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27.10.2016 Feature Article

My Response To Mr Weguri Joseph's Load Of Lies !

Mark Owen Woyongo
LISTEN OCT 27, 2016
Mark Owen Woyongo

I have read with utmost disdain the wishy washy rejoinder written by Mr Joseph Weguri in response to my previous write up in which I exposed the Machiavellian machinations he was employing , in his futile attempt, to not only dent the unblemished reputation of Hon. Mark Woyongo but also to discredit his enormous development record.

Permit me to state from the onset that after reading his rejoinder I am more convinced than ever before that he was the brain behind that anonymous write up which sought to undermine the unparalleled development record of Hon Mark Woyongo.

For starters, there is an uncanny similarity in phraseology and diction between the anonymous write up, which he is denying , and his instant rejoinder - notwithstanding his painstaking efforts at changing the diction. This eery coincidence in similarity between the anonymous publication and his rejoinder is rivalled only by the similarity between the NPP's Manifesto and Hassan Ayariga's!

It is also curious that after denying authorship of the anonymous write up in the first paragraph of his rejoinder,he attempts to defend all the lies and falsehoods perpetrated in that anonymous junk! In fact, he is almost immediately possessed by that selfsame demonic spirit that threw the anonymous writer into a frenzy of lies!

It must be said that, at the time he was hatching this ruse he thought it was foolproof but he is only now denying being the mastermind because the said publication has not achieved its intended purpose and has thus backfired big time!

It is crucial for me to inform Weguri Joseph that anonymous write ups used to be in vogue in the early 1970's but have become anachronistic or extinct in today's participant political culture ! Of course ,the people cannot be deceived through write ups ,with spurious claims ,that the writers themselves are not bold enough to authenticate with their names!

I must add that we are fully aware of the fact that Mr Weguri Joseph has been bribed by Hon. Kofi Adda to ran a smear campaign ,a campaign of lies and deceit against Hon Mark Woyongo in order to give some advantage, so they think, to Kofi Adda.

We are equally acquainted with the fact that Weguri Joseph has been put in charge of training the NPP communicators on how to lie with surgical precision against Hon. Mark and the NDC ! But I can assure Weguri and his ilk that we are not daunted by their evil plots and conspiracies and we are ever ready to meet them boot for boot. We also take consolation in the fact that good has always triumphed over evil. The works of Woyongo, by God's grace, would see him through

At this juncture, I would like to delve into the accusations levelled against the NDC and yours truly in his listless rejoinder and to do justice to each of them.

Just as in the anonymous write up, Mr Weguri Pwaowuvi makes the baseless and unfounded claim that he was told by NDC members that there were factions within Navrongo Central NDC. He claims he was told we have the Peter Kaba faction and Richard Aduah faction. He goes on to contradict himself in that same paragraph by saying he listened to a tape recording of it. In fact, he also claims that he listened to a tape recording in which Sabastian Achana was heard telling National executives that there were factions.

To me ,an intellectual who is worth his salt would not depend lock, stock and barrel on the grapevine for his facts. Mr Joseph relies so much on the rumour mill for his information and that explains why he often errs so egregiously in his political decisions.

He fails to provide the names of the NDC members who told him that there were factions and he also fails to produce any scintilla evidence of the tape recordings. Since he has not produced any mustard seed of evidence to support his claims, I consider it as idle talk. In any case, if there were factions in Navrongo NDC, it would have been so obvious that, it needn't have taken hearsay and a tape recording for it to be known!

What I am unable to bring myself to understand is why Weguri and his anonymous friend are trying desperately to taint us with the brush of conflict? What do they stand to gain by imputing to us something which does not exist in our midst?

Let me inform Weguri that all the people he has mentioned as belonging to factions made it their point of honour to grace Woyongo's Campaign launch with their presence. Mr Peter Kaba in particular played a very useful role in introducing our august guests in that phenomenal campaign Launch.

Mr Joseph Weguri can keep lulling himself into a false sense of existence or reality ,that is his own palaver . He can keep on living under the false guise or delusion that he initiated the Navrongo Urban Water rehabilitation project. We don't care too hoots about that, it is his choice to live in a fool's Paradise ! He can languish in it! The petty argument he has been bandying about , is that, our failure to put up a spirited response to counter his load of lies regarding the project is ample proof of the fact that he initiated it. This reminds me of the saying that a lie, often told ,becomes the truth .This should be his motivation!

