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Vibes Of Love

Vibes Of Love

White wine glasses brittle
As I knocked over a skittle
Like a disturbed mud turtle
With a heart poured in a sentimental epistle
Like a steam let out of a throttle
With you I don't experience a nervous vibe
As our bond is above bribe
We are neither what society stereotypically describe

Nor what an Egyptian Rabbi can prescribe
We are simply partners in crime
Smiling with genuine affection
With a downright myriad of emotion
We have an obvious attraction
There is no need to assess the situation
This intimacy is a unique construction
You pull me out of every miserable situation
Ours is a love revolution
Like frosting on the cake of life
You are the only person whose smile makes my life
My anchor and pillar in life
Your genuine love envelopes my life
With u I share every bit of my life
You are the soulmate who gives meaning to my life.
Written by Nana Ama Asantewaa Kwarkoh®
[email protected]

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