25.03.2017 Feature Article

Invincible Forces Snubs President Nana Addo-Mathias Tulasi

25.03.2017 LISTEN

Good afternoon fellow Ghanaians. The Holy Bible teaches us to live at peace with one another.

This is captured in Romans 12:18 "If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone"

Peace could be defined as the state of being free from any kind of human conflict and violence.

It is a fact based on several research findings that, all the activities of a country runs smoothly in the situation of peace.

Peace is, therefore, a sign of development and prosperity. lt is again evident that Human rights are not violated when there is peace.

People can then walk freely from one place to another without having any fear in their mind, others do their daily businesses without any obstruction and most importantly respecting other's rights through rule and order.

Peace helps to promotes human rights, democratic norms and value.

Developmental process can’t go ahead without peace and harmony.

Peace is therefore the mother of civilization but the behaviour of the invincible forces of NPP is a demon of destruction.

It is very sad, disheartening, disgusting, disgraceful and an affront to our democracy the gross misbehaviour of the invincible forces of the NPP after the President Nana Addo had won the 2016 general election.

They committed a lot of atrocities and brutalities in the country causing harm to several individuals and destroying property as well.

It was very sad and unthinkable how ASP Bruce who was a guard at the Flagstaff House during former president John Mahama’s tenure was badly molested at the Flagstaff House by these invincible forces even in his uniform.

As a country we are only yet to read the outcome of that investigation on such a lawless act perpetuated at the presidency.

The Waste Management Group, Zoomlion did accused the Invincible Forces of forcefully taking over a mini waste transfer station belonging to the company.

This the company insists has caused financial loss to them and dire environmental consequences to the residents in the Tema metropolis.

The mini transfer station at the Presby Junction at Ashaiman, temporarily holds refuse for onward transfer to Kpone, where it is recycled he said.

This issue was again reported in the media just three days ago that it is likely to pose an epidemic. So one will ask whether we are now in a lawless state.

As for the seizure of toll booth it was as if they were in competition across the country.

Their lawless behaviour was largely extended to members and sympathizers of the NDC Party and this made the national executives of the party as a matter of urgency organized a peaceful protest in order walk across the streets of Accra to draw the attention of the international community against the attitude of these miscreants calling themselves Invincible Forces of the NPP.But had to call it off due to reasons which l will explain soon.

The name of the invincible forces again surfaced about 5days ago in the recent heartbreaking disaster which occurred at the Kintampo Waterfalls claiming several lives and others receiving treatment at the hospital.

It was shocking Nana Obiri Boahene came and supported their lawless action though. So Ghana at age 60 we cannot still call a spade a spade?What is wrong is wrong let us learn not to justify it.

It must be recalled that, the NDC requested for President Nana Add to disband and demobilise his illegal vigilante group, the Invincible Forces with immediate effect. This call was ignored by him.

Surprisingly the NPP came out and said it would not disband the group because it formed it at a time when the police refused it protection under the erstwhile NDC regime.

So now is NPP in opposition or in government?So they want this group to be causing problems around the country abi?

Nana Obiri Boahene is on record to have said over his dead body would they dissolved the invincible forces. So why is he so much interested in the operation of this miscreants?Does he believes in peace at all?

These ugly happenings became a worry to all Ghanaians then fortunately though late to some of us looking at how long the issues stayed the President in delivering the State of the Nation's Address on the floor of Parliament said "Mr. Speaker certain incidents occurred during the transition period which are matters of concerns to me and should be to every Ghanaian as has marred a dignified and successful transition.

Wrong doing has no political colour and I do not subscribe to the lawlessness of political parties supporters, simply because their party has been elected into office.

I condemn all such conducts and I call on all political parties especially the NPP and NDC to ensure that this is the last time such an undignified acts occurring during our transition period,the President entreated"

According to him,he instructed the former Inspector General of Police (IGP) John Kudalor to arrest law breakers of irrespective of suspects political affiliations which his successor David Asante-Appeatu also acted upon it to bring situation under control.

This statement made by the President was even applauded by the NDC party and made them to called off their already planned protect walk against such atrocities.

So one will say,after the Father of state has spoken definitely there must be calm and tranquility especially when the invincible forces belongs to the NPP or?

The question l therefore want to ask is whether the invincible forces have respect for President Nana Addo? If yes then why will they snub his orders and if no why?

The invincible forces have done it again on Friday when they stormed the Regional Coordinating Council in Nhyeiso which is the seat of the Ashanti regional minister.

They broke Louvre blades vandalised furniture and ransacked the office of one of the region’s topmost security capos George Agyei in one swift move of unhindered bravado.

This their recent lawlessness shows clear disrespect for President Nana Addo based on his earlier orders. Have they grown wings and can no longer be handled?Nana Obiri Boahene must help us find answer to this question.

The President Nana Add has said,we should all be citizens and not spectators in order to develop the country.

Against that background l am calling on civil society organizations, human right activists,religious leaders etc to call on President Nana Addo to dismoblize the invincible forces of the NPP before it becomes something else.

A stitch in time they say saves nine.So act now Mr President!

God save our homeland Ghana from the hands of these miscreants calling themselves invincible forces.