My Christmas Gift To Nana Akuffo Addo, The President Elect Of The Republic Of Ghana

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DEC 26, 2016 LISTEN

This year's Christmas must be a very remarkable one for you and your family as well as those who championed your long time agenda of becoming the president of the republic of Ghana. You vowed to become the president at all cost and here we are, you have ascended the throne. What I cannot quantify is the cost of your victory. My piece is to ordinarily congratulate you and your party, the NPP for becoming victorious in the just ended elections. I will however want to remind you of your "countless" promises and perhaps mirror the growing expectations of the citizenry.

I am very certain that all your constant vigorous attacks on the president HIS EXCELLENCY John Dramani Mahama have all come to an end. What am not certain is whether you expect same needless vigorous attacks and whether you can contain same considering your age and your inability to work with people who do not share your personal philosophy. Don't tell me you are capable of working with all because you masterminded the vilification and subsequent indefinite suspension of key national executive members of your party. Let me hint you that in governance, you must be tolerant, respectful and peaceful. If you fail to portray these few virtues of a real leader, then you will end up being a president for only your party surrogates. That would be unhealthy in an already polarized political community like ours.

Mr. President elect, whilst I pray that God grant you good health to enable you deliver your promises, I also pray that you don't bring any flimsy excuses to justify any failure. Your promises are simple and easy to remember since one would just have to add "free" to anything that comes to mind. With you, Ghana is going to be very interesting if you don't sleep on your job. Nana, you are such an experienced politician and I believe strongly that you knew the ramifications of some of your promises to the macro and micro economy. At a point of your campaign, I personally thought you were joking with some of your promises but fortunately for you, Ghanaians bought your package. I would be your ardent supporter if you are able to implement half of your promises especially with regards to education which is so dear to my heart. I expect my salary to increase to consume the long standing hardship you claimed was caused by the INCOMPETENT NDC GOVERNMENT.

I wish you invite me to your Nima flagstaff house before you officially move to where you were fighting to be. I would have shared a cup of coffee with you and tell you one thing but I understand your residence is full to capacity as people come with cattle and hampers lobbying for appointment. Since I have not gotten that privilege, let me succinctly add it up to my Christmas gift to you.

Nana, you said you are incorruptible and that your government would be incorruptible. For me, governance is not in the hands of only the president but millions of people in the state.

You narrowed corruption to politicians and especially to the president HIS EXCELLENCY DRAMANI MAHAMA. Taking you by your words, corruption in the country is forever cured. May be the only corrupt act that would be alive is the secret account issue in your party, NPP which is yet to be solved. This is because, you have not been able to fight it over the years and I don't think you have the power to do it. The implied assertion that you can only fight corruption when you are a president is very ridiculous to discerning citizenry.

Let me also congratulate you for what you have started doing. In one of your thanks giving services, you called on all Ghanaians to support you to bring progress and prosperity. That is what we actually need to move forward as a country. In my view, you have started displaying hypocrisy at the highest level because you never supported the outgoing government. You and your party promised that you would make Ghana ungovernable and true to your words, you embarked on a broad path of destruction after losing the 2012 elections and then the famous election petition. Do you remember you and your party boycotted the presidential inauguration too? Well, I thank God that you now understand what unity contributes to this nation. That is the most wonderful political miracles I have seen in your life. May your repentance actually bring progress and prosperity. Amen.

Lastly, I hear you and your team have started complaining bitterly about certain appointments by the outgoing government as well as the increase in the NSS allowance. Kindly don't allow some of your attention seeking communicators to put you to shame. You are a lawyer. You are not the president of Ghana yet till you are duly sworn in. You are hammering on common sense and morality to justify your shameless infantile argument against legality, rule of law and core principles of democracy. Just talk to your darling boys. Tell them that there was common sense and morality yet you wasted the time of this country in the supreme court to challenge the victory of John Dramani Mahama. Kindly use the court when you finally come in as the president to do what is right. Don't start your administration with these flimsy excuses.

By and large, I extend my best wishes and felicitations to you as you celebrate the birth of Christ. May the GOOD LORD bless you with wisdom and strength to rule this country. I am unable to present you any hampers but let this word be a daily guide as you prepare to enter the flagstaff house. I shall be monitoring and criticising you constructively for the LOVE of our Country. You have been a patriotic citizen for years and some of us have learnt from you and will not spare your administration when you want to mismanage this country.

Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year.
Shall return...................
Denis Andaban.
( Youth activist)
[email protected]