In actual fact, we don't deem it worthwhile responding to his fabrications because we know the people of Navrongo are discerning enough to know that this project is the brainchild of the NDC government and it is part and parcel of an overarching government policy to provide potable water to meet the demands of urbanization and the increasing urban population. In fact, it has been captured vividly in the 2012 Manifesto of the NDC as well . Perhaps someone needs to assist Weguri with the definition of the word initiation!

Besides, why Hon. Woyongo himself has conspicuously refused to respond to Weguri's lies is that, he is so much engrossed with matters concerning the development of the Constituency that, he cannot afford the luxury of being distracted by the hocus pocus emanating from Joseph Weguri. Trivialities and falsehoods cannot disengage the attention of the MP from his core mandate of developing Navrongo.

Again, he makes the unsubstantiated and in deed puerile assertion that it was he who drew the attention of the MP to the problems besetting the Mortuary and the X ray departments of the War Memorial hospital , through a speech he was supposed to have delivered when he was elected as the PC of PNC. Of course someone needs to draw the attention of the MP to peculiar difficulties that may be affecting certain outfits before he could address them - but it definitely wasn't Joseph Weguri.

The people of Navrongo would recall that at some point in time services at the Mortuary and the X ray departments of the WAR Memorial Hospital grounded to halt due to faulty and defective equipment: and it had to take the generosity and kindness of Hon. Woyongo for those departments to function again. He procured freezers and other accoutrements with his own resources to enable the Mortuary to work efficiently. His attention was drawn to this sorry predicament by workers of the hospital. I remember the people of Navrongo were so elated for his timely intervention.

Weguri, however, wasn't . Instead of joining the good people of Navrongo to show appreciation to Woyongo for coming to their aid, he rather prefers to discredit Woyongo and lay claim to the credit.

Mr Joseph Weguri claims that I admitted that we have problems with pump heads. Let me aver with all the emphasis at my command that I made no such admissions . The boreholes project is an ongoing capital intensive project ,so therefore , it is not strange to see a few boreholes without pump heads because they are at various stages of completion. However , 132 boreholes that are flowing with clean drinking water have been installed across the length and breath of the Constituency, thanks to the instrumentality of Hon Mark Owen Woyongo. It is also not true as alleged by Weguri that there was no community participation in the siting of the boreholes. The communities were involved along every inch of the road. It is also not the case that some boreholes have high mineral levels,as alleged by Weguri.

In the history of Navrongo this is the first time an incumbent MP has deployed boreholes to the tune of 132 and still counting across the Constituency.

Mr Weguri Joseph also makes the ludicrous claim that the dredging of the Yusi Dam, Doba Dam and other Dams that have been done by Woyongo have been pirated from his Manifesto. He maintains that Hon. Woyongo couldn't have come up with the idea of de-silting Dams , had it not been for his Manifesto.

Readers should kindly help me out. I want to know if it is a crime for an incumbent MP to execute projects that may have been captured in an opponents Manifesto?

It is high time Weguri realized that he has overstayed his welcome in Navrongo politics and for that matter nobody listens to him or reads anything that he writes any longer. He would do himself a good turn by bowing out , honourably.

If there is any MP in the history of Navrongo who has shown keen interest in the development of the youth, then that MP is none other than Mark Woyongo! Many young men and women have been able to enrol at the Military Academy and Training School, join the various security apparatus or pursue their educational dreams through the support of Hon. Woyongo.

Weguri Joseph wants to know the number of people Woyongo has assisted in landing jobs. According to Woyongo helping people must come naturally to everyone and he has never spared any opportunity at his disposal to help people. He doesn't also go to town on the number of people he has helped because he simply does not keep count! He would have lost count any way if he attempted. However, since Navrongo is a close knit society we are familiar with most of the hundreds of youth he has supported.

An attempt has also been made by Mr Joseph to sully my hard earned reputation. He compares me to a flowing water that moves from one Party to another for private gain. This description of me is not only false and inaccurate but intended to throw dust into the eyes of the public. I joined the CPP in 2008 and in that same year I became its Parliamentary Candidate and in 2015 I decided to defect to the National Democratic Congress. Where is the opportunism or private gain coming from ? My defection is neither unusual nor illegal. In fact, my presidential Candidate in the 2008 elections Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom, has opted out of the CPP to form his own Party and, his running mate at the time , Dr Abu Sakara, has also decided to stay aloof from the CPP. The present National Chairman of the NPP among a host of others defected from the CPP . The list is endless. If none of them have been branded as opportunists or as people seeking private gain, then it is unfair for Weguri and his ilk to tag me as such! This is invidiousness of the highest order !

It is worth mentioning that in the 2008 runoff between Atta Mills and Nana Addo I boldly opted to rally behind professor Mills of the NDC, so, this is food for thought for those who are swift to label me as an opportunist merely because i have decided to now join the NDC. I played an instrumental role in their victory in 2008!

Weguri Joseph on the other hand claims to be a member of the PNC yet he trades the Party during every election year to the highest bidder for private gain. The PNC has become his private property which he sells out to the other Parties depending on the amount of money or magnitude of contract in the offing. In effect Joseph Weguri has vicariously been a member of all the Parties that have held political power. This is opportunism and corruption at its exquisite best!

I may be very young but I am privy to the fact that Weguri Joseph's estrangement with Hon. John Achuliwor of blessed memory began when he, Weguri, squandered the money Achuliwor gave him for the purpose of paying off his polling agents. Eventually, Hon. John Achuliwor had to find money elsewhere to settle the obviously peeved polling agents who besieged his residence.

It is also a fact that Mr Weguri Joseph was chased out of the Rawlings Revolution for indulging in acts of corruption, venality and hoarding. In fact, he hoarded relief food items that were supposed to have been distributed to the needy and starving .

Mr Weguri is also being economical with the truth when he opined that I am defending the NDC because they have bought me a bike which I couldn't buy. If you ask me, I felt it was beneath the dignity of a man above 60 years to be lying so shamelessly . Weguri is aware that long before joining the NDC I used to ride a Yamaha 100 to meet him at Nabiina FM for our morning political debate hosted by either Mr Alfred Kotajera or Scooby. He is equally aware of the fact that I presently own a Haojin Mapuka Motor Bike which i have parked in pristine condition in preference for my brand new Davidson Bike. I haven't the faintest idea where Weguri got the ridiculous idea that i have been given a Motor Bike?

This issue is so trivial that I didn't expect it to issue forth from the mouth of a fully fledged adult let alone a man who is pretending to be contesting to be a Parliamentarian. He claims that I am impersonating, to my friends, as a law student at the Ghana Law School. He further claims that in his bid to ascertain the veracity or otherwise of that claim he asked Mr Peter Kaba, whom I claim to be my guarantor at the Law School, to confirm from the records of the Ghana Law School whether it was true that I was indeed a student. I thank Lawyer Kaba for doing me such honours! He concludes by saying that all his checks revealed that I was a quack .

Yes, this certainly would be the result when ones life is driven by rumour! Readers would remember that I posited somewhere in this write up that Mr Weguri Joseph has virtually become a white elephant because he picks his facts from the gossip of rumour mongers and the idle talks of never- do -wells. And this is his bane!

I would not even deign to fill him in on the issue that brought me into close contact with Mr Peter Kaba but I can assure the public that Weguri has mixed two issues together. And I am also sure Lawyer Kaba knows what I am talking about. What Lawyer Peter Kaba did for me is far different from the speculative conjectures of Mr Joseph Weguri.

As to whether I am pursuing legal studies in any institution other than the Ghana Law school,time alone would tell.

Of all the risible claims made by Mr Weguri Pwaowuvi, the one which takes the cake is his averment that the NDC has developed goose bumps because of his participation in this year's election. As far as we are concerned he is not a force to reckon with, not even his bank roller, kofi Adda.

In conclusion, Hon.Mark Woyongo has done what is humanly possible within the spate of four years ,for Navrongo . His development record surpasses the collective efforts of all his predecessors. Let us all therefore rally behind him and John Mahama for a better Ghana and let us beware of the sinister designs of Weguri and the NPP ,who have vowed to pursue a Campaign of lies and deceit against Woyongo. No ababase. Woyongo Zuu, Mahama Zaa!

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