06.10.2016 Feature Article

The Raw Brawl:  How The Rhinoceros (Rhinos) & The Lions Tell Our Story

The Raw Brawl: How The Rhinoceros Rhinos  The Lions Tell Our Story
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The dust from the desert is lifted high, thick enough to hide a victim or foe. In the midst of it a lion is tossed midair. He seems to be in trouble.

Who cares about his fate?
There’s a backup troop. Another lion stands by poised to attack his prey (the rhinos).

It’s two against one. . It’s dubbed the ‘raw brawl’. It couldn’t get nastier and the contenders couldn’t let loose their guards. It could be any one’s game. It could favour the far right.

And it could go to the leftists’ way. Or it could be a tossup.

The cage guys had perhaps bitten more than they could chew. They’ve asked for a fight and they’ve got it. No one knows how it got here. No one knows what caused the brawl.

But even from afar one could smell the rawness of its nature. Life is tortured. The vultures would be here if the unfortunate happens.

The rhinos’ thick protective skin which measures 1.5 cm has a gaping bloody wound on the left side of the thigh.. But the wounded rhino is determined to take the fight to the wire. Fight till he sees the last drop of his blood.

Couldn’t they have settled the issue amicably?

Perhaps, both parties could have left as winners..
But why couldn’t they do that?
Paradoxically that isn’t the case here. The hungry lions feel they must eat to live regardless. “Well, it can’t be me today. Over my dead body,” says the wounded rhinos.

Perhaps, all of us had been into this situation before.

In life you don’t give up when your enemy pursues you

So are you hurting? Or do you feel worried and weary?

I can guarantee-- You Are Not Alone!
We live our lives like a naked light in the storm. We all carry wound of a sort. We’ll have scars.

It could be an emotional wound, a psychological wound or a physical one. Could be a wound that resulted from the loss of a loved one, loss of property, loss of relationship and loss of a lucrative job or it could be a financial loss.

It could be a chronic wound or a fresh wound. You know it better than everybody. The pain must be too strong to bear. It hurts too badly that at times you feel like--- ‘no I can’t take it anymore.’

Well, you’re the reason I shared the Rhinos and the Lions photo at the foreground on my Facebook page. You’re the reason I wrote this piece. This piece cannot take away your pain.

This piece seeks to encourage you to remain focused and stay strong regardless of your wound.

But if you believe, it can give you an inner healing.

Certainly you can’t give up, because if you give up you can’t live up. Therefore, try and press pass your pain. Face it squarely like the Rhino. Face it with every ounce of your strength. Face it like you’ve lost your mind.

When I saw King Bright’s photo yesterday I was struck by that element of perseverance. The image says it. It tells the whole story. And beneath that photo Bright wrote: “No matter how it hurts don’t let the enemy win. May God give you the strength and the capacity to overcome your enemies.”