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My Dad, My Hero

My Dad, My Hero

Today should have been a holiday
Because my Dad has a birthday,
From the time I was small
You've done your best not to make me fall
You've been a perfect Dad all these years
Its time for me to give you cheers
Dad you are an extra ordinary man
I will continue to be your biggest fan
You keep making my youthful days a delight
Thanks for showing me the light
Your willingness to lend a helping hand
Makes you a unique brand
You continue to give your all for me
Because you've always been proud of me
You lift me up
With you on my side I need no backup
You're like a walking sunshine
I am lucky to have a great Dad like mine.
Your endless affection makes you rare
I'm always amazed at how much you care
I appreciate your good character
No wonder they call you the moral booster
You are the perfect role model
My thoughts are safe in your citadel
Your birthday means a lot to me
Without your inspiration I wouldn't be me
Lord my father is so dear
Please let him always be near
You will always be my hero
With you as my judge, I can never score zero
You are an angel in disguise
So caring and wise
You mean more than I can express
You've always been at my aid in times of distress

The inspiration you've given me I can never repay

I'm glad its your Birthday
Happy birthday Dad
You've always made me glad.
Written by Nana Ama Asantewaa Kwarkoh
For Hon. Kwadwo Baah Agyeman
Former MP, Asante Akyem North Constituency

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