Thank You, Bishop Emeritus, Most Rev. Dr. Paul Bemile

Feature Article Thank You, Bishop Emeritus, Most Rev. Dr. Paul Bemile
MAY 9, 2016 LISTEN

I am not an ethnic narcissist, but I cannot hold my breath for yet another feat that makes me, first of all, a proud catholic and second of all, a native of Nandom community, a proud Nandome. I would imagine the tears of joy of my fellow natives at the ordination of Rev. Fr. Richard Kuuia Baawobr as the new Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Wa in the Upper West Region of Ghana, this weekend.

Bishop Richard Kuuia Baawobr took over from the Most Rev. Dr. Paul Bemile, who retired after presiding over the Wa Catholic Diocese for some 21 years. Cast in the mold as Blessed Dery, “Saint Peter Porekuu Dery”, this quiet, scholarly religious giant would hold a diocese together for these years of his priestly vocation owing to his calm demeanor and him, being a good shepherd. We have less time and space to catalogue his achievements here, but suffice it to state that the number of new parishes created under his episcopate are probably as a result of the ever increasing number of congregants which we must attribute to his qualities as a good religious leader. Indeed, numbers matter a lot and hold a group together as well.

And so, it came to pass. It’s been good tidings for the Catholic Church, but most importantly for the Diocese of Wa, where the Most Rev. Richard Kuuia Baawobr will begin his new vocation. The newly ordained Bishop, the Most Rev. Richard Kuuia Baawobr has promised not to let down the congregants as he has requested them to help him achieve the best results for the Diocese. Let me assure him of the unflinching support from Catholics, who are very benevolent people and will surely give him the necessary support to expand his flock.

Again, in defense of my ethnic narcissist feeling breeds great pride to hail from Nandom. A community exuding with academic excellence in the field of scholarly work. A recent op-ed on a ground breaking medical research by one of our own Dr. Methodius Tuuli has been spot on internationally and yet many of our kindred have brailed the trail in the medical field before him in the cast of Drs. Gyader, Delle, Kabir and quite recently Drs. Felix T Dery, Ambrose Ire and the list goes on. (Don’t be offended if your name is not mentioned, we are proud of your scholarly medical contribution)

From the academia with Prof. Aloysius Denkabe, Prof. Bulber, Dr. Naazie, Rev. Dr. Yanyouru, Dr. S.K Bemile and the young list of uncountable doctors serving in various fields of their academic achievement and prowess cannot be overlooked. And from the laity, my own dad Mr. E. S Kuunifaa, Mr Gerald Bamfo, Mr Stanilaus Zaato, late Messieurs Terbobri, Sanziri, Niifaakang, and Anglaaire - these guys contributed immensely and yet they have been so imperceptibly recognized for what they did for the community.

And from a religious standpoint, the numerous reverend sisters of the Mary Immaculate Conception are a remnant of great devotion for a call to serve. Indeed, in my own village, Vapuo, boasts of at least a reverend sister from a household. The countless FIC Brothers within the Nandom community, the numerous priests of various priestly vocation are a joy to the community.

All of this religious achievement stems from the good fortunes of our beloved Blessed Dery, who fought tirelessly to expand the church and the faithful alongside the very kind hearted white forefathers of blessed memory, Rev. Fr. Remigius McCoy and co. They did what they did for us so that we may have light. We did really have the light thanks to the torch bearers in the mold of Cardinal P. Dery of blessed memory, His Grace, Archbishop Philip Naameh of the Tamale Archdiocese, now Bishop Emeritus Most Rev. Dr. Paul Bemile, Most Rev. Peter Paul Ankyier, Bishop of Damongo and the newly ordained Bishop of Wa Diocese, Most Rev. Richard Kuuia Baawobr.

In all of this, there is such a great feeling to hail from Nandom. There is a feeling of pride which is unsurpassed to think about.

We definitely celebrate the accomplishment of Bishop Emeritus Most Rev. Dr. Paul Bemile. We thank him for his service to the Diocese. To borrow Isaac Newton’s phrase, we Nandome, are seeing further because we stand on the shoulders of giants. Most Rev. Richard will see more because his great stature added to that of his predecessor will allow him to achieve the best that he has requested to accomplish for his new diocese. Congratulations, Bro.!

Cletus D Kuunifaa
TMC Group
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