Victory For Ghana

Feature Article Victory For Ghana
DEC 10, 2016 LISTEN

President Mahama is a leader par excellence ! He has demonstrated a high sense of patriotism by conceding defeat to the President-elect, His excellency President Nana Addo-Dankwa Akufo-Addo. This is victory for Ghana! We, his (Mahama's) followers, are not bitter. We wish Nana Addo well in his new assignment as the President of the republic of Ghana.

Mahama has lived up to expectation by graciously conceding defeat. I am proud of him and the phenomenal development legacy he has bequeathed to us and posterity. His inimitable and unparalleled leadership has put Ghana's image notches higher in the comity of Nations. Mahama has been a lynchpin of unity in Ghana and by extension the sub region and of course Africa and the world at large.

Apparently ,President Mahama is going to be missed in no small measure by all and sundry. Under his leadership ,Ghana is on the cusp of becoming the hub of the state of the Arts infrastructure in the sub-region. It is my conviction that the President elect Nana Akuffo Addo would, in line with the directive principles of state policy, continue with the monumental development projects initiated by President Mahama.

Nana Akuffo Addo has equally contributed his quota to the crystallization and consolidation of our Democratic credentials and practice. He is in deed a warrior of Democracy!

Permit me to thank my political god father Hon. Mark Woyongo for allowing me to be under his tutelage and for teaching me that a politician could ply his trade in honesty and candour without recourse to lies and falsehoods. Woyongo was absolutely and altruistically committed to the development of Navrongo and of course Ghana! His magnanimity and philanthropy knows no bounds!!

I have never met a finer politician! In helping people, he doesn't discriminate . He was always there for everyone notwithstanding your political persuasion. I shall forever remain faithful to him just as he has been faithful to President Mahama. Candidly , Woyongo never let Mahama down in the Campaign. We did our level best for him!

Hon. Kofi Adda equally deserves accolades for emerging triumphant. May he lead the Constituency well

In conclusion , i must admit that i have had a rollicking time with all my Facebook friends regardless of our divergent views on who was the best man and indeed best Party to navigate this Country to the promise land. We have stepped on each others toes but today we are united behind the popular choice - Nana Addo. After all is said and done, the chairperson of the electoral commission has been vindicated . The vilifications over ! The NPP should have it at the back of their minds that the NDC will be back in a jiffy!!!!

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