20.10.2016 Feature Article

The Identity: How A Stonebreaker Got His Breakthrough

The Identity: How A Stonebreaker Got His Breakthrough
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In a tiny town down the valley across the volleyball pitch situated an old house. Its wooden door had a gaping hole that could invite a bird the size of a parrot. The door had curvatured nail to lock it. Roofed with bamboo, built with mud and whitewashed with clay, it had a single wooden window that barely allowed ventilation.

The owner of the house had lived there for many many years. Town folks chose to call him Mr. Stone. He mined stones for a living. He woke up every day with the sound of the early birds that flew by his home--- always quacking. They were geese, a family of about fifty.

Mr. Stone found them very interesting. He found out probably the geese were the only birds that have three collective nouns: First they’re called a gaggle when they’re on the ground. A skein when in flight and when flying close together they’re called a plump.

He was also intrigued by the expression: “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” In other words, what’s good for a man is equally good for a woman. Or better still, what a man can have or do a woman can also have it or do it.

Day by day he broke the stones. But he didn’t just break them; he made sure every stone his eyes set on was broken. Why?

He was mining stones and he never knew which one could carry the hidden treasure. A diamond was buried deep somewhere. Somewhere down the belly of Mother Earth or near his vicinity.

Like a writer you’ve no idea which of your literary works would fetch you a million bucks tomorrow. Same goes with a sculptor, a lawyer, an estate developer, or a singer. Fact is not all of a singer’s albums climb the billboard chart. Yet, even those that fail to make it to the top surprisingly sometimes rake in more money than the expected ones.

I’m reminded of the author of ‘Things Fall Apart” Chinua Achebe. It’s understood he got the manuscript of this famous book initially rejected by his publishers. But years later, it turned out to be the cornerstone.

It’s applicable to all professions---teaching, policing, nursing, fishing, farming, building, cooking, hairdressing, fighting fire and many more. You have to make it all count. You’re the chief executive of your life business, the decision maker of your daily activities and the sailor of your life boat.

You’d sink if you scull it anyhow. Always remember what makes you a good sailor is when you’re able to weather the red tide or the terrible storm. So, always remember there are pitfalls and downfalls. It isn’t always smooth. If someone told you, it’s all smooth, all rosy …he’s nothing but a mischief. He’s a liar, I told you to avoid them. Avoid a back stabber too. And who else did I tell you to avoid?

An idiot!
Yes, avoid them all... They’ve got nothing good to offer you, just remember that.

Therefore, never leave any stone unturned or reject a stone when quarrying. The Bible says it best: “Jesus saith unto them. Did ye never read in the scriptures: The stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner,” Matthew 21: 42 (KJV).

With passage of time the geese decided to transit at Mr. Stone’s property. He’d them occasionally stopped by to say hello! And as a gesture he fed them well. It made his job much easier as it became interesting by the day. Also he never felt bored anymore.

As they visited one afternoon, Mr. Stone noticed something eerie about his friends. They’d gathered at a place farther down the valley opposite his house. It was the east side. That side remarkably hosted some huge stones. And for years he’d refused to venture that terrain, but therein laid his fortune.

Altogether the geese quaked, quaked and quaked. They’d noticed something ---a hidden treasure if you like. Their cacophonic noise made him think twice. He decided to go down the east side and deal with his fright. And ‘Eureka’ he found the diamond.

This piece you’ve just read crossed my mind while preparing ‘Banku’ (a famous Ghanaian dish) on Wednesday afternoon. Earlier I almost had my stew burned!

I felt pressured by the messenger who delivered this piece. He’d no time to waste. I didn’t know how many packages (in terms pages) he’d for me. I didn’t know how much they weighed (in terms of content –paragraphing and all that) and I didn’t know if I could get all the packages sorted out thus meeting my deadline (because I’d a lot of stuff coming up).

He insisted: “I’ve got two options for you. You either take the package right now or you lose it probably forever.”

“I’m ready, I’m your obedient servant,” I told the messenger.

“OK, go ahead and use me.” And glad I did.

So, always remember you are not just a number. You’re a true member of the world.

You’re a global citizen, a royal among royals. You’re a true champion among champions.

Always remember billions still live here, but out of many you’re countered: Not just countered but you have your name cast on the unbreakable stone. There’s a messenger reaching out be ready to accept his call.

Always remember you are not just a child of God but a chosen and a loved one of the Master Designer. You’re loved always. You’re always blessed. You’re favoured always. And you’re saved by his blood.

Always remember the world belongs to you because it’s owned by your father in heaven. He owns it all and has it all. Therefore, if you will, he has a will with your name etched on a huge stone. Fear not, for no spears form against you can pierce through your body. Fret not because they’re just pronouncing empty threats. And flight not my brother/sister because the light in you is like shards of a glass it will cut through the fright. That’s your ‘Identity.