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Ghana Could Become A Paradise If …Part 1

Ghana Could Become A Paradise If Part 1
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Fellow Ghanaians, almost everybody in Ghana, apart from a few fortunate ones who happen to be in the ruling government, will agree with me that, the economy of Ghana is in crisis (that is the right word but not challenges). The larger majority of Ghanaians is suffering and cannot cater for even one decent square meal per day.

Living in Ghana is gradually turning to be a curse for some people under the current political administration of Ghana; no wonder a lot of Ghanaians are daily trooping to the European embassies applying for visas so that they can leave “Fire Ghana” for better and meaningful living as human beings somewhere else under the planet.

I am over sixty years old and therefore I experienced and witnessed all the political regimes in Ghana after independence; and I wish to put it on record that the worst type of government that I have ever seen is the current political administration.

I am baffled and cannot understand why there are a lot of high quality literates with PhDs, professors, medical doctors, renowned and respected intellectuals in the current political administration and yet they cannot transform the economy of Ghana or even make the lives of Ghanaians anything better. Cost of living is unimaginably unbearable.

I ask myself: “Are these high quality literates and the privileged people in the government administration only egocentric or highly corrupt or indifferent to the plight of their fellow citizens?” Oh God have mercy!!!

The reasons for the sufferings of Ghanaians can be considered under two broad categories:

A. Religious – Maybe God is highly dissatisfied with the religious lives of Ghanaians and has decided to punish us by putting us through these hardships under His orchestrated chosen incompetent ruling personnel; it is a glaring fact that, there is an abysmal level of morality among Ghanaians, even among the so-called Christians. Some human beings have reduced their human standards to the levels of animals by engaging in sex publicly without shame. Rape cases, prostitution, ritual murders and spiritism are on the ascendency. News reports have revealed human beings having sex with animals – “disgusting”. The taboo of incest is alarming; some fathers disgustedly impregnate their own biological daughters. Justice has fallen flat and the rich buys it (justice) to change the plain verdict of being guilty to being innocent. Many people describe what is clearly black as white, and this includes ministers of religion who should have been the greatest want of the world and emulating examples.

B. Economic – The economic leadership of the nation could be described as “dunce”; inflation cannot be controlled; bank of Ghana is only autonomous by principle; corruption is the order of the day in most government ministries of the nation; the top hierarchy of the nation appears not to know their left from the right, thus setting wrong national priorities; the seat of the government is not quite patriotic; some are greedily amassing wealth in the eyes of the head who fears to rebuke and punish them; the over expenditure of the budget of the office of the head of state is a pointer to the fact that, those at the top are not patriotic. The masses that are poorer than those at the top are being over-taxed. The lower level of the populace is coerced to over-tighten her belt while the government officials have loosed theirs with the “Otto Fista style” and are looting and spending extravagantly. Now due to the too much suffering of those at the lower level, it is very definite that there would be a change in the leadership of Ghana.

Ghana is gradually moving to a devastating state where the top officials, the rich in the society and even those at the strategic government positions can hire the services of thugs and “macho” men to eliminate the lives of those they disagree with.

Not long ago, some journalists, some MPs and some civilians died mysteriously amidst rumors of foul inclinations surrounding their deaths. Sadly enough, truths that could reveal the perpetrators of such heinous crimes are suppressed.

Ghana rightly needs a change of leadership; we need leaders who will stand for the right though the heavens fall; Ghana needs leaders who will frown against all forms of atrocities, corruption and non-patriotic activities of those at the top of affairs.

If Ghanaians do not know, then let me state it categorically to us all that, God is very mad at us hence He has allowed an incompetent set of unmerciful people to put us under an economic oppression that has never been witnessed in the history of our beloved nation.

If we all join hands together to change the leadership, we will all begin to see the joy, harmony, progress, happiness, peace and the economic affluence that we would be ushered into.

In my article published on April 10, 2009 in Modern Ghana with the title: “PRESIDENT JOHN EVANS ATTA MILLS WILL MAKE HISTORY IF….” I wrote and quote: “Remember that anytime the Israelites went under the rule of ungodly kings, they suffered the consequences. If we check the period from Manasseh, Amon and Jehoahaz to Jehoiakim (2nd Kings, chapters 21 to 25), because all these kings did what was evil in the sight of God, the ultimate punishment was that, Israel went into the Babylonian captivity. I think that, Ghanaians are going to suffer brutally for the next four years for electing an evil, ungodly, human blood-thirsty Rawlings' party back into power.

Having said all these things,
1. I believe that if Prof. J. E. A. Mills can stand up and be very firm against the dictates of this he-goat (ewe) man Rawlings, change the evil agenda of Rawlings and live up to the expectations of God, then some of the curses that could be meted out to Ghanaians might be averted.

2. President Atta Mills can finish his four-year term on a good note to proof to the Ghanaian populace, that he is really a learned professor who cannot be turned around by a piece of six-form drop-out.

3. He could also make history for Ghana by making his link to the Rawlings and his Jezebel wife very intimate, because doing so would label him (Prof. Mills) as the first president of Ghana to die while in office.

4. John Dramani Mahama could also be fortunate to be the first vice president to rise to the office of the presidency by the cheapest way.

The professor must beware of Rawlings, for he is a dangerous, poisonous cyanide. A word to the learned wise and to all Ghanaians is enough. I therefore urge the clergy to remember our president and the entire populace in their daily spiritual supplications” (end of quote).

When I predicted so, Ghanaians did not take me seriously, but everything I said came to pass. So now the time has come again; take my advice and be safe or reject it and suffer the drastic consequences.

As soon as there is a change in both the leadership of the government and the religious life of Ghanaians, the territory of Ghana will gradually be turned into a “paradise” to live in.

  • Cassava will begin to taste like yam.
  • Food will be in abundance.
  • Akosombo dam will be filled to the capacity for optimum production culminating in cheaper electricity.
  • Employment would be in abundance.
  • Unemployment rate will be so lowered such that what we are experiencing now will be a forgotten history.
  • Inflation will assume gradual decline to a single digit.
  • Health quality will improve, but the cost will be reduced to an affordable level.
  • The price of petrol will be controlled effectively to the downward trend.
  • National issues will be made plain; the incoming government will not hide any skeleton in any cupboard.
  • The real practice of freedom of speech will see its glory. Freedom of speech would not be limited in the shadow. (Do you remember Odartey’s arrest after a TV morning show broadcast?).

Ghanaians have all the good gifts from God; we can choose the right and be in the good books of God or choose the left and suffer the indignation of God.

Paa Kwesi Amissah -Arthur is very religious, but for now he is a round peg in a square hole.

Change in the leadership of the government is the answer to better living standards of Ghanaians.

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