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Odutola Brothers and world Automobile History

Odutola Brothers and world Automobile History

There are interesting developments in Nigeria with regards to world automobile History

Coscharis Motors is the authorised dealer for Rolls Royce motors in Nigeria and also manufactures Ford Motors.

The Son of Cosmas Maduka,Thomas is Married to Temitope Odutola scion of ther Royalist, Nationalist Indusrialist Family

Innocent Chukwuma is the Founder and proprietor of the pioneering Manufacturer of Cars in Nigeria, Innoson also named Innocent Chukwuma is the West African representative of Ford Foundation.

The American entrepreneur, and Manufacturer Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor company on June

16 1903, the exact first birthday anniversary of T. Adeola Odutola, first President of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, having been born on June 16 1902.

Ford manufactured millions of Cars named and modeled as T. Ford. I wonder what The T in T Ford stands for. T in T. Adeola Odutola stands for Timothy,

Henry Ford and Adeola Odutola both set up Rubber plantations for manufacturing tyres.

Ford failed in his manufacturing of tyre ambition, but Odutola succeeded, establishing one of the most prominent and pioneer entrepreneurs tyre factory in Africa.

Interestingly on March 16 1958,53rd birthday anniversary of another tyre merchant and industrialist now late, Jimoh Odutola(Kid brother to Adeola Odutola) Henry Ford rolled out the 50th millionth Automobile from his assmebly line. Chude Jideonwo, journalist, lawyer and media entrepreneur, born 16th March 1985 (the 80th Birthday anniversary of Jimoh Odutola then Nigerias chief litigant) was, in May 2012, appointed the youngest member of the awards committee for the Ford Foundation Jubilee Transparency Award, alongside distinguished Nigerians like Justice Adolphus Karibi-Whyte and Rev. Fr. Matthew Kukah

Henry Ford and Adeola Odutola both passed away in the month of April: Ford on April 7 1947 and Odutola on April 13, 1995. April 14, 1927, was the first Volvo ÖV4 "Jacob" driven out from the factory in Lundy, Gothenburg.,Sweden

So when we celebrate the existence of the Ford motor, company, the producers of the Model T. Ford, we are invariably celebrating the life and times of T. Adeola Odutola , one of the first African Entrepreneurs to be featured in the Time Magazine.

Henry Ford has a Foundation established in his name as a legacy of his service to humanity.

Adeola Odutola also has a Foundation established to mark his service to humanity and keep his legacy as an entrepreneur.

It should be noted that the Chairman of Adeola Odutola' foundation is Prof Akin L. Mabogunje born October 18 1931 the day the great Inventor Thomas Alva Edison passed Away. Henry Ford was Chief Engineer to Edison during his life time.. Three of Professor Mabogunjes Sons are Engineers. One a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Stanford.Ford Uk, the largest of Ford in Europe started production on October 1 1931.

Commercial Motor i a weekly magazine for the road transport industry in the United Kingdom. was first published in March 16 1905 the day Jimoh Odutola was born. it is notable for having been "the first journal to be devoted exclusively to the commercial vehicle engaged in the conveyance of goods or in passenger carrying.

On March 15 1906 the eve of the first anniversary of of the birth of Jimoh Odutola, Rolls Royce Motors was founded.On June 18, 1923, the first Checker Cab Taxi rolled off the line at the Checker Cab Manufacturing Company in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA... ON June 18 2010 Jimoh Odutola passed away. On June 17 2016, according to Chude Jideonwo writing in the Guardian, June 30 2016 Innocent Chukwuma cewlebrated decades of marriag.

By Augustine Togonu-Bickersteth,London,England