22.03.2017 Feature Article

NPP's Obiri Boahene Is Heartless

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Good morning fellow Ghananains.Our beloved nation we all know in recent times has suffered set backs with several reported death cases almost each passing day.

The unfortunate incident involving students from the Wenchi Methodist Senior High School and the University of Energy and Natural Resources who lost their lives when a tree along the banks of the waterfall came crashing down during a heavy downpour.

Some 22 critically injured people are also receiving treatment at the hospital was again another big blow to the entire nation and the news was received with sadness by Ghanaians.

The President of the republic HE Nana Addo did twitted and said.I have learnt with great sadness,the unfortunate incident that occurred at Kintampo Waterfalls."My deepest condolences to the families of all those affected by this unfortunate and tragic incident"

Former President John Mahama has extended his condolence to the bereaved families and said.

“I am keeping the families of the Kintampo falls victims in mind and praying for them"

The Minister of Tourism,Arts and Culture,Catherine Afeku has expressed her condolences to the families of victims in the Kintampo Water Falls accident.

The Vice President Dr.Bawumia also visited the incident site to console the families of the injured and bereaved.

The minority in parliament also visited the accident site to console the victims and bereaved families etc.

The steps taken by all the above leaders demonstrated our true Ghanaian culture to stand by, show love and empathy to our fellow men and women in times like this.

As usual,issues of this nature an investigation will definitely be carried out to unravel what actually led to the cause of death.

It was against that backdrop, the Kintampo traditional ruler in the Brong Ahafo Region accused the invincible forces of the New Patriotic Party of remotely contributing to the tragic death of the innocent ones.

He said so, because according to him they took over management of the tourism facility without accounting to anybody.

l believe Ghanaians will be asking to whom they had accounted to and the total revenue collected so far.

He again did indicated, the behaviour of the invincible forces made patronage of the facility gone down due to lack of "competence"in managing the place.

I sincerely concur with the submission made by the traditional ruler because indeed the NPP and its invincible forces are very incompetent.

If it were the original trained managers in charge they would had been able to read early warning signals and close the facility as and when there defected imminent danger.

It is very sad to note,according to the traditional he has severally called on the Brong Ahafo Regional police commander to take action against the invincible forces buy there was lukewarm attitude to duty until the unfortunate incident occurred.

Why didn't the regional police commander performed his duties for the job he is paid for?He must also be seriously questioned for disappointing the state.

It is therefore very sad,unfortunate and shocking for Nana Obiri Boahene to have applauded the lawlessness of the invincible Forces claiming it was tit-for-tat takeover of Kintampo Waterfalls.

Heartlessly indicating the takeover was nothing more than sweet revenge for what happened to him in 2009.

This to me is hypocritical and clearly displays selective retention forgetting that it was the NPP that introduced this bad behaviour into our country in 2001 when they won power in the year 2000.

I am wondering whether it is politics that has eaten so deep into our social fabric and had made him so blind to forget that as people we have a culture.

Someone will ask whether he is really aware we talking about over 20 people losing their lives and several others in critical conditions at the hospital due to the lawlessness of their so called invincible forces or he is not bothered as a person?

Can we conclude based on his submission,he might have asked the invincible forces to go there and take over the place?Just thinking aloud!

Again,does he Obiri Boahene believes in rule of law at all or he believes only in sweet revenge?

Why didn't he gave their so called incompetent invincible forces any training on how to manage the place since he claimed he ever managed that facility in the past?Answers are needed.

Ghanaians will like to know from him if he is aware of the total revenue collected there so far since their lawless invincible forces took over management of the facility in December last year before the unfortunate incident occurred?

So is he telling Ghanaians,the action of their lawless invincible forces leading to several deaths at the waterfall is a good step and must be applauded?

Nana Obiri Boahene are you aware families have lost their love ones in that bizarre incident and are in serious deep pains as we speak?

We are on our ears to hear whether anybody from the NPP will come out to outrightly condemned what he Obiri Boahene has said.

Nana Obiri-Boahene's comment suggests a clear justification in the endorsement of post-election hooliganism in the country but as a matter of fact this is something that all Ghanaians think is not the way to go as a country moving forward.

Again,is he trying to say whenever there is a change in government we should continue to do that?

Government must do a thorough investigation so that the facts will inform who needs to be held responsible for any lapses that may have led to the deaths.

I am therefore calling on all Ghanaians to come out and condemn the heartless,unguided and irresponsible comment by Nana Obiri Boahene.

Now the facility has been closed down.A facility that has been generating revenue for the community and state at large.

Those whose livelihoods depends on the Waterfalls like sellers of food,drinks,water, drivers etc how will they cope with life?

Is this the change Ghanaians voted for?Who killed the innocent ones?

God save our homeland Ghana!