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23.01.2016 Opinion

The Role Of The Youth In The General Elections

By Kenneth Gyamerah
The Role Of The Youth In The General Elections
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We are 10 months away from going to the polls once again.This happens every four years in Ghana.This is the the time for the electorates to use their thumbs in changing the destiny of the country .On November 7,Ghana will make a decision for another 4 years.

Political 'gurus' have started devising campaign strategies to win the election.These politicians always present their 'sugar coated' manifestos to convince electorates to give them power.

The social media platforms like Facebook,Whatsapp and Twitter are already agog with campaign and programmes of candidates.There have also been rumours ,allegations and counter allegations.In no time,the streets would be flooded with several posters ,fliers and panafineria of the various political parties.

Politicians will return with their usual statement and cliche -"the youth is the future of the country" The truth about this statement is been debated in the parliament of public opinion.It is factual that the youth of Ghana have been left down by past and present leaders .

The painful reality is that the youth have not leveraged on the power they have at their disposal to make transformational change.The Ghanaian youth have failed to explore their population and strenght.

According to the 2010 Population and Housing Census by the Ghana Statistical service,it was revealed that, Ghana has a youthful population.This gives a clear indication that the majority of the voting populace are youths.As youth we gave the social media to our advantage but in the previous elections ,we failed to live up to expectation.

As the 2016 general elections is drawing closer,the youth must be ready to hold our leaders responsible by making the right choice and refusing to be used as campaign 'foot soldiers' and get dumped after the election.

The strenght of every country lies in the hands in the youth.

In previous elections, the youth played roles that pulled the country to the brink; they were ready tools in the hands of 'vote robbers'and agents of violence, who subverted the will of the people. It is worthy to note that a very few youths stood on the path of progress, those who could not be bought by money.

Going back to what happened after the 2012 general elections, which culminated into the declaration of President John Dramani Mahama as the winner of the flawed contest which many youth were involved in unacceptable behaviours during the elections.

Now, do we travel on the same path again? We have a duty to make it a success or bungle it with our inordinate sentiment. While I urge that nobody should be killed because of election, the youth must be ready to accept to be responsible in the coming months.

As youth of this country we should not forget that among the flocking seeking of our votes are selfish politicians whose children are in safe place abroad but want us to foment trouble should their interest be threatened by election results. We must reject politicians asking us to cause violence. If we are willing to make our stand known, then it will send a signal to proponents of violence that we have changed and we want change in the way elections are conducted.We need peace before during and after the elections.The youth must arise since we are the agent of change in the society.

I therefore urge the youth of Ghana to vote wisely taking into consideration their present living conditions.

Long live Ghana !
Long live the youth !!
God bless us all!!!
Kenneth Gyamerah.
Member of Young African Leaders Initiative(YALI).
Member of Youth Alliance for Development.
Facebook :Kenneth Gyamerah.
Email:[email protected]

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