called party vigilante groups ever stage a political coup in this country. Well, I'm not a doom monger.

Let me admonish government that it should better use the authority given to it by the constitution and not by hungry party footsoldiers. How can a whole government be dictated left right center by its footsoldiers? I thought the NPP claims to have all the fine brains in this country only to be controlled by a largely unemployed hungry illiterate group. I can't just fathom it. Who is in charge?

Just hundred days in government and all we can see is violence, arrogance and hypocrisy. Government is only consistent on singing rhetorics. I will do this, I will do that while transport fares continue to see astronomical increase and the ordinary Ghanaian is burdened with hardship where as some rich business community or call them the bourgeoisies are enjoying drastic reduction in air transport. Where is the common sense? There is no logic in burdening about 85% of the citizens and injecting incentives to about 15% and still call it an achievement.

What is even very fascinating and makes Dr Bawumia hypocritical is the rapidity at which the NPP is running helter skelter for loans. They made the whole world to believe that it is only an incompetent government that borrows. Dr. Bawumia how much have you borrowed so far per your own formular?

You claim of stabilizing the Ghanaian currency but you will be exposed soon. You alone know how much you have been using to induce the the cedi just for political scores. The in sustainability of that lazy approach will throw you into the web of economic quagmire soon when you begin to do more capital intensive projects in line with your plethora of promises. You can run away but you cannot hide. Only time will expose you.

Let me not waste my time on your promises because you are yet to achieve any. All your political cacophony was out of desperation. You said you have the men but today we know you were referring to your invincible forces and Delta forces. Yes you have the men with bodies which they are using to destroy the country. We don't need that in this era of democratic civilisation!! We need men with brains to continue the progress path of Ghana. Mr President better stop sleeping and put your house in order before time catch up with you. The honeymoon period should be over! Start the work.

Denis Andaban
[email protected